Saturday, July 31, 2010

You're getting on my nervous

And I say that with a quote, "you are getting on my nervous". Hmm wonder who this quote could be by? Uhm thats right, Elem Zane. I have heard him only say this maybe 2 times...but it is clearly stated. We will be playing and in an instant when I would say, You are getting on my nerves, which is not directed towards Elem but more towards Seth when he is being silly and seriously getting on my nerves. The only thing Elem can come up with is partial phrase, that is oh so funny!

No I do not like to hear stuff like this come out of his mouth and it does make me rethink what I just said, BUT all at the same time, it is crazy to me that he can repeat this stuff! And the fact that he say "what he thinks is to be the correct text" at EXACTLY the right time. Since when did he hear that -that would be the correct timing to put the statement like that??? Crazy how fast he is growing up! And right along with it, his vocabulary just sprinting ahead.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lake time in tennessee

I know I have mentioned about our lake time with the Suitors, but we were also lucky enough to take a mini vacation and spend time with the other side of our family! We headed to somewhere around Dover Tennessee. And when I say somewhere "around" I mean literally like it felt like we were kind of in the middle of nowhere but in a cabin with a lake. It was so much fun! I am so thankful that we planned the trip the way we did-Elem and I drove to my parents house in Memphis on Thursday night in hopes of breaking up the trip a little bit, because we had an almost 8 hour trip ahead of us. I knew Elem would not make it that entire way and I actually knew I wouldn't make it that far driving. And I so not a fan of driving and would better enjoy sitting in the back and watching movies and playing games with Elem. But Seth had to work so that was not an option this time! We made it to Memphis despite some bad weather, pretty late, spent the night, and headed out to meet my family the next morning. We were at the lake by noon, and spending time with the family and headed to the pool by 1pm. Elem was ready to do something active by the time we got there and he was so excited to see everybody-especially Memaw and Papaw. :) he hadn't seen Wyatt in quite a while so I was hoping he would be fun and play with him right away, and my sweet little man did not disappoint! He was all in Wyatt's room talking to him through his playpen right away, so I knew he was going to be good! Seth met us the following day and we all spent about 3 days together just relaxing, playing in the water, looking at the boatsI must warn you-this is picture overload, but we dont get to spend time with my side of the family all that much-especially all together, so I had to take advantage of the time to snap shots!

I must admit-much of the weekend was spent like this:

And the rest of it spent like this:

Uhm whats not to love. Chillin on the boat and in the lake with some adult beverages, and some family time, AND kickin on little beaches with lots of sand and tons of seashells for the cousins to check out!
Thank you to my sis and Vincent for finding us a secluded quaint little place to chill and hang out with the fam! Here is Elem with Memaw, Papaw, and the kitties!

Elem and Memaw LOVE to mess with those kitties and make sure they are still hiding where they were just a few seconds ago.

We spent some time at the pool-Memaw and Wyatt learning how to swim

And some time at the lake-Vincent and Wyatt testing the water.

Plenty more time in the pool-Wtare guns are really "IN" these days.

And the most wonderful last day on the "beach" that we found where the boys could just chill and hang out and dig in the sand.

We had such an amazingly relaxing trip and I am so happy that we were able to make it all the way to Tennessee. Even though it was way in the boonies! It is always so much fun to see my side of the family and this time even more than ever before, it was cool to see Elem remember everybody-like Wyatt and my sis and Vincent, and more so care what they thought and where they were. We live so far away that sometimes I feel like he might not remember them or really associate them as part of his close family or support group, but this trip proved me wrong. We talk about my family as if they were around a lot more so he is totally familiar with their names, etc. But it was refreshing and good to hear him talking to them and hanging out with them and just living them without being too shy. What a great way to relax and end the summer right before I seriously got going with school! Hopefully we can go back and so something of this sort every year!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture of the day

Blogging has for sure taken a back seat over the last couple of months. I will post soon on my school, Elem's school, final summer vacations, and all things milestone related I can think of! But I have to study at the moment. So a picture to capture a moment at the park will have to do for now! Tongue out, ball in hand, and determined face straight ahead. Here is a typical visit for us to the Park up the road, where we do play on the equipment they have, but more times than not, we end up playing some mix of volley ball and tennis on the tennis courts, and have a blast! Love this pic-true Elem.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome Baby Nate

On July 7th, we were so happy to welcome Baby Nate Reed Suitor to the family!

