Sunday, March 29, 2009

"I awriddy did"

Any other moms of "almost 2 year olds" having trouble with getting your kid dressed? What is it with that anyways? I cant figure it out, he doesnt want me to get him dressed for bed, he would rather be naked, but then when I try to take those very same clothes off the next morning, he would rather die than let me do it. We are talking screaming and grabbing on for dear life to whatever clothes are currently on his body, before nice clean clothes can replace them. I have been trying to be pretty crafty and Seth is actually way better at it than I am, but Elem is a smart one I tell ya. Seth usually just takes Elem's clothes and pretends to put them on his leg or head or something, and Elem, is like, no I wan that. Haha. So a little reverse psychology seems to work pretty well. But I dont want to have to play games when I am trying to get him ready to head out to school. haha. Is that really asking too much. To put on clean clothes? I try to put them on in shifts, like change the diaper and while he is peeing in the potty quickly throwing on the pants before he realizes what I am doing. But the shirt-that is the tricky one. And since Elem has learned how to use his favorite new phrase at the correct times, it makes it even that more difficult. Sadly, he has beat me out a few times and I have just sucked it up and let him wear a pajama top to school. Just to avoid a argument or fit to start out the day. But who cant laugh at this: "I awriddy did" followed by "I don wan to" followed by "I wuv ew". Stubborn little Taurus just like his mommy.

Busy Busy and slumber party fun!

The past couple of weeks have simply flown by! I feel like I have not even grasped the concept that we were in March and it is already about to be over. I hate that! But at the same time, I sit and think often, oh...hurry up and let pay day get here quicker, or hurry up and get to the end of the week so it can be the weekend, and hurry up and get to 12:30 so Elem can take his nap and I can clean, etc. etc. But sadly, I hate how quickly time flies by and I feel like I have missed so much without enjoying every single second. But I guess that is just one of those things. :) March was a super busy month for us, we did lots of exciting things, and even more work related tasks so I feel as if it has really taken a lot out of me. And like I need about a week to just sit around and rest, and clean. My house has for sure taken the back seat since we have been so busy, and it is in major need of a thorough cleaning. But it will just have to wait till I find time to do those little nit picky things, like sweep and mop, and put away all of our clothes!

Last week Elem and I actually headed to Rossville, GA to visit my sis and her hubby and my nephew Wyatt! He was turning 1 and we wouldnt have missed that for the world. Unfortunately on the last day of the 5 day trip I somehow misplaced my camera and it is gone forever I believe. For me that is such a huge loss and probably one of my most prized possessions, because I am a crazy picture taker, and feel there is always a need to capture the moment no matter what it is. And now I cant take a picture of anything and I am for sure sad about it! So today I am going to blog on something that happened in the beginning of March that I already have pictures of. I have been meaning to blog on it for a while and just never had the time, so today is the day.

During the first week of March, Elem had his very first SLEEPOVER! I had been tossing the idea around in my head for about a month before, but was never really sure if we could handle it (meaning me and Seth) or if Elem would really have fun, or if he would rather his friends come over to play and then go home. So we started off small and decided to only invite over 2 boys from Elem's school, who he loves dearly. Luckily both of the boys are 4 years old so they dont need as much babying, and I work with them every day at school so I already knew all about them! The two lucky friends invited were Canaan and Robert! Ands we really wanted it to be special, so I started out the event making home made invitations to let them know they were invited and that it was a real slumber PARTY! And not to mention I LOVE making stuff like this and very rarely have the chance to sit down and actually do it. I was super pumped once the invitations were made and Elem handed them out to his 2 little friends.

Finally Friday arrived and we headed out of school a little early to enjoy the afternoon sun. The boys each had a backpack full of clothes, we threw them in the car, buckled everyone in and off we went. They were so excited and kept saying, "Miss Mindy, I'm goin over your house". It was so cute. First off we headed to Mills Park over by my house to let them burn off some energy, and play on all the great toys. Elem and Robert=BFF

Everybody loves a huge slide, right?

