Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you hear what I am saying?????

This is what it seems like when I am trying to get Elem to do something, or listen to what I am saying. He pretty much tunes it out if it isn't what he wants to hear. Ahhh, when will this age turn into the "I wanna be your helper" or " I wanna be like mommy/daddy" age?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sword fighting duo.

I do not want to mess with these 2.....they mean business!

", where do you think you're going?" Get back in your room, now."

Cecilia, the Spider Girl, and Elem the scary Bat Boy-sword fighting duo!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A look back on Summer

Oh, summer where did you go?

So, with the camera gone and school and work keeping me going 90 miles an hour, I'v forgotten to mention sooo many thing we did this summer. I want to take a few minutes just to look back and remember the Summer of 2011, even though it went by way to fast for me!

Luckily, there were many many a weekend spent at the lake on Uncle Dustin and Aunt Ali's boat. :) We love love love the lake. All of us. And cant ever get enough of it. Uhm, did I mention we LOVE the lake. Sadly, I worked lots of weekends over the summer, so I couldnt go as many times as I would have liked (like every weekend), but I did get to go plenty and Elem and Seth got to go even more. So it was great! Elem loves driving the boat, swimming in the lake, going super fast, and we all love going to the dam to jump in, freeze our booties off, and climb back in as fast as possible. Ahhh-love the lake.

Hung with the girls at Steph's baby shower for Mr. Gavin. Love these girls. I dont get to see them enough at all! One day, Ill have regular hours like the rest of the world and I will spend lots and lots of time with these amazing girlies like the good old days!

Elem took up planking. We can thank daddy for this one, because he took up planking too. It was short lived, but still fun. He does have amazing form though I must say.

Night out with the girls for Ali's birthday. Wooo hooo. Love these girls too and wish I could hang out with them more also! One day, one day!

Chillin' with Uncle Dustin. We love Uncle Dustin and thats all there is to say about that.

Celebrated Nate's FIRST birthday! July 4th themed, and so much fun! Nate, Seth, Pawpaw, and Elem.

Elem went to vacation bible school at his little school, and he loved it. There was lots of games for the kids to play and tons of bible stories where they got to do hands on crafts to go along with the story. It was so cute to hear him come home and talk about those.

More vacation bible school, sitting by Cecilia of course!

Swimming lessons with friends, thanks to Ms Callie :)! Swimming lessons were probably the best thing we could have done this summer for Elem. They were so much fun to watch, and after just 6 swimming lessons, it is safe to say our kid can swim on his own! Ms. Callie is GOOD! He still needs to be watched, but he can swim all over Grammy and Poppa's pool, from deep end to shallow end. It is amazing how quickly they learn. So glad we did this.

And more swimming. Big pool, little pool. It doesn't matter! I even got in the little pool in the back yard. Water is water. HA!

And without a doubt, plenty of water gun fights over the summer. Water guns were the only guns aloud in our home, since I have a huge dislike of them. But they made their way, when Elem got some HUGE ones for his birthday, and he just loved them!!! He is so serious about his water guns too. hehe.

It was just a great summer, and we are so thankful for our friends and family and that we got to have some fun, even though our lives are so hectic. :) We love the sun and love the water, so the summer is pretty much my favorite time of the year. I did get a little tired of the month long 110 temps, but we managed and just tried to play outside when we could! So long summer days and hello fall and football!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Salt Bowl 2011

Every year, the inevitable Salt Bowl comes around where the Bryant Hornets and Benton Panthers play their HUGE rivalry game at War Memorial Stadium-which is where the HOGS play I might add! Elem went last year, but I think the whole game was a tad bit overwhelming for him, and this year it was just about boarder line! It is insane the number of people that attend these games, decked out in their school colors, and with some serious expectations by these high school boys to crank out some amazing football skills. Elem was super pumped to head to the big stadium, dress in his Bryant blue to support the Hornets, and see all the people in the stands cheering, etc. But more than anything he was ready to see some football action. He LOVES the game from the coin toss to the touchdowns, field goals, anything. And had a great time. He was on the midst of creeping into the land of sleepiness, when somehow out of over 30,000 people we saw little miss Sailor Grace with her family cheering on the Hornets. We headed over to make a quick trip and say hi! Sailor Grace is one of Elems good friends from school from last year who has since moved onto Kindergarden (as it seems all his friends have!).

Elem and Sailor Grace-look at that cheesy grin. haha. He was so excited to see her, and got all shy and red faced. hehe.

At least he knows how to pick em! She is gorgeous and so sweet. Ahh, so cute.

Well after seeing Sailor Grace, drinking some major caffeine, and playing a little football in the area where the players run out of the locker room, Elem was ready to watch the second half! I am happy to say the Hornets came through and won the game, as we knew they would! Hopefully one day, Elem will be playing on the same field, struttin' his stuff, and seeing the amazing community we live in cheer him on! Whew! Go Hornets Go!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just another sports fanatic

Did I ever mention this little boy is a sports FANATIC???
So, when did knowing all the football teams in the NFL and NCAA...uhm and their team mascots....uhhhh...and more player names than I know-become such a big deal? And when did learning all kinds of crazy high numbers from score boards kick into gear for this little man? Honestly, I have no idea how it has come to this, but at some point Elem has taken his love for the game and it has consumed his every being! He spits out facts, and scores, and team names and info like a regular ole football analyst you might see on College Game Day.

Ahhh, the joys of raising a little boy. I must admit, I love every bit of the sports fanatic he has come to be!

WHo doesnt love a good mouth piece, right?