Yes, this is a new nephew to add to the mix, making Cecilia a big sister! And the rest of the family head over heels for this new sweet little precious and amazing baby boy. Although he had a bit of a rough time during his first few days-he is healthy and happy and has already stolen all of our hearts. Especially this little boy right here....Elem is already in love :)

Well I know mine for sure-I love little boys-yes yes I do! Nate is so special to me because I Ali was happy to invite me to be in the room for the birth! I was so upset because when Cecilia was born, I spent time at the hospital, but had to return to work, and ended up getting back too late and missed the whole thing! So I was not about to let Nate come into this world without being their to see it! And I can not tell you how awesome it was. My sister in law is amazing and she looked like an old pro with the whole birth thing! I can tell you that I was so proud of her, but I can not tell you that I am jealous of never having to have a chance to do that. I will be welcoming all my future babies with a big happy smile and a nice c-section :) Whew!

July 7th, 2010-Nate was born at 2:23pm, weighed 7lbs and 5oz, and was 19 inches long. And was the spitting image of his daddy the second he came into this world! Here is is getting checked out and shown off by the nurses just a few seconds after he was born. It was at this moment, I could tell he was looking exactly like Dustin!!

Bless his little heart, he was having so much trouble trying to breath, and just couldnt get it going. So he ended up in the NICU for a little over a week and had to get the works-NG tube, feeding tube, umbilical caths-the whole nine yards. But with a little time, he was able to nurse back to health and is healthy and happy at home with big sis Cecilia and a very happy and proud mom and dad-Ali and Dustin!

Here is the little family of 4 getting some much needing lovin in the NICU.

I could do this all day. I love baby time. Love love love it.

We are all so happy Nate is healthy and home to play with and snuggle with and soak up all the love that we each have to give him. He is a perfect little fit and already seems like such a chilled little man. hehe. I wish I could explain how much Elem loves Nate already! He loves to hold him and rock him, and honestly he just sits and smiles and stares at him with the most genuine and sincere sweet look on his face. He loves to pat him and put his paci in and whenever Nate cries or seems to be upset, Elem seems to come running with this little concerned look on his face, and usually checks to see that Nate has his paci. I can not wait for Elem to be a big brother-but not any time soon. Once I finish Nursing School, he can have a sibling. Until then, he is going to have to give all his baby love to baby Nate.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer time on the lake-with the Suitors

We are so lucky to have a few family members with a boat-Ali and Dustin, and then Becky and Vincent. So it makes our summer so much better when we get invited for lake trips to help cool off in this Arkansas Heat! I have several lake trips to post on so I thought I would jot them down based on who we actually went to the lake with-thinking that might keep the flow a little more memorable-for me when I am old and gray and cant remember what in the world I am looking at :).

Rule #1: Safety First. But look good all at the same time ;)

When we go out on the boat, we are super lucky that our kids actually just enjoy riding around. Of course we love to pull over and swim in the coves, ride the tube, and of course eat-all along the way. But crusin' around listening to good music, and checking out all the other boats on the water is a favorite of our family! In addition to the, Elem LOVES driving the boat. Here he is with uncle Dustin-and if you ask him how old he has to be to drive the boat (or car for that matter) alone--he will tell you 16. This boy means business when it comes to operating a motor vehicle!

Nothin like soaking up the sun with your BFF, right?

I thought it was too cute that we were sitting in the back of the boat, riding around, and Elem and Cecilia seriously gave me the boot off the back seat so they could lay together and snuggle as close as physically possible. At the time, I was a little unhappy about the boot, but as soon as I saw their little giggle faces, it seriously just melted my my heart. How cute is this?

We would spend every single minute at the lake if we could.!!! I believe when I finish nursing school and we are rich and can take lots of vacations, this will be one purchase in our near future! Thanks Ali and Dustin for boat time this summer, we have had so much fun! Check out this video of Elem and Dustin on the tube. It is a little bit fuzzy, so you will have to forgive me, but please take note that Elem remained uber cool the entire time with his fabulous sunglasses on. hahaha. So funny to me. Enjoy!