Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back-yard lovin'

We are for sure one Back-yard lovin' family! We love love love to take advantage of the sunshine and swing set time the afternoon has to offer after a hard days work. Not to mention the humidity and plethora of mosquitos that Arkansas has to offer on any given night, but still it is worth it. The smiles and the memories are worth it that is. Both Ali and Dustin and Grammy and Poppa have such AWESOME back yards, and we totally take advantage of any time we can spend in them-and with the summer came many many good afternoons of just chillin' and watching the kids play on the swing sets and in the yard.

We are so lucky to have great family right around the corner who can stop by at any time to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation on any given night. This makes it fun and allows the kids to see the grandparents and for us to watch them interact. Seth's parents are so good with the kids, of course Grammy is more of the lover and disciplinarian and keeps the peace with the kids, and then Poppa being the "kid at heart" is the fun loving game player that cant be stopped at any cost. He goes and goes until he cant take any more. Needless to say, they make a good fit for the kids and the kids are insanely spoiled because of them. haha( yes I said insanely spoiled-but I aint complaining!) better to be loved than not, right?! Seriously, we love Grammy and Pappa and the time we get to spend with them just relaxing in the back yard. Elem and Cecilia could be content being stuck outside all day as long as their is a slide, and some dirt. hehe.


On a side note, we are currently making plans to "better" our back yard. We have an awesome one as far as size and what not, so next on the agenda is a fence, and then immediately following will be a deck. Hopefully, it will be immediately following. So more to come on the fence soon. I can for see many nice cool autumn nights filled with yummy food grilled by daddy on his brand new grill, with my little family of three in our newly fenced in back yard. Ahhh, cant wait. Just gotta get Seth on board to begin with the project. :) That my friends, will take a little doin-but I am the woman to do it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can't find me

One of Elem's obsessions these days is hide and seek. However, he doesn't seem to play it the traditional way, it seems to be centered around the couch and our big couch cushions and his ability to hide behind them. Well most of him hide behind them. Just about every night or afternoon Elem will say, "wanna hide wit me?" and heads over to the couch. After some shuffling and giggling, the game goes a little something like this:

mommy and daddy, "Elem, where are you? Where is Elem? Ahhh man we cant find him anywhere...."

screaming loudly: "Can't find me, can't find me mommy, can't find me daddy"

giggle giggle, laugh laugh, quiet scream: "ahhh I hidin', not find me"

uncontrollable laughter and smiling from ear to ear: "Here I am, I right here, you find me again?"

Who knew hide and seek could be this much fun?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A day at the lake

Day-dreaming at the lake. What could be more peaceful than that?

Seth was out of town last weekend so Elem and I decided to take full advantage of the newest purchase by the Suitor family. That being: their NEW BOAT. Rightly titled, "Woooooooo Pig Suitor" haha! We love it. And we were super pumped to head to Lake Degray for the first weekend adventure on the water! And it did not disappoint. We have not been to the lake all summer (which is rare for us this late in the game) and I couldn't wait to just chill and play in the water with Elem. He has only been to the lake a couple of times last year, but never really on the boat for a full day of fun. So although I was a little nervous, and the words, "if he falls in, thats it, he's gone-the water is dirty and you cant find anything in the lake" (spoken by Seth to me) kept ringing in my ear, I still was ready to have a safe and fun filled day with my little guy. :)

And that is just what we did. We piled on the new boat with Ali, Dustin, Cecilia, Josh, and Emily, and headed out. Boat filled with lots of life jackets, swimmies, snacks, and drinks. First stop: a little island where we could jump out and swim in the water and just let the kids play for a few minutes to get used to the idea. Elem was to say the least-happy to swim, and could have cared less about the fact that you couldn't really see your body below the water. Thank goodness for his newly developed love of the swimmies. Swim time just wouldn't be the same without them!

Ahhhh: happy feet with a good view.

Cool sight number one-SAIL BOATS. Wahoo and thank goodness for them! They were a highlight and favorite topic of conversation for me and Elem on the front of the boat. There were actually quite a few of them out there, and they were so beautiful. Elem really enjoyed seeing them, and they were most certainly his most favorite boat on the lake.

