Thursday, November 29, 2007

So many things to be Thankful for...

Its amazing how this time of year makes you remember what all and who all your are thankful for. When really, I should be remembering all year around how truly blessed I am and how I have so many things to be thankful for that I can not even begin counting them. Of course with the addition of Elem to our family, I am most thankful for him, and that he is healthy and happy. I am so thankful for Seth and the amazing relationship that we have. He is my best friend in the whole world, and I couldnt imagine having a better family than the one I have right now! I am also so happy that we were able to celebrate with both sides of mine and Seth's family for Elem's first Thanksgiving!

We began our Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and went to Aunt Nancy's house for some good food and family loving! Elem's Grammy and Poppa were there, as well as lots of Aunts and Uncles, and even the Great Grammy and Pawpaw. We had a lot of fun and just spent a lot of time eating and watching football. Elem was in a great mood all day and pretty much just let people stare at him and hold him and kiss all over him all day. I am so glad that he is such a chilled baby, that he doesnt freak out when relatives who dont get to see him all that much, get around him. I didnt get any pics from then, because I was trying to video the great grandparents, but if someone sends me some Ill post em!

Then Friday, we took a family day, me seth and elem and just sent the day relaxing. I got a crazy hair and tried to go to Old Navy, but once I stood in line for 20 minutes just to return an outfit I had bought the week before, while holding my 20lb son, I decided to not fight the crowds and just lay on my couch and play patt-a cake with Elem. haha. It was way worth it!

hen on Saturday we spent the morning putting Elem's new car seat in, and then headed onto Searcy for Thanksgiving with my side of the family. My parents live in memphis still, but its still a little too far of a drive for us from Little Rock. Elem is a good traveler, but 2 1/2 hours there and then back is a long day in the car and just wares us soo out! Luckily, my aunt and cousins live in searcy, which is just about 45 min to an hour away. So we met up with everybody there for some more good food and lots of lovin on Elem.

I was sooo excited cause I hadnt even seen my mom since the Race for the Cure, my dad like a month before that, and I hadnt seen my sis since geez I cant even remember when. These days she is 5 1/2 months pregnant, and looks adorable! Here we are chillin on the couch with elem! She was so happy to see him. I think she has that baby fever!

And then here we are lookin at the ultrasound of her little boy! She got some really good ones! And I hadnt looked at any ultrasound pics since Elem. It definitly brings back memories of where I was this time last year! Unbelievable to think it has all gone by so fast!

Seth and my sis' hubby, Vincent -right after a big plate of food! Her man is super cool and so sweet, and he just graduated from med school yesterday! Congrats Vincent. And if I have another baby any time soon, I would prefer that you do my epidural this time seeing as I didnt have a great experience last time. And also Its expensive! :) haha. No for real, I love them both so much!

Elem and Seth just being cute.

Although the rest of my family who doesnt normally get to see Elem kinda hogged him I think, I do have proof that my parents did get to touch him! haha!

He did really good all day here too. He was great for the first couple of hours, then he got sleepy and just couldnt get his nap out and ended up being a liittle more clingy from then on. After we stuffed our faces for the second time, we headed back to the rock, and just chilled for the rest of the weekend!

The holiday was great and has gotten me so in the mood for christmas coming up! I love spending time with both families, and love watching everyone play and hold Elem! He is definitly loved to say the least!Gotta feed the baby

Bare skinned booty on a bare skinned rug

This would be one of those days, well blogs rather, that I know Elem will never be able to appreciate. But once you see this little bare booty on the ole bare skinned rug, you will agree with me that I should have put them up!

Basically, if you want to look at a little naked booty over and over, you should continue on.....

Okay yes I know after you look at them, that they all kinda run together, but whatever. its freaking adorable!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elf Yourself

Okay now I dont know how long this will be online. but check out a little something that me, Elem, and Seth put together for the holidays! Enjoy!

Elf Mindy, Seth, and Elem

Monday, November 19, 2007

photo teasers!

Okay so I still dont haven't uploaded all the pics yet because I am kinda waiting on my friend Megan to get finished editing them. So for now, here is a little teaser for ya!

They all turned out sooo good! I can not even tell you how many good ones there are. There are like 175 pics or something and of course I would like to take each and every one and have them developed and blown up and put in my house. haha. You know what I mean. He is just so freaking cute and everything he does, even if they are just blank stares, I still just fall in love all over again every time I see them!

And then most of them just make you want to grab his little chubby cheeks and just kiss all over them. I am sure he will still have something to say with the large number of naked pics I have made him take thus far in his life. But its like Elem comon you have the cutest little fat roles ever and I know I cant be taken naked pics too much longer!

