Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope for a Cure 2011

Every year, my family is excited and happy to participate in the Race for the Cure! We always do it in honor of my mom who is a breast cancer survivor!!! And we couldn't imagine NOT going! The weather was perfect this year and as always there was more pink to go around than you could ever imagine. Little Rock is still one of the top cities for turnout for Race for the Cure and its amazing to see all the people out there supporting those who have beaten breast cancer, and those they are honoring who didn't survive their battle. We love you memaw and are so proud of your battle!

The crew up bright and early and ready to walk supporting my mom! Just about everybody is up and cheerful....note Elem with his face not looking towards the camera. Hmm, you can only force so much at 7am and hope for so much with us late sleepers who are not quite the happy morning people. This year was a little hectic with school and work so I didn't get to get TOO "pinked" out, but so help me next year I will be graduated and I will have plenty of time to get ready in advance! Oh I cannot wait for the day!!!!

Me, Elem, Memaw, Jeff, Ann, and Seth.

Jeff and I. Happy.

Memaw and Ann :) So happy Ann could join us this year!!
Here is Elem giving Memaw lots of hugs after finishing the big race. His favorite part, and mine too is always at the end when my mom runs through the tunnel of balloons and gets to give everybody high 5s! Its so fun!

Wahooo Everybody loves confetti and everybody loves memaw!!! Especially Elem Zane.

I think Race for the Cure is amazing and I couldn't be prouder to support such an awesome cause for my mom and others who have fought and are currently fighting the battle of Breast Cancer! As they save....Save the Boobies!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am tired. So very tired. Work. School. Be a Mom. Study. Work. School. Be a Wife. Study. Sleep. Pet Sage. Shower. Work. School. Do Laundry. Work. School. Study. Clean the House. Work. School. Eat. and Study some more.

I. Am. So. Tired.

Remembering when it was this easy. ahhh.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Somebody loves his Natey.

Elem's LOVES with a big huge giant capital L-his baby Nate. He just cant get enough of him, talking about him all the time, taking care of his pretend babies at home, and calling all of them baby Nate, and loving and "taking care" of Nate every single chance he gets when we go to Cecilia's house or see him anywhere. He is so loving with him, it just makes my heart melt. They are going to be the BEST of friends, I can already tell.

Sweet Nate and E.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flag Football

This fall we knew we wanted to get Elem involved in some sort of sport because is just too sporty and active not to do it! If you know Elem at all, he loves all sports, especially football, and never seems to run out of energy. So, I signed him up to play Upward Flag Football.
Its through his school, which is part of a church, and thats really how we wanted him to get started with sports. I already know how competitive my preschooler is, so he needed some good sportsmanship/winning isn't everything impacts from some good hearted kind men. :) Upward is perfect for that! Seth was out of town when I signed him up, so I took him to the tryouts by myself. I was confused from the get-go because the fact that this is Elem's 2nd sports try out and he is only 4 years old is pretty overwhelming. Haha. We got there and Elem had to participate in 6 or 7 little stations where he was timed for speed and agility if you will, watched on how many throws he could complete and how precise he was, and then watched for his ability to catch the ball. It was the cutest thing ever. Watching him try to hard and run so fast was so amazing. I loved every second of it.

We soon found out he was on The Rattlers team! Like rattlesnakes I think. lol. Jerseys, cleats, and mouth pieces were soon to follow. And then the games and practices started. The season was so fun, with just one practice every week and one game on Saturday! The kids got to run out of a blow up tunnel each week while their named was called and all the "fans/parents" cheered. It was seriously such a big ordeal, and Elem LOVED it! As far as size-Elem was the biggest kid on his team, about even with some of the kindergardeners, which we knew would be true. He is just so big, it is crazy when I see him with kids from other schools who are in kindergarden and 1st grade and he is their size or bigger! Yikes! But he held his own and had an amazing season. Me and E getting ready for the tunnel!!

His favorite parts of the season were running out of the tunnel at the beginning of each game, playing quarterback, and scoring touchdowns! Here he is running like a mad man out of that tunnel!
He actually made some great friends in the short season, and was a really good sport at every game. His least favorite parts of the game included being in the sun during practice-haha, and pulling flags. Guess it kind of goes against the whole purpose of flag football, but what can I say-the boy doesn't like defense! I believe his flag total for the season was uhm ...3. I think. Oh well, bless his little heart, he could catch the other team every time, but he tended to run right beside them as they ran into the end zone. Oopps!