After the park we went on home to meet Seth who had already ordered pizza for the group. Immediately the boys tore through all of Elem's toys, examining each and every one and taking full advantage of being in a new house with lots of new toys(to them anyways)and played and played and played. Canaan brought a huge frog tent with him and we put it up for all the boys to play in, and they loved it! Even Seth got in on the action. :) I was so happy he was there to enjoy the fun, he was great, and rough housed with all three of the, and did everything they needed! He was so wonderful. And I think he had a lot of fun too.
Elem particularly loved the tent. I believe we will be purchasing one very soon.

All the boys chillin in the tent-havin fun without me-the girl.

Some bubble time, which everyone seems to always enjoy. I dont think bubbles ever get old.

After bubbles, pizza, the tent, riding toys, and lots of running wild, we qickly noticed it was already 9:30pm and Elem Zane was still up. Which is way past his bed time, so we called for everyone to calm down and head into the tent for popcorn and a cartoon while Elem quietened down for bedtime. We actually thought everyone would be getting tired and ready for bed, but no way. Canaan and Robert stayed up until 11pm! Geez. Seth and I dont even stay up that late-very rarely anyways. FInally they headed off to bed and I laid with them for literally 3 minutes and they were both fast asleep. The next morning everyone woke up in a great mood and we had cinnamon roles and basketball fun for at least an hour.

By that time Seth and I were really tired and pretty much ready for everyone to go home. But it was only like 10am so I didnt want to end it that early. I mean I work with kids every single day, you would think I could handle a little sleepover. So we packed up, left Seth at home to get a little rest and off to Chick Fil A for a little more play time. We finally ate, and headed out to drop the boys off around noon.

Overall it was a great first slumber party, and boy am I glad there were only 3 total. I seriously dont think I could have done any more than that, simply for the fact that they all wanted to play with the same toy at once. And Elem being an only child we dont have duplicates of any toys around here so first come first serve on what you get to play with. It worked out though, and everyone had so much fun. Elem really loved the boys being at his house and playing with his toys, he shared so great and he really didnt try to take any of his toys away from them like they couldnt play with them or something. We finally were back at the house around 2pm and were soooo tired from the whole day! I can say that we will not be having any more sleepovers for a while, and when we do we will mostly likely just be inviting 1 child over at a time, until Elem is a little bit older. Mommy and Daddy were so worn out and I think 1 every 6 months would be fine with me! Whew-what a night.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No flu

Well at least I dont think he has the flu! I actually didnt end up taking him into the doc that day because he woke up fever free and hasnt had any fever since. Elem has now been on antibiotic for 5 days so I am hoping to see a real pick up in his level of happiness and energy. Currently he is pretty moody and not too fun to be around! ha! We leave for a mini vacation to see my sis and baby Wyatt tomorrow. We are visiting for Wyatt's first birthday! And can not wait. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ear infections are no fun

This past Friday at school Elem seemed to be really down in the dumps and then he started running a fever that just seemed to keep on going up. :( I basically held him for 2 straight hours until Grammy showed up to pick him up from school and take him on home to her house. By the time I got him home and we tried to put him down for bed he was burning up! Little did I know he would end up running around 104 the ENTIRE night, which led to all of us sleeping in one bed because he was so miserable, only 15 minute intervals of sleep, a few accidental slaps to the face (mine and seth's faces that is)due to his pain and uncomfortableness from the fever, many tears, and lots of pitiful, "mo-mmy"s. It was overall such a bad night. Nothing hurts worse than to see your kid in pain, knowing that you are trying everything you can to make them feel better and nothing seems to work. With tylenol and motrin not working, all we could really do was wait it out. And finally, around 6 am the fever broke and he fell asleep for about an hour or so. First thing Saturday morning, we headed off the doctor to get checked out and wouldnt you know it, he had a double ear infection. I thought he was possibly starting to get one in his right ear because the day before he told me, " my ear owie" :( But until friday he didnt really have any side effects. Not much of a runny nose, no coughing, nothing. And then bam, double ear infection. I felt so sorry for him, knowing that both of his ears probably felt yucky, and he just wasnt feeling good overall. While we were there the doc mentioned that with the high fever we should watch him because it might be the flu! No!!!! (I was a bad mom and didnt get him the flu shot this year, because I feel like every time people get the flu shot, they end up getting the flu) We started getting the antibiotics down him ASAP and he has been on them for 4 days today. Unfortunately last night he started running a fever again and went to bed around 6:30pm. My poor baby. We might be heading back to the doctor today to get that flu test after-all. Just going to see how well he perks up when he wakes up. Please remember him in your prayers. :) Every little bit counts.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ticklish much?