Megan really wanted to do this thing where they looked angelic kinda-so we tried several different poses where I was holding up this peice of wood with "snowflakes" hanging down. She was really trying to get some reaching shots, which ended up so adorable.

So the main backdrop was black-well that was the coolest one he had. The guys studio who we used shoots some kinda sears like pics -I think I might have said that before-so we didnt have that many to choose from. Anyways, the black looked cool and went with just about everything. Although the backdrops werent too great, he did have this fabulous fur rug. Which Elem fit perfectly on. And not to mention he loved the way it felt. he kept "swimming" on it and trying to eat it. This was his favorite posed position I think.

Then came a few santa poses. At least we tried. I have got some great one where he is wrapped in a christmas ribbon, which are cute. And a few more with the hat. SHe is still messing with those though, so I am gonna wait till they are totally done to post em. And too I am trying to pick which one to use for a christmas card which most of you will be getting so I dont want everyone to see them! :):)

In a present box.

In his super cute big boy sweater. As you can see this is the last shot of the day. Well last group of shots of the day. He was done and ready to get up off the floor I think. I love this one!

And then one of my last favorites.

Gosh arent they just all good. Okay hear myself bragging on my kid. But isnt that what the blogs are for!!?? I am just so happy and so excited about all the pics.
Well enjoy , and as soon as I get them all uploaded to my flickr or something then Ill let ya know!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

photo shoot went great!

Like I said, on Saturday Elem and I went to his first "real" photo shoot! We went to my friend's Megan's and she was shooting several kids at some dude's photagraphy studio. It was pretty small and I had way better expectations than when i walked in the door but I think it will turn out okay. We got there around 2:30om or so and I took tons and tons of props cause she said to bring lots of stuff cause she didnt really have much. But when I got there we did some stuff with some present boxes and some stuff with a fur blanket etc. Ill tell you ore about it when I get the pics. All I know so far is that she called me last night after she got home and uploaded them, and said that we had the prettiest baby ever and that his photos were so awesome and she was going to be using some of them for her portfolio. I am pretty sure that means we did good! the only sucky thing is that he didnt smile at all! We have like the happiest baby in the world and the most easy going baby ever and he did not smile once! I tried everything. :) I think he knew I was trying to get him to smile for picture purposes and he just wasnt having it!

Anyways, as soon as she gets the cd to me Ill upload them to flickr and show you guys the pics! I CAN NOT WAIT! Other than that, this weekend has been very chill. Elem was getting over his ear infection and daddy went to the hogs game, so we had petty much had a mommy and baby weekend!

We went to get those pics, and then hung out all night on saturday night till everyone got back from the razorback game. Then today we went to Sam's today to look for a car seat, but the one that we bought, was way to big, so it will be going back tomorrow. Of course I didnt read everything on the side of the box or I might not have bought the big ole thing! It was good in weight but not good in height! I guess Elem is like in a weird size, cause he is big for his age, but not fitting in what most things are made for. Like he is almost 20 lbs 10 oz, but most kids who are 21 lbs are older, so they are taller-etc. Just not working the way I need it to in regards to buying something for him to ride in the car in! Oh well, gonna find something else. Okay gotta run!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Check it out!

Okay so here is the page where they announced the winners of that Robeez contest! I am s proud! :) Hope Elem enjoys the shoes!

Winners announced!

Here are the lucky Grand Prize Winners

All the winners have been contacted and confirmed. They have each won their own unique pair of customized Robeez shoes, manufactured especially for them. Congratulations!

Jessica D., Maine
Charity Rich, Oregon
Katherine S., Ontario
Mindy M., Arkansas
Lorena S., Arizona
Elisa T., Texas
Krista S., Ontario
Melissa B., Michigan
Faye J., Massachusetts
Summer A., Minnesota
Shanna T., Texas

Here are the Runners-up

These winners get to select any pair of shoes from our current collection. Congratulations!

Jil R., NJ
Jessica M., VA
Melissa K., MI
Jan O., OH
Kristin C., VA

Okay seriously I wont blog about this again! But I am super proud I mus say! And I can not WAIT to get the shoes in! Elem will be wearing those for a very long time! wahoo! We Heart Robeez!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our first sick day

I guess I am happy to report that it has officially been 6 months since Elem has had any kind of a "real" illness. And when I say "real" illness, it doesn't mean that I haven't taken him to the doctor to try and get some type of medicine for a few colds that we have run into-it only means that today just happens to be the first time they actually prescribed him something.