Offense is his game-and he was my little stud of a quarterback, scoring lots of running touchdowns and even throwing quite a few! His coach told us at the end of the season that Elem got the "most pass touchdown record" for the kindergarden league if they had it! Yeah go E! He threw for 5 touchdowns I think, and it was so adorable. All to the same receiver I might add, his new little friend Alex. The whole experience was so fun and Elem had a blast! At the end of each game, the kids got star stickers to put on their flags, representing what skill or attitude they were the best at for that game. Elem got lots of stars for offensive player of the game, offensive leader of the team, sportsmanship, god-like attitude, and for hard work. But his favorite sticker was the green sticker-which was for knowing his memory verse that week. Haha.

Checking out the Defense before he chooses his play...hmmmm-to run the ball or pass the ball?

My little quarterback, handing the ball off to the running back-

Taking a run himself, holding on TIGHT to that ball!

And he is off to the end zone! wooohoo

Ahh, just taking it easy on defense. haha. Did I mention he was not a defense kind of boy?

Cant believe the time is already here when our little Elem Zane is playing organized sports!! Its so fun and exciting, and nerve racking all at the same time. I never knew quite what kind of sports mom I would be-even though I knew I wanted to be involved. I quickly realized I am that mom on the sideline cheering for every single player on our team (and other team sometimes too haha) and I love every single second of it! I really wanted every kid on our team, especially my own, to know what a great job they were doing and know they we were all so proud of them! And I admit I probably cheered to loud at times, which would probably be why seth had to shush me a couple of times-lol. Oh well, Elem heard me cheering him on and thats all that matters! We LOVE us some flag football and cant wait till next season! More Flag football pics from War Memorial Stadium and flag football videos to come soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our House Memories

The other day I was FINALLY able to upload the slideshow I made for the summer program at the shelter this year! This slide show is a perfect representation of everything that I put my heart into this summer, (plus a little Elem and Seth of course!), and of so many things that make my heart happy! I love Our House Shelter and all of those that make up the population we serve. I hope to be a part of it each and every year if they will let me keep on hanging around. The slideshow is long, but its about 7 weeks Monday-Friday from 9a-5p filled with all kinds of activities, field trips, games, friends, and just an overload of amazing memories. I will always be in debt to the kids of Our House for everything they have taught me and allowed me to be a part of. Sniff, sniff, okay on with the show.......

I really did spend so much time on this and am just so proud of it. I love every single thing about it! Most importantly, the kiddos that make up the pictures and show me so much what I love about kids-but even the songs were songs that reminded me of the kids and had meaning. The summer of 2011 was to say the least, the summer of Michael Jackson Dance on the Wii. So it just wouldnt have been right without a song from MJ!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

That's just how God made me......

Elem never ceases to amaze me with the things he is learning and understanding these days. And even though I know he is soaking up every bit of everything that is going on around him at home and at school, I just love those moments when he catches me off guard with the most innocent of phrases. He really makes my heart melt at his genuine and sweet little spirit, more than I could ever describe. I love honest and heartfelt, especially when he has no idea how amazing and impact-ful the words are that he says.

Last night, we were getting ready for bed (up WAY later than we should of been), and I noticed something on Elem's ear. I was looking at it, and just kind of leaned in to take a closer look, and said, hmm whats that on your ear. (it was like a little red bump or mosquito bite). And Elem just turned really quick and looked in the mirror and hugged me around my neck, and said, "What? Oh my ear? Oh yeah, thats just how God made me, mom."

It made me totally forget what I was doing and just smile from ear to ear. I love you Elem Zane and your sweet most perfect little heart you have. God made you perfect in just about every single way I could possibly think of and I am SO glad that YOU know he made you! And that you are perfect just the way you are.

*minus the stubbornness of course.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few weeks ago, when Elem went to get his 4 year old shots, we made an extra special trip to the mall to take advantage of the Build-A-Bear Workshop! We have never been, and he was so excited to go, and make his very own stuffed animal, right from scratch! This was something totally different and new for him, so I knew it would make up for all those yucky shots he had to get! WHICH by the way, I am not a happy camper about, because I specifically called and asked if we had to get shots and they told me no. After we arrived at the clinic, and got into the room, the intake nurse told me they were going to be administering 3 shots! I was so not happy. But caught off guard and just went ahead with it. Blah. I would never in a million years let him get more than 1 or 2 max, which is what I did his whole infant and toddler years, to keep them spaced out. But I just wanted to get it over with and not have to go back! So once those shots were done, we headed to Build A Bear, to make up for those awful nurses sticking him :) And put a smile back on his little face!