Elem reminds me of myself when it comes to tickling!!! One of the things I seriously remember as a kid all the way until the present is that I have always been ticklish. Mostly under my arms, and in the stomach region (ribs really) and I can not stand to be tickled! It seriously drives me crazy because it is like this thing that you cant stop and is unbearable. Although I have that feeling when being tickled, nothing is funner(I know that is not a word) than having a few moments of tickling with Elem. I think this is something we do just about every day, and even though he giggles so loud and so hard that he cant even breathe or speak, as soon as we stop, he says, "more". It is just to funny! Sometimes he tries to tickle back but not very often. As you can see form the video he pretty much doesnt have a chance because he is just sooooo ticklish! The ribs and the thighs seem to be his most ticklish spots of all. Mommy likes to get those, and hear the giggles and screams because they are so sweet. I love baby giggles.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don't be deceived

The picture in the last post is of Elem at a Gym here in Benton, AR. However, Elem is not currently enrolled in gymnastics. I did try to enroll him about 3 months ago, and he LOVED the stations and the different things there were to do. He actually loved them all a little too much. But he loved them on Elem's time and would not cooperate to do the activities with the whole class. So we only hit up about 2-3 gymnastics classes, and by the end of the last one, he had been screaming and crying out so loud that not only was he stressing me out, but he was making it not enjoyable for others in the classes. So we decided to do everyone a favor and stop that extra curricular activity right away. However, his cousin Cecilia continued to stay enrolled in the very same class that Elem was in, and she is actually great at it, and loved t so much that she had her 2nd birthday there back in February, SO that is where the picture is from. Who knows, we might give it another go here in a few months, but I am sure we would rather seem him on some basketball team or something. I am open to anything though, so who knows!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chokat mulk

Yesterday we were driving home from school going down 30, and from the backseat I hear:

"momma, data a chokat mulk over dare"

So I turned to realize he was saying, "momma that is chocolate milk over there". When I looked out my window, to the left of me was the Coleman milk plant, or whatever you would call that. And on the side of their building they have 2 gigantic about 40 feet high milk cartons painted to perfection. Elem is currently not drinking much white milk, but he does enjoy some chocolate milk any occasion I can get him to drink it. So he does associate the milk jug with chocolate milk. It was so funny I started laughing until I was crying. :) Not to mention he then started looking out the window and said:

"momma where da oder chokat mulk?"

Bless his heart he was searching the streets to see if there was more giant milk jugs posted up. But no such luck. Yesterday was a very stresful day at work, and I thought I had given the day the efforts of my entirety until I heard these silly little words. They genuinely perked me up, and kept me going for another few hours. The joys of silly phrases!!

Milk will make you big and strong right? Even if you get the calcium from a chocolaty source-some is better than none in my book! Strong baby!

Monday, March 9, 2009

What did you say?

Is becoming a very regular phrase around my house. And it is always in response to something that Elem is saying to us! To say that Elem is talking in full sentences is an understatement! He is really picking things up quicker than I could ever have imagined and many of them are things I am shocked when I hear him say them!!!! I seriously can not get over some of the grown up things that have been coming out of his mouth lately. And it seems like once he says it once, there is no turning back and you can bet you will be hearing that phrase again before the end of the day-if not multiple times.