For a moment, imagine you sleep all night every night with a child attached to your upper body. Not attached to me literally, but just all up on me trying to cuddle and take up the whole bed! Then add that your little boy cant breathe through his nose, and tosses and turns all night trying to figure out how to breathe and eat and sleep al at the same time. Well if you can figure that out, then you pretty much have our night last night! It was one pitiful one I must say! Elem was up the entire night, which means I was up the entire night, as he tossed and turned and struggled to find comfort and peace with his sick little body. It wasn't until about 6 am, that I finally figured out the reason he was tossing and turning was because he was in some type of annoying pain somewhere and that he wasn't breathing at all through his nose.

Since I had not taken a day off of work since I started there, I figured today was the day because I knew Elem was really sick and needed to go to the doc. So I called the daycare and let everyone know bright and early -since we were up and all, and made an appointment with the doc. We got right in and got weighed. I am happy to report that he is weighing in at 20 lbs and 10 oz. I know to most of you that may seem like a lot, but his running around the house in that walker must be burning some calories because he weighed 20 lbs about 3 weeks ago. And if you know Elem he was gaining several pounds a month. Anyways, so we saw the doc and she told us that he had a little ear infection in his right ear and a cold. :(:(

This is the first time that they have actually acknowledged he as ill and needed some meds. They hooked him up with a prescription and told me to keep on doing the saline nasal drops and suctions bulb. WHich by the way, although it is very annoying! It does work wonders! It totally breaks up all the congestion at least that it in his nose and head and helps it to come out when you suction.

So we staid home and got nice and cuddly after the doc appointment and got into this little sleep sack that my mom got him for christmas last year! Yes before he was born I know, but he looks so dang cute in it! These things are perfect and keep them nice and warm and dont slide off off them like a blanket!

For now he is just taking antibiotics and we are dopign him up on motrin for the next day or so to help with the little ear pain. I It is so sad to see Elem in pain! Just knowing that when he rubs his little ear, its hurting him and while he is tossing and turning at night, makes me wish it was me rather than him!

he wasnt too big on the photos today, which I understand! On saturday we are going to get some real pics taken for his 6 month photos! My friends Megan is a good photographer and she s going to take some photos of Elem and mommy so next time I post, hopefully I will have some awesome pics! I have no idea what they will look like, but I am so excited to finally get some done where I am not just taking them! Shoot, I have nothing to wear and I dont even know what he will wear. Oh well cant think of that right now! He will look cute in anything!haha!Until then-

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I won a Robeez contest!

Yes I seriously did! Okay about 2 weekends ago, I was just surfin' the net, looking for some cute stuff for Elem as usual. So I went to the Robeez site and I was looking at all of the shoes they have right now. For those of you who do not know what Robeez are, check out their site: They have the BEST shoes ever for little babies. They are just a little sturdier than socks, but for sure protect your little ones feet, and they have elastic bands that go around the ankle. Which if you have a kiddo like me, they cant fit in hardly any little infant shoes, and you have to have something stretchy!

So I was on the site and looking at the shoes when I saw this contest, that was to create your own shoe! So I did it! I designed my own shoe style and chose the colors on every piece of the shoe and what not. Thinking not much about it, I went on with my business, and honestly forgot about the whole thing! I kid you not, I got a call not 5 days later from someone with their customer service, saying I was a grand prize winner for the shoe contest! ANd I remembered when I read the directions or whatever, that if you were a grandprize winner, you would get a custom pair of shoes.

I know this sounds crazy, but that is EXACTLY what I won! A custom pair of the shoes I designed for Elem! ANd they are making them as we speak. I picked the layout of the shoe like this one:

Robeez shoes almost like mine

As far as type of style. ANd then I did my own colors. the background of the shoe is in maroon, and then the stripes are in lime green. the laces are purple I think and then the top elastic part is blue! hahah! Can you believe it? I am expecting to get a pair of my custom shoes here in the next month or so in a size 12-18 months for Elem. I am soo excited! he is going to be running around in a pair of shoes that I designed on the dang Robeez site myself! Now if I would have won the Grand grand prize, I would have seen my shoe on the site, but I was just behind that person, so I think I did good! Ill get you all a pic as soon as I receive the custom made shoe! I am seriously in shock! wahoo!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just another Monday Night

Today Poppa had eye surgery so he got to spend the WHOLE day with mommy at school! Which I am always down for but grammy and poppa like for him to get to spend at least half the day just about every day with them! I am totally cool with that too cause that just means he is getting spoiled by people who love him and getting held all day long, so I have no problems with that :) But like I said, Poppa had some work done on the ole eye ball and he chilled with me. I am happy to report that he did great. He didn't even cry really once until about 5 pm and I think that was just cause he was ready for a nap and I was cleaning and trying to rush him out the door.

