Friday, December 29, 2006 dream last night....

So this morning I woke up feeling a little overwhelmed. Mostly due to the dream I had, which was interupted-THANK GOODNESS- by Dave Matthews on my alarm clock. Check this out-I dreamt that I was in Dawn's house I think, getting ready and waiting forever for my doctor who was going to do the ultrasound there. So all of my friends were there, I know Abby and Stephanie were, and Seth, and then like a whole household of people. Anyways, so my doctor Elizabeth was there and so was the doctor Grant, whom I have never seen before, but who will be doing my ultra sound when I go in on Tuesday. So they do the ultra sound and they are like, okay its a boy!!! But it doesnt stop there, she goes on to say, "and by the looks of it that is one of the biggest babies ever. It is already 8lbs!!!! And he is this long"-at which point she held her arms very far apart.

So needless to say I was in shock and definitley a little startled when I woke up. So here's to all you -STEPHANIE!!-who keep telling me that Seth and I are going to have the longest baby ever, because we are both so tall! Its starting to scare me now! So there you have it, my crazy dream of the week!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over and on to New Year's

Wow I can not believe that Christmas has already come and gone! It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was in Austin kickin it at the music festival. But geez that was in September. Weird how fast time flies. And even weirder to think that now I am 19 weeks. How crazy is that? And yet I still only have this beer belly. haha. When will it end? Well not so much end but when will I receive the beautiful pregnancy belly that I seem to see everywhere around me! :) I guess I should be taking advantage that I am not all that big yet, but for right now, I am just trying to get out of this pitty party rut I have been having for myself every time I get dressed.

Ha. I know it sounds a little over the top, but getting dressed is still a never ending process for me. Its like I just look like I have aquired a tire around my what used to be waist. Not a little ball, a tire. What is up with that? And although I have the best boyfriend ever, who continues to pop his head in while I am getting dressed and say "Wow that one looks good, or You look really cute in that", there is still a part of me that feels the need to pout until I realize once again there is nothing I can do, and I just have to make due with what I have.

Anyways, I am ready to embrace the new year with somewhat of a pot belly and find out what exactly is in there. We head into the doctor on Tuesday and wil lfind out what we are having. So needless to say I can hardley stand it. As long as he or she is healthy, I will be ecstatic! And I know seth will too. So I promise to let you all know the sex. Until then I will be ringing in the new year with my best friend and the one I love most, and a glass of sparkling grape juice. :)


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good baby news!

So when I went to the doctor last week, they asked me if I wanted to do this blood test that would tell you "for the most part" if you baby tests positive for Spina bifida, down syndrome, and maybe one other. So I went ahead and did it cause my doc recommended it. Anyways, today the doc called and it looks like baby shelby tested negative for everything! yay! Which means so far so good, and a healthy baby as far as we can tell! So that was a great phone call to get in the middle of the day, because I have been thinking about it, but trying not to think about it too much. You know?

On another note, I still havnt felt any baby kicks or flutters. :( i am still waiting. Hopefully soon.

But I am happy to announce that the headache insanity seems to have subsided to a random few here and there, as has the nautiousness. Think I was nautious like once this weekend but I think it was due to moving and running around to much. Anyways, so I am extremly happy that I have gotten back into working out, trying to maintain the 13 pounds that I have gained in just a little over 4 months. :) I know I know, I am supposed to gain weight, but comon now, I am not thrilled about gaining an excess of 20-30 pounds! Okay thats all for today! Much love. Peas-

Monday, December 18, 2006

New house is perfect!

Good morning to all of you! Well we finally did it! We closed on the house last wednesady and moved in on Saturday! It is so awesome I can not even explain it! And thanks to our fabulous brother in law-Dustin, who painted it all in like two days, it is even sweeter! We got the house we wanted AND all the colors we wanted and we are so happy. I cant imagine being much happier than I am right now, but then again I know when this baby comes words will not be able to express my feelings at that time. For now, I am savoring the moment and enjoying vegging out in my very own living room in between unpacking a box here and there! I am still amazed that it is ours and we can do anything we want to it!

Now this morning was the first morning Sage was left by herself and believe me it was a sad moment. She didnt let me leave the house with out some crying and whining which was seriously so sad. But hopefully Seth's dad will be by to check on her in a little bit.

Anyways, I as you can see in the picture that is the house from the front. Its a night shot so not the best! But once we get everything in order Ill post some better pictures. Oh and on the sex of the baby-didnt happen! But we will most definitly know on Jan 3rd. I am so excited I can hardly wait. Thanks to all who helped us move in and until next time-think boy!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Wednesday is a big day for us!

So Wednesday is going to be one big day for us. Hopefully we will be closing on our house that morning and then in the afternoon I have another doctors appointment. And I am hoping that we will find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl! And that we get one more ultrasound picture too! I will keep you posted, but keep your fingers crossed. I am so ready to get into our house and to find out what we are having!!!! Yay! I dont think I have been this excited in a long time. The appointment last time was so awesome and this time should be even better just because Seth is in town and he gets to go too! So this will be his first time to see the baby! Very exciting stuff going on. But again, Ill keep ya posted and Ill get some pics of the house up as soon as I can!

Love ya, Mindy

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Finally no headache!! And we are closing on our house!

So I have been whining a lot I know, but I FINALLY got rid of that dang headache. I mean I am so freaking excited! haha. Seriously it lasted forever. And I tried the gatorade thing, and maybe it kinda worked, but all I know is now the thing is gone for good. well gone for a day at least. :) So I am happy with that.

And to add to all that joy, Seth and I just found out that we are going to close on our house on Wednesday! I could not be more happier. So as soon as we close and get our stuff moved in next weekend, I will take pictures and make a better update.

On another baby note. I am happily wearing some maternity jeans that Ali -Seth's sis-gave me for the time being. And although I was not thrilled at the time that I could not fit into my jeans anymore, they are super comfy and making my life a lot easier in regards to finding something to wear in the mornings. So yay! Now lets just hope I can fit into these for at least a little while. :)

Thats it for now. Got to get back to work. -Mindy

Monday, December 4, 2006

Please make the headaches go away!!!

Okay seriously, having a headache is one thing...but having the same headache for like 2 entire days and it never ever going away is not cool! I have had the same dang headache for 2 days now and it is still going on strong. And nothing seems to work! I am so annoyed. I have taken as much tylenol as I possibly can, probably more than I need to and it doesnt do anything at all. I mean nothing. And that is the only medacine i am supposed to take. I try laying down, massaging my own head, everything! And nothing works! Why wont it go away??? Steph told me she read if you drink two glasses of gatorade in a row that it is supposed to stop a headache. I am totally going to try. Anyone else have any ideas. I am dying here. My head seriously feels like it is going to blow up!!!!