Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas (Part I)

After a long and insane holiday season, Christmas day was finally here! I spent the majority of last week making sure that all the kids at work got their gifts from "santa" and everyone had something to be happy to open. Let me just say a great thanks to all you people out there who either donated time, money, gifts, or anything to make it possible for all my kids to have such a great christmas. Like I have been saying, I am one worn out girl. Most of us have no idea what it must be like to be a parent and not be able to give your child who is thinking santa is coming, nothing. But thanks to so so so many people who gave to Our House, I can safely and amazingly say that every single kid had the greatest christmas! I am sad that I was not there to see them open their presents and see their faces as they got tons and tons of toys and clothes, but I can only imagine the joy they had! If no other day through out the year, at least for this day, they had some sort of normalcy in their life. Which is just great!

Although I wasn't able to make it to the shelter on christmas day, I was so happy to be spending Elem, Seth, Sage, and I's first family Christmas in our home! We woke up, and since Elem didn't really know what was going on, we went ahead and took a shower and got ready for my parents to get their, who were coming in from Memphis! I am soo happy they got to come in, even though it was only for a few hours, and see Elem's Christmas! Our families are so awesome and its so cool that we can hang out with both of them at the same time. the only thing that would have made it better was if my sis and brother in law and my brother could have been there. But luckily I will be seeing my sister tomorrow with her little baby bump, and then hopefully sometime next year we can work it out to where we can go see my brother. He lives in Colorado so not exactly sure on getting Elem out there or how that could work, but hey, who knows!

Anyways, so right before they got here we opened a couple of presents to get the christmas morning going! Elem was all dressed up in his fantsy christmas get-up!

With some help from mommy and daddy we got a few gifts opened right up!

Elem was super quick to pick up on ripping the paper off the presents! Of course he did love to play with the paper almost more than the gifts....

Sage got to open a few presents too!

Elem's love of the paper quickly changed as soon as he opened his gift from Santa!

He LOVES LOVES LOVES his singing stage! He is so obsessed with music and lights and mirrors, this is like THE perfect toy for him!

Part II coming soon!

Christmas Eve 07'

Christmas Eve this year was much like our previous years' with the exception that Elem was celebrating his first! Like all the Christmas Eve's before, Seth's whole side of the family goes to his Aunt Nancy's for good food and family time. Its really fun and super chilled, and of course everyone was eatin up Elem and Cecilia. Its been a while since that side of the family has had itty bitty ones crawling around. Not that Elem was crawling, but Cecilia was as always!

We ate, and sang Christmas carols, while uncle rhett played the guitar, which is so cute to watch! Hung out with the great grandparents who are in love with Elem, and also got some great great news! Leslie and Chad are pregnant! Leslie actually told me about a week ago, but it was so great to know that this time next year there would be another little one running around. Chad is one of Seth's cousins and they are really close. So Elem will have another cousin coming in March or so from my sis and Vincent and then another little cousin coming some time around August.

Unfortunately I was so busy watching Elem and making sure that everything was okay with him and what not, that I totally did not take any pics. And I so meant to. So forgive me,but I did get some great ones of Elem on Christmas Eve at our house right before bed.

Posin' for mommy just like I asked!

Ready to get those presents! He already knows what is in store for him tomorrow!

Oh and what a beautiful tree it is! I just want to touch it.

And then lastly, can you see my bottom two teeth? His theme song for this Christmas was"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", but they just havent popped through yet! They have been about to cut for over a month r so, but no such luck for a christmas present. Guess he'll have to enjoy the toys instead!

Now in regards to the christmas traditions that I wanted to put into place from his first christmas on, one thing we did not get to do was to bake Christmas cookies for Santa! I really really really wanted too, but it just didnt work out to where we had time. Going to Nancy's and getting back kinda late, just didnt leave too much room for baking! So next year we will make the cookies on the 23rd! And leave out the cookies and milk for Santa from then on! Although it was a hectic week at work, I was so happy to spend some quality time with family and Elem and Seth, and Christmas day was even that much funner!

Ole Santa

After getting in with the tree, one would think we would run and put it up and decorate it all on one night. Well that was the intention, but it didnt work out quite that smoothly. It was more like a 5 or 6 night project, only because of work and being tired and the tree being wet, and us not having lights, and then of course Elem needing all of our attention. ha! But we finally got it up and I thought it was just lovely if I do say so myself. Elem liked his first tree!