Mondays are usually pretty chilled for us around here cause we always watch Monday night football!! Trying to make sure that we are doing good on our fantasy football and what not. haha. Cool I know. Anyways, so let me give you the play by play of a typical Monday for us. Today we got up a little late, around 7:45 am, cause we were all kinda sick this weekend, and headed off to work about 9:30 am. Seth staid home today cause he was still pretty sick. And plus he never stays home sick. I get off about 5:30 or 6 pm and head home with the little guy while Seth is marinating some steaks and getting ready for the game. When I got home, he already had our palate ready on the floor. haha. We have a palate every night because I am paranoid when I feed Elem that I am going to fall asleep and he is going to fall off the couch. Call me crazy I know, but I don't want to risk it!

We walk in the door and daddy has lots of music playing for us, Elem's favorite song right now actually-which is currently Jack Johnson cover song from the Band-I Shall Be Released. Elem and I listen to that song like 5 times a day and it always calms him down-just like his parents huh? Already liking Jack Johnson. I mean he has been listening to him since before he was born. I used to put Jack on the headphones while Elem was in my belly all the time!

First Off, Elem takes a few laps around the house in his car-walker really, but he thinks its a car and if you saw how fast he runs in it you would think it was his little car too! As you can see he is over here in the corner by the high chair

And here he is all the way by the computer, going off the tile on into the living room. Now that was just in a matter of seconds for the camera to focus! He's wild people!

We continue to listen to a zillion songs and sing all of them to Elem! He loves it! We are a music lovin family and Elem already is gettin a nice taste of it! Tonight he heard a lot of Killers for some reason, a lot of Jack, Neo and Ben Harper. he particularly enjoyed Ben Harper-"with my own two hands", which is one of my most favorite songs, and then Neo -"sexy Love" Now how funny is that. WHatever he likes I guess. We like to get a few good dances in to at least a couple of songs a night. Elem is mommy's dancing partner. I love that little man!

Then comes the good stuff!!!! Air guitar to "the killers" by daddy. Elem freakin LOVES it when Seth does Air Guitar. hahaha. And I love it too. Look at him, he is dying laughing! And seth is really good, I must tell you. You all should ask for a concert if you ever come to the house. I promise you wont regret it. Very mature I know, but hey, we have fun!

Wouldnt you be smiling if your daddy was that cool and was like the best air guitar player you had ever seen? Well if he was the ONLY air guitar player you had ever seen then you would think he was the best too! ha!

Here he is cracking up at daddy!

So that is a typical Monday night at our house! Oh so after the steaks are done and we make him listen to one last song, we try to get a cute little family shot. This is what we get:

My personal favorite:

I love family photos. But more importantly I love my family! :):) The only person missing is sagers and she was running wild playing with her new toy. I promise to get her in the next photo shoot. WHich as you all know will most likely be in a couple of days! Baby is up. Gotta run!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

6 month milestones

wow! 6 months! That is insane! I can not believe that Elem is 6 months old already. Everyone always says time flies bye and take care of them while they are little, but geez it is so true. 6 months got here before I knew it and I feel like I didnt even get to take advantage of those first few months where he was so tiny. Me and seth were talking last night how it was like yesterday that he was so small when you laid him on your chest, he didnt hit your waist. But now, he hangs down over your waist and your legs and everything else! such a big boy!

6 month milestones:

-mutters dada all day long! and gaga, yaya, baba, and more dada dada dada!!!
-totally takes control of the walker-walks everywhere!!!! and has no problems getting up from the tile to the carpet.
-looks for toys when you take them away or when he drops them off the walker, out of his sight.
-holds anything you give him
-can transfer from one hand to the other with no problems
-puts everything in his mouth, no matter what it is
-turns to our voice or anything making a loud noise
-is aware of sage and loves!!!!! her! even if she is trying to take his toys
-loves baths and does not mind water in the face
-still sleeps with mommy and daddy-we are trying to figure something out for this! :)
-just cut second tooth
-recognizes mommy and daddy's face and voice
-reaches for mommy when she comes in the room-this is my favorite!
-smiles at everything
-laughs all the time-especially when you tickle him, or when sage is in front of him
-will play in walker or content for about 30-45 minutes, but then gets bored
-likes books and to be read to
-loves music and music toys
-weighed 20 lbs about 2-3 weeks ago
-likes daddy to bounce and shake him to sleep if mommy doesnt feed him to sleep
-food likes-bananas, sweet potatoes! best. and also, peas, prunes, hawaian delight, and peas
-can stand up with holding on to one hand. loves to stand and see whats going on-puts plenty of weight on legs'

-most importantly..HE SITS!!!!