Best friends stick together. Elem and I pretty much hung tight the entire time on the boat. And off of the boat for that matter. He didn't really stray too far-I think the whole thing was a little overwhelming for him, although he was loving every minute of it. The loud noise and the wind blowing in his face, along with the waves and bumps, etc. seemed to scare him just a little bit, or at the very least keep him a little bit aware at all time. He wanted to sit in my lap the ENTIRE time we were moving and never once moved away from that spot, which was fine by me. I felt like he was very safe, life jacket and all, Elem nice and tight in mommies arms.

We pulled over to a nice little cove to enjoy a little picnic and get the kiddies hydrated. Elem and Cecilia had so much fun just talking and eating, and being cute. Little water babies. Thank goodness they love the water!

After a fun filled day of just cruising on the lake and swimming here and there, Josh, Dustin, and Emily took on the wakeboard-I did not but I will attempt soon, I swear! However, we did jump on the tube for some high energy fun. Well as fun as you can get going 5 miles an hour! :)First up: Cecilia and Ali-I think Cecilia fell asleep at one point while holding on to the tube-literally-the girl sure can relax when she needs to.

Next up: Elem and mommy! Yes I was kind of nervous because I didnt exactly know how I was going to hold Elem on, and myself at the same time, but it totally wasn't as insane as I thought. Like I said we were literally going like 5 miles an hour. Elem was holding on tight though-not too sure what exactly he should be doing, or what in the world that big tube had in store for him.

Our tubing experience was short lived. After about 3 minutes, Elem kept telling me he was ready to swim. Over and over again. So we called it quits and once Dustin stopped the boat, we swam a little more and enjoyed the nice day. Elem was much happier just to be in the water versus on top of the water. Which is just fine by me. Whatever makes him happy.

I headed back to the house about 4pm with Elem and Cecilia in hopes of them falling asleep on the way home. Uhhm, yeah right, no such luck!!! They usually pass right out when we send the day swimming or out in the sun, but they were too hyped up on cokes and other forms of sugar I guess, and decided to give me a run for my money. We finally made it home and decided to make a little detour and headed to Grammy and Pappas for some assistance since I was super tired. It sure is amazing what a day on the lake will do to ya. It is like the sun sucks all your energy out of you, and you don't realize just how tired you are until you are trying to chase two itty bitty peoples around, who are just as tired as you. Luckily Grammy and Pappa did just the trick, we stuck the kiddos in the bathtub, and Elem and I headed back home. Safe to say, we both slept like babies that night, neither one of us woke up for even a split second. The day at the lake was sooo much fun, and the only part that was missing was Daddy. :( Hopefully we will get him on that boat before the summer draws to an end. Great way to spend our weekend. Wahoo.

Watch Me!

Watch Me would be one of those phrases around our house that is heard ALL THE TIME! Meaning it is heard multiple times throughout the day, and is said until you look over and watch whatever the special trick or activity Elem is trying to show you. So in all cases, it is your best bet to just go ahead and look the first time you hear it. :) In this particular case, Elem had just learned how to do a flip at school a few days before and was really showing off his newly found skill.

Note when watching-the very last flip he tries to do looks like he is seriously injured. He was not. I promise. He has since learned from his mistake and does land smack dab on top of his head.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come home Daddy!!!

Seth has been traveling so much over the past month, and Elem and I have missed him more than we ever could explain. he has been back and forth to Chicago, Montana, and who knows where else. :) On the most recent trip, Seth has been gone for over a week, and although I have been going through some slight withdraws, Elem has proven to be the weaker of the two of us and really seems to be needing his daddy more than ever. I have caught him saying every day, "My daddy at work" and "My daddy gonna come get me". It is heart breaking to see your little one longing for their parent, knowing that they will be here before they know it, but not being able to describe to them when that day will actually come. I hate telling him, "daddy will be here on friday" because to him that doesn't make any sense at all. It only helps to tell him Daddy is at work and that he is coming to play with us this weekend and coming home to stay.

Daddy we miss you. Come home to us. We have lots of hugs and kisses waiting for you.

Somebody has especially been missing you:

And neither of us can wait to hold you tight! We love you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

All that I can Say





:::: David Crowder Band

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pic of the Day

We will just call this one.....SERIOUS BAGGO BUSINESS.