After we finally got the tree up, I was like man Elem has GOT to go see Santa! Even if he screams and hates it, I just wanted to document his first visit . SO we decided to give it a little trial before going the next day. Seth has this old santa beard and hat thing, so he threw it on to see what Elem would think.

Good thing, he seemed to like santa right off. And even wanted to touch his beard.

He actually couldnt stop laughing and smiling.

I am not sure if he knew it was Seth with a mask on or if he just liked the whole santa look. I thought it was a success though! It looked good for the visit the next day with santa!

The next day we piled up myself, Elem, Ali, and Cecilia, and Grammy and headed to see Santa. Okay so the line was an hour and a 1/2 long! Who knew. But it had to be done. So Grammy staid in line while Ali and I took the kids around the mall in their strollers for some people watching and shopping. By the time we got back, Grammy was like 5 people back. It was perfect timing. I am super happy to report that Elem was the perfect little man all day. Never upset by the crowd or the little kids crying. Or even by Santa. He actually seemed to like him. We watched him from afar if you will for a few minutes, then up went Cecilia. She was the one we were more worried about and expected to get a crying pic of , but she did great. She grabbed his beard even though it was real and his nose too! She really stuck her finger all in his nose and grabbed his face! It was priceless. So she moved on with a great pic of she and santa. Then Elem got in his lap and just chilled. Looked at his beard and his face in awe and then just looked at me. It was so sweet and just calm. I have such a great baby!

This is the pic we got. As you all know, no more of the days when we were little and Santa pics were 5 bucks for a polaroid shot they grab. Its like 20 bucks just to get 2 5x7s or something. Anyways, so I did get the pics but here is a picture of the santa pic cause I dont have a scanner.

Such a great little man he is. After that we headed home for the day. He was worn out from what we thought would be a quick trip to the all, but what had turned into the all day event! I am sooo happy Brittney that you reminded me about getting a pic with Santa. For some reason it had totally slipped my mind!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Or it was, right? needless to say things have been crazy hectic around here, with my work, and seth's job, both sides of our families all wanting to spend time with Elem, and just Elem in general I have not had time to do anything other than just barely get through each and every day. I must say that having a job-well my job in particular and having a little kid is way more work than I could ever have imagined. Can you imagine not even having one second to sit down at the computer to check your email??? Or not having time to eat or go to the bathroom for that matter...that is my life for the entire month of December. And although Christmas is my most favorite holiday and I am so happy to celebrate Elem's first, I am so glad the holidays are over.

I am going to skip through the part where I had to find a family to adopt every single one of the 4o something children at the shelter I am responsible for, as well as several kids coming in and out of the shelter for a day or so, or dealing with the parents of those kids who it appears have forgotten the meaning of Christmas altogether and just want to make sure their kids get tons of stuff. Because I could go on and on about that and I would rather focus on the great times we had this holiday season! On a good note, I was able to locate families to adopt every kid at the shelter and even got the hook up from some friends who did stockings for the kids, and then along with a lot of random donations, I also got in touch with someone from toys for tots who totally saved the day by friday afternoon to make sure every kiddo got more than the average kid at christmas! Lots of happy faces I am sure.

Now onto my family this Christmas-It all started out about 3 weeks before Christmas-I think that is where I left off in regards to blogging. I really wanted to make some great traditions for our family and ones that we will keep, so we started off the season, with daddy hanging some lights for us all to see. Since Seth is in the production business he was particular about the kind of lights we got and everything. So we had to go with the LED lights, because those are the new wave of the future in regards to lights. Old lights out-LEDs in. :)

Ill have to show a pic when I think about it. I havent taken one yet of the finished product, but I will. Then we moved on to the next phase of our Christmas season, the picking out of the perfect tree. We packed up Elem and Sage, and mommy and daddy and headed out to Bradbury Christmas Tree Farm, which is about 20 minutes away. It was a super cold day and was actually misting and sleeting just a tid but, so we had to try and stay as warm as we could!

But as you can see, we couldnt keep from getting cold noses!

We looked and looked to find the perfect tree! Which of course turned into like an hour later still looking, like..hmm, they all are running together and big ones look little and little ones look big, and this one is fatter than that one, blah blah blah. SO after much much thought, we decided on the most perfect little tree ever. :) If I do say so myself. So seth started in on cutting it down! And sage ran like a free doggy all around the entire tree farm! She LOVED it!

