Sunday, June 13, 2010

That was a good one, huh guys?

Yes, I said- "That was a good one, huh guys?"

This would be Elem's quote of the night, in response to watching Toy Story 2. Followed by lots of giggling by mommy and daddy, and then loud shots of laughter by Elem once he realized how funny he was being! hahahaha!What a silly little dude-with great big grown up comments and expressions!

Friday, June 4, 2010

3 year birthday moments

Well looking back, I am noticing that I never did a post on Elem's Third Birthday Party!! How could I NOT do one on that birthday?? So I am taking a minute to take a little trip down birthday party lane. I am sure I wont do the party justice, but I didn't want to forget all the little memories from this super special event. We had such a great turnout, and I made sure to not let this party planning get me stressed. With school, work, and everything else going on in our lives right now, I just really didn't have a choice. So I dd my best to keep it pretty simple, and include all of Elem's favorites, because this day was all about him!!!

The invitation. Which turned out so fabulous. I love love love it!

The Table and Decorations (yes I used those 3 for $1.00 punch balls! Best idea ever!

The Cake (Elem's choice-he wanted a "penguino" so he got a penguino-courtesy of Aunt Ali)

The Bounce House.The only thing Elem wanted for his party-a "trampoline". So he got it!

And jumped and jumped and jumped.

Water gun station and the dirt and worm station. They were not supposed to be integrated, but somehow they ended up as one. Oh well, Elem LOVES to dig in the dirt so I tried to make that happen for his birthday! Good mommy.

The CARS pinanta. Elem chose it, and he busted it. And I believe he ate about one piece of candy.

Hangin out with Cecilia-cruzin in the jeep around the yard!

The big Bday present is here...dadadadaaaaaa-a new bike!

He LUVS his bike. It is all he wanted!!!

Overall it was such a great party. No stress, well hardly any stress, lots of friends and family, and Elem had a great time eating all his favorite foods, playing with all kinds of things he loves, and of course eating cake and jumping on the trampoline. We are so lucky to have such great friends and famiy who love Elem and came out to wish him a very happy bday. :)Can't believe my little boy just turned 3 years old, but I am beyond excited to watch him grow into the sweet little boy he is. He makes me so happy!