Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Hearts! :)

Some major catching up here to do-
We had a great Valentines Day filled with lots of school parties, plenty of yummy sweets, happy friends and family, and a puppet show at the local library! For starters, I have missed out on sooo many party days at Elem's school due to my crazy school and clinical schedule, that I was beyond thrilled to hit up the 4 year old V-day party for him and his classmates. Elem had a blast playing games, doing relays, eating cupcakes, passing out his all time favorite Captain America Valentine Day cards ;), and racking up on lots of goodies from his friends!

Landon, Elem, and Logan (Sweet boys from his class at school!)
Of course we headed over to Cecilia's class to see what kind of partying they were doing in there and as always these two are all giggles when they get together. We love us some sissy!

Elem and Cecilia in their holiday red 
After school we spent some time playing outside, just enjoying the weather and took a few snapshots for daddy for his V-Day gift. Here is a snipet of what we made for him :) He loved it!

Baby Shelby 14 weeks and growing....
We had to include Sage in some loving on Valentines Day and if I recall she even got a special treat and toy because we just cant leave her out! 

Finally we finished out the night by going to the library for a Valentines Day puppet show and party. It was actually soo much fun! I always forget about all the cool fun things that go on at our library and we must go there more often. The kids had a blast and loved the puppet show!! 

Nothing crazy spectacular about our Valentines Day this year but it was about all we could handle with the craziness we call life these days!