With doggees running and daddys cutting down trees Elem and I chilled and took photos while freezing our little booties off!

FInally-the tree was down! It was ours for the taking!! Seth said he didnt remember cutting down the tree to be so hard! Ha!

Sage woudnt break for a moment to pose for a pic with me. She was way to into it. And plus she was disgusting! Soaking wet. But thats okay she had so much fun! And Elem loved watching her run as fast as she could and then come and find us. This is about as good as the pics got for sagers!

After the tree was down, we loaded it up and headed out to get the thing shaken and paid for. Here is Elem waitin in the car for Daddy to get that tree ready to go!

We had sooo much fun despite the cold and slightly rainy weather! I am super excited about our family tradition and hope that this is one we can do every year! I really want to make sure that Elem has lots of great holiday memories growing up, and doesnt just remember the presents you know?I think this was a great start!

Ill be trying posting more on Christmas as I have time over the next day or so! So stay tuned!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Night night time

I must admit that Elem does not have much of a schedule these days. Well ever actually! He just never has really developed one. And every time he starts to get one going, of course he changes it up. Since I have to work all the time, I dont have much chance to enforce a routine as much as I would like, but in the morning, while he is at the childcare, and then at night and on weekends, I do my best to try and keep some sort of routine going. The one time a day that always seems to go pretty easy and be some what of a routine is bath time and bedtime. Wait that sounded too perfect, not bedtime as a whole because no he does not sleep though the night, but bath time and then the initial bed time are pretty consistent until he wakes up that first time throughout the night. :)

Elem is one heck of a bath time baby. he loves loves loves bath time. I think it might be his most favorite time of the day, next to breastfeeding that is. Haha. Our nights are totally family time only for the most part, cause Seth and I both work all day and want nothing more than to get home as fast as possible and spend family time with Elem and Sage and each other. Its like if someone asks us to go out, we dont even think twice and we just say no we want to be at home. Everything else just seems so unimportant in the grand scheme of things you know? Family is most important. And time with Elem flies by so fast I really want to take advantage of the time while he is small, before he grows up to be all big and I wont have that little baby anymore! Big baby I mean.

Anyways I am rambling. So around 8pm we head to the bath, pretty much every night. I know that is a bit much and you dont have to bathe your child every night, but he loves it, its relaxing, and its great bonding time. Its so funny too because as soon as we get his clothes off and he sees the water running, he starts leaning over as far as he can get to try and get in. Maybe he will be like a professional swimmer. :) Who knows.

AFter the bath is over, which could range anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Just whatever Elem is feeling like that night! We head into his room to get lotioned up, have some play time, chill with the fam in the floor, and then head to the couch for a night night feeding time and off to sleepy town he goes.

First things first, straight to the floor to prepare for the lotion time. He is still not a fan of getting lathered up.

Then its time to side track him with the stand up toy. He loves to stand up and play on that thing every night. It blows air and like spins the little cylinders. Its super cute. Here he is seriously concentrating on his toy.

cute little dude.

Then after a quick lather, and putting the diaper on, all on the floor I might add-he is also having some crazy issues with the changing table where he cries every single time he gots on there-and so did not used to do that! Then straight into the pajamas!

Givin a little smile- I love that little man!

Cuddle time and play time with mommy-

Play time with daddy-

and then off we go to the couch to feed Elem and before you know it he is out! Okay gotta cut the story short cause he needs me. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Brunch with the bunch!

On Saturday, well last saturday I had a brunch at my house for a lot of my friends. I never ever get to hang out with everybody cause of curse once you have a kiddo it is like you are functioning on completely different hours from all your party friends. Used to, I would go to work, then hit happy hour and eat dinner with the girls, then head to my friends house or back home to watch a game or something, then chill till the next day when it would start all over again. Oh how times they have a changed!

These days, as you all know it is more like get up at 7am, or earlier, haha, feed Elem, take a shower, get ready on and off for about an hour, while entertaining Elem, pump for the day, get Elem's bag ready, get the car ready, the pump ready, my stuff for the day ready, get Elem to take a nap, then head to work and continue on with the day. It is way different I must say,.
So I wanted to have a brunch with al my girls over to see how everyone was and have a couple of girls over who had babies who were 2months old and younger cause I know they had to be dying to hang out with some girls. I know I was by that time.