Can not believe that he is really sitting up all on his own.

As you can se, this is the face that I see most often-"uh mom, are you done taking pictures, cause I am about to tilt left....ready?? get me get me, catch me...I sure do look cute though dont I?

Its sooo much easier to sit him down, even if it is just for like 1 second, and do something then come back. Its so much better than laying him down. I mean that sucks right? no body wants to lay down while everything around you is going on and everyone can see whats going on but you because you are flat on your back! Well no more for Elem !!! He is ready to sit and play! wahoo!

Thats right, he JUST started sitting this week. I am so happy to report that since I took those halloween pics last week that he has started sitting up. Its sooo cool! And so weird all at the same time. I mean I work with kids every day and I see them
make all these new milestones all the time, but now that Elem was just not sitting last week and now he is, is totally the best feeling ever and I am soo happy to see him progressing so well!

So this week has been big for us. Elem has turned 6 months old, he is sitting, just cut his second tooth today, oh and did I mention that we just found out I am going to be an aunt to a little NEPHEW!!!!! wahoo way to go Becky! My sis is having a little boy and just found out on Friday! I am so excited and so ready to have little boy craziness at Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday parties for the fam! Oh she is gonna be such a good mom! Oh and his name will most likely be Wyatt. Again, could she be any cuter! ? SO it has been a fab week! to say the least!

Tooth #2 is here!

Yes its finally here! Tooth #2 has FINALLY broken its way into this world, and I mean we are absolutly thrilled! Elem did so awesome with his first little bottom tooth, but then this little one right next to it on the front bottom started to show that it was about to cut-and it has been awful! He got sick, and had all the classic symptoms, including just being overall cranky for the last 2 weeks. Hopefully, he will be back to his old self, and these little toofers will come on through all the way and maybe we will be done with the whole tooth thing for a month or so! :) I would totally show a pic but it is impossible to get one of the wittle bitty teeth! If I can manage to get one, I will post a pic, but it is doubtful until they come through a little more!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

This year Halloween was so much more exciting! I have always liked Halloween just because it gives you an excuse to dress up. But this year it gave us an excuse to dress up Elem. Have you ever noticed how freakin cute little kids are, no matter what you put them in? And in Elem's case a furry little penguin costume was just his thing!

So I started out celebrating Halloween with the kids at school. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I painted a little kitty nose and some whiskers on my face and I made me some kitty ears out of construction paper! haha. And when I got to school I painted the babies faces-there were only three of them, but I made them my little kittens. So cute I must say! We took them all trick or treating because I knew most of them wouldnt get to go that night.

Here is me with one of the kittens:

ANd here are two of the little boys from school. If you can not tell they are Batman and Robin! Cute huh?

AFter Halloween with the kids, which included the trick or treating, a visit from the pumpkin fairy, our Halloween party, and then an afternoon of very hyper kiddos I was so worn out by the time I got home. But as soon as we put Elem in his penguin outfit I was right back to being excited! he looked so cute. :) We got him ready and went next door to just say hello to our neighbors and then after giving out some candy here for about an hour, we went to grammy and poppas for a trick or treating visit. The only thing was his outfit was really fuzzy and warm and it just wasnt that cold outside-global warming if you will.

As soon as we got to grammys and got like 1 pic, the outfit came off. But it was worth it. He actually spent more time being naked on Halloween than he did in his costume. Oh well! When I got home I was like man why didnt I get very many pics!!! But it was because I was so busy trying to make sure that we got it all on video. I did get his first Halloween on video, but that meant that in order to get all the pics that I wanted, so we could document his insane cuteness, that I had to set up a little photo shoot yesterday! Here is naked baby on halloween night and his cous Cecilia. SHe was like a little leapard fairy. So so cute!

And here are some pics from the photo shoot! If you want to see all the pics that I took you can go to my flickr account:

A full view, Be sure to take note of the little orange feet. I love it!

A nice head shot of my little penguin

Sweet baby sitting peacefully while mommy takes all these photos.

Checkin out the one prop we had on set! :) He likes punkins I must say.

And of course the tail. :) His little butt was perfect with the tail. I know he will love me one day for saying that. But seriously if you could have seen it you would be thinking the same thing too!

Some face shots-which are to die for.

Then the penguin suit came off and we took a couple more.

Im almost done I swear! But so then I get Elem up and put him in his walker so he can chill while I pick up the blankets and my camera and what not, and I come outside to find this little missy chillin on the blanket right in the middle of the photo shoot! Like she was wanting her pic taken too. Just sunbathing and enjoying the blanket and pumkins all set up for her!

Well that was our Halloween and it was a great one!