As soon as we walked in, he was sooo excited! He immediately started looking around at all the crazy stuff they have there for you to create your very own pet/build a bear/ stuffed animal out of! He looked long and hard along the wall of flimsy little stuffed animals to decide which one he would stuff and make his very own. As soon as he saw a black and white spotted dog, he KNEW it was the one for him. Of course, because it is just like Sage. hehe. So cute. He picked his puppy, and headed to fluff him up at the machine, and enjoyed every second of it.

Once his little doggy was nice and stuffed he got to choose his own heart for the pup and place it right inside. Awww. It was so cute. Then he chose from some sounds and placed a small part inside his puppy's hand so he would bark when it was squeezed. After all stuffed, heart, and noise maker and all inside and sewed up the back, Mr. Puppy headed over to the dressing area. Elem looked and looked up and down the walls of limitless clothing and accessories, but as soon as we got to the sports section, he chose the baseball outfit. Fully equipped with shoes and a baseball cap. He spent a lot of time talking to his puppy and dressing him in the dressing room. It was the sweetest thing. He kept telling his puppy..."be still puppy. puppy. daddy is getting you dressed. its okay puppy. " So sweet. ***please take note of the mass amount of clothing options directly behind him!!!

Almost finished puppy :)
Once puppy was dressed and Elem got some good lovin and hugs in (with a HUGE grin because he was so proud of his new little friend), we headed over to name and create this pupp's birth certificate. Hehe. I let Elem type everything for the puppy, he and picked the most perfect name in the whole wide world ........Sage Shelby. What other name would I expect him to pick???? The boy loves his real Sage so much, it is just the most perfect little pick for his personality. After we got the birth certificate and clothing all completed, he got to put his puppy inside a little "home/carrier" to ensure he would make it home safe!

Elem is ALL smiles with his spotted little puppy, decked out in his baseball outfit, nice and snug in his little "home", ready to take him home to our house. He was serious about me taking his pick without puppy out of his cage, because he wanted to keep him in there till we got home.

Such a fun experience and I am sooo glad we went! Little boys DO love stuffed animals too, and Elem had so much fun getting to do everything pretty much on his own and make his own decisions about his new friend. Yay for build a bear!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wooooooo. PIG SOOIE. Razorbacks!

How bout them HOGS???? For father's day, Elem and I got Seth tickets to the first Little Rock game this season, and have been so pumped ever since. haha. Guess you could say we love us some hogs.....and if you live in Arkansas you better love those hogs too! The team we played was not the best, and the razorbacks won by lots, yes. But it didnt matter to us, because it was Elem's VERY 1st Razorback game and he could not have been more excited.
Heading out for the game, in his Knile Davis jersey and super excited about a picture with me. It's the idea of the moment that counts I guess! haha.

A little more thrilled to pose with daddy, since "football is a boy's game and I don't evenly know about it because I am a girl" per Elem. All ready in red and white, with his newest "tusk" pillow pet, ready to hit up the tailgate before seeing the live action.

We tailgated for a while, hanging with friends, throwing the football around, and eating some good food, before heading to the entrance where the razorbacks walk thru before the game starts. We did this last year and it was the highlight of Elem's year to see Ryan Mallet and the rest of the hogs that we knew we had to do it again. And it did not disappoint! We saw Bobby Petrino, Knile Davis (even though he is hurt), Jake Beckett, Koby Hamilton, and all the gang, and Elem even got a high 5 or 2 along the way. (It was super hard for him to get a high 5 this year but Seth worked so hard to get him to the front of the line where he could touch some of the razorbacks. haha. He loves it! Here are Seth and Elem showing off those hands that got some razorback high 5s!

And not the best pic in the world, but it was such a great little moment to watch. Elem got up close and personal and got lots of lovin' from Boss hog. He got a couple of pats on the head, some high 5s, and it made his night!

He loved the game, and made it through to the 4th quarter. When I asked him what his most favorite part of the game was he answered, "Boss Hog and The Wave!". Uhm, best answer ever. hahaha. Whatever he loved, it made no difference to us, because we were just so excited that he got to go and got to experience the stadium, and crowd, being so close to the field, etc. Such a great day overall. Go Hogs Go!