So we had a potluck with tons and tons of food, I made mimosas, along with lots of christmas music and some dancing by little Livia, and we were well on our way to a nice little holiday party if I do say so myself!

Now I am going to brag and let you all know that those paintings on the wall are one of a kind and I did paint those myself. If you would like one please let me know! haha. Ill see what I can do!

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention, this was the day they were announcing the heisman winner. being the true razorback fans that we are, Elem had a very special onsie for the day to ensure that D-Mac knew we were ruitin' for him. Unfortunately it didnt work. Damn Tebow!!!!

Although the Heisman trophy didnt go to the one and only Arkansas Razorback, we still had fun! Elem had a good time seein all the girls-he is such a little flirt!

Elem seemed to LOVE Domi and he was just a giggling away.

Like I said, there were a lot of girls there that I used to work at the Saucer with, actually just about every one of them used to work at the Saucer with me. Which is crazy! Because those are the girls I never ever thought I would see myself chillin with with kids and what not! But it was great! Here is Stephy and little Tatum! She is the Godmother though, Shawn is the real baby moma!

She is soo tiny though huh? She is only 2 months old. It is so hard for me to remember what Elem was like at that age, and being that small. the really weird thing is, if you go back and read my blog from when he was 2 months old, he was so tiny! I just cant imagine it now, cause he is soo big! So cool how they just grow up right before your eyes and you seem to miss it in just a flash! Amazing!

I am very very happy to report that y friend Erin has a very healthy (plump) little boy named Brady. Who Elem is frendswith! I swear I thin he is the first little boy he has hung out with ever! Seems like everyone decided to have girls! So I was really glad for Erin to come over! Brady was so cute and chunky and totally reminded me of Elem when he was 2 months old! Breast feeding does a body right. What can I say?

Overall it was such a great day. Very chilled and filled with lots of good times, chit chat, and just good ole girl time! So happy to be blessed with such great friends and such beautiful happy babies! Life has done me good and I couldnt imagine myself in a happier better place. Its so amazing to look back at how a few years ago I was slingin beers with all single girls, and now we all have great jobs, great families, and are all so happy! God is good. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bathing beauties

Dont you just LOVE little naked babies in the bath? I mean I think that is one thing that we all can agree on in this world! Everybody loves those itty bitty babies bathing in bubbles. And if you dont, then well you are just not normal. Because every single little kid is cute with their hair all wet, and eyelashes all wet. They just are, and they cant even help it!

The other night, Ali called and said Cecilia was ready to take a big girl bath with Elem! So we got the kids all undressed and filled our jacuzzi bath up with bubbles so they could play and have fun and be merry! First off I freakin go in there to rinse it out to make sure that it is nice and clean for them, you know? And I was trying to figure out how I could get the jets to come on while they were in the bath, like if they would be tall enough to sit on the towel with the bubbles and feel the jets. So I am in there and the water is over a couple of the jets, so I just thought only those would work, but no! Thats so not how it works. I hit the jets thing and all this water starts spewing out from the back side of the tub and sprays me sprays my pants the floor, the wall, everything! So note to self, do not turn jets on, unless all jets are covered by water. haha.

Anyways, We got the kiddos in and they had so much fun with their first coed cousin bubble bath! Even sage wanted to get in on the action. She really just likes how the ducks sound when they squeak, but she couldnt stay away.

Cecilia got a nice mohawk goin on here! She liked the big bath I think! She doesnt usually get to sit in the water like this, cause at her house she has a little chair where it like attaches to the side of the tub or something. Not exactly sure, but she needed some bubble time!

And then Elem, who is a bath baby! Of course has like the best time ever, with every single bath! He just loves to sit and play with his ducks, eating them the entire time, sucking the water off of them, and just playing away! He is the best baby and so peaceful, especially when it comes time for a soak!

After we got the kiddos all washed up, we had a little cousin bonding time, got them lotioned up and in the PJs. They played for just a few minutes and Cecilia was to her house to go to bed. Its so awesome to have a little cousin right around the block who can come over for spontanious bath times and things like that! I know we will be really thankful for the closeness especially when the kiddies start getting bigger! yay for bath time!