However, when I hear him talk it just sounds natural and I totally understand what all he is saying. Its like a secret language and I just seem to "get it". I guess I am biased but I assumed that everyone could understand him and he was speaking very clearly. But after I have listened very close I have noticed that MANY of his words run together and arent fully completed when he is talking. so I am working really hard not to repeat the words he is using with the way he said it but rather the correct way in hopes that he mimics me and says it right going forward. Currently he is saying many harder words and many muli-syllable words such as "mokykle" for motorcycle and "tiankel" for triangle, and "chokamilk" for chocolate milk. As well as putting more than a few words in a sentence and actually making sense with it. He is also "using" more words in a sentences rather than just repeating sentenecs when someone asks him to say something. Some of my not so favorite phrases he is currently using include the following:

I aweridy did.......meaning I already did

I don wan to........meaning I dont want to

Lee me alone........meaning leave me alone

YOU dew it..........meaning you do it mommy

Yew took uhm my way...........meaning you took it away

Although all of the above are so funny that I have to hide my face to not show my laugh, they are still a bit rude. haha. And I definatley do not want Elem sounding rude already! Who knows what he will sound like by the time he is 16. But my point is the verbal communication is increasing at such a speed that I cant even keep up! One day he is saying a slew of words and I feel like I know about everything, and then the next he has all these new phrases! I guess it will never stop, but it is so fun to see him changing and learning and just coming into his own. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conversation in bed....

Last night we were all getting ready for bed and the conversation went something like this:

E: I wan mommy daddy bed

Me: Okay lets all get in mommy daddy bed

E: Wan cobers? (want covers)

Me: Okay here are your covers, shhh, its time to go night night

E: Wan my lap?

Me: No thank you, shhh, go night night

E: Daddy, wan my lap?

Daddy: Sure, (and he lays his head on Elems lap)

E: Daddy, get op o my lap. (Daddy get off of my lap)

So sweet, and then so quick to be honest. haha! This of course happened when we were trying to get Elem to sleep and he was already past his bed time. So it didnt help that we were having to laugh into the pillow to not be loud and get him even more hyper. It was so funny though!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Potty Time

Potty time at our house has been a great addition to Elem's routine lately. I made a point to buy a potty at a very early age, not to force Elem to use it or try to get him potty trained before he was ready, but just to introduce him to it and have it available so he could become familiar with it. I have potty trained many kids over the years (at work), and although people like to put stereotypes on boys being lazy, they really arent that bad if you make it fun! so like I said, the potty has been in the bathroom for a good 6 months, and Elem has sat on it, stood on it, done everything with it, and knew that it was there to "potty" with whenever he was ready. Over the last few weeks he finally got the hang of pottying and actually understood what it meant to peepee potty! And he has really run with the idea. He LOVES going potty when Seth and I go potty, but mostly when daddy goes. :)

This week he has picked up the pace, and although he is still waking up from naps and sleep with a soaking wet diaper, he is pottying about 3 times a day in the potty. And today for the first time, he pottyed at school! Which is huge for us because he usually just likes to pee in his potty at home! So I am very proud of him for being such a big boy and pottying just like the big kids at school. My goal for poty training is again, not to force him into anything he isnt ready for, and not to make potty training something that he feels is a negative thing, but just to keep it light and fun, and something exciting and hope everything else falls into place. So far so good. Lets hope he keeps this us. Go Elem Go!

And randomly enough, it has actually been a really good bonding opportunity for me and Elem. I feel like I get some good quality time when we are in the bathroom together, down on his level talking about if he feels like he needs to go potty, and if he can go. haha. Strange I know, but true. Any time with my little boy is good quality time, so Ill take any time I can get! On a side note, in addition to pottying, Elem has also continued this facination with mommy's make-up. He loves to get my makeup when I am putting it on and put some on too. Only he doesnt quite understand the concept to put it on his face. For some reason he enjoys the makeup on the head. So I guess I should be glad he isnt putting it on his face, right? But I still let him play with it every time. I figure if I make a big deal about it and dont let him do it, then he will just want it more! As you can see below-clinique powder tends to be a lot of fun when you are almost 2!