Bag in hand, eyes on the target, and face very much determined.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good-bye summer

.......For my summer program school age kids that is. I don't usually blog about work, but lately it has been taking up so much of my time, and become such a major part of my life that I can't NOT blog about it. For starters, I can not believe that the summer is over and that a new school year is already starting!!!! Although I do not work for the school district, as many of you know, timing does play an important roll in the programs that I am able to offer to the children who participate in our programs. Every year, Our House, (the shelter I work for) provides free childcare to homeless children birth-age 5, and then free after school care to homeless children and at risk youth in the surrounding area ages 6-17, and then during the summer, we provide free care for school age children M-F from 9am-3pm. Oh and did I mention we do this for about 55 youth!?? I have been the Director of the Child Care and Youth Programs for about 2 and 1/2 years now, and realizing that I tried so hard not to let that part of my life(work related) intertwine or take over time with my family life and friends, it is slowly becoming inevitable that the job I have, DOES impact my life and those around me. I really wanted to share a little bit because my job is so important to me, no matter how much it stresses me out, and not matter how many insane hours I seem to work each day, and no matter how it seems to monopolize so much of my time, even when I am away from the center. It is just one of those jobs, that either you are in it because you have a passion to help people, or you just wont make it. Not that I am planning to be in this line of work forever-because lets face it, the Non Profit World is a stressful one :) , but so far, it has opened my heart in so many ways, and really opened my eyes to how many children here in Little Rock alone really do need US. Uhm wow, that was a little mini tangent...Now are you getting the picture why I tend to get a little behind on my blogging? :)

This year, and this summer more than ever, the kids at the shelter have really made an impact on not only ME, but also on Elem. And I never really saw that one coming, but it did, and along with "some" bad, comes some really good. Luckily, Elem gets to go to school with me each and every day, so I get to see him any time I want, AND I get to be in charge of exactly what he is learning. Ahh, I love circle time! haha. That is so not normal, but anyways. I loved the randomness of how this summer, myself and my staff were the roll models for the kids, but in addition, those school age kids were also being a roll model for my little 2 year old. And that seemed to make all the difference in the world to me, and really turned into an indescribable feeling, watching them "take care" of Elem, and "be a good friend" to him, etc. Elem of course didn't think anything of it, because I think he feels like he owns the whole place. Well at least that his mommy runs the place, so he must be next in line! haha!

Here are just a few of the kids who participated in the program this summer. I took this pic on a field trip to the Little Rock Zoo. (yes I have media releases for all children who participate in my program! haha! ) Some very bright and shining stars in this pic.

My job has affected my family life in so many ways, and some that I never had imagined. Elem has made some of his best friends by being a part of the shelter. I love that he has no walls up. He is not blinded by color. And does not see rich or poor. He just sees-his friends. Something that I could never have taught him in a lesson at circle time. Just something he "does". Although some very aggressive hitting has surfaced recently and I am not proud of that, but hey, some good has gotta come with the bad, right? :) He is not one to get pushed around, I can tell ya that.

Here he is with one of the school age girls, Maiya. She was actually one of my preschoolers when I first started my job. And here she is scootering and skateboarding with Elem.

Elem is really serious about this...he has a slight love for skateboards. I see many accidents and injuries in our near future if this obsession continues.

The school age kids, ALWAYS want to come and help me in the childcare. Which would be okay if I didn't have about 15-16 kids in the child care everyday. Not a whole lot of room for extra bodies in there! But still, they are such the little mommies, and sure know how to take care of their siblings way more than they should. Even though they should be playing, they are always wanting to help, and make you proud of them. Or just get a smile from you. Doesn't get much better than that. (And no I did not pick out that lavender color in the nursery. I am still not happy about that. But beggers cant be choosers. :))

I love that this summer I was able to take Elem on a few of the field trips with the school age kids. Not only was it a chance for me to spend time with Elem during a regular work day doing something fun, but it was also a chance for him to interact with the bigger kids outside of the shelter grounds. Which is so important for those kids. To be able to go out and have fun and forget about the craziness of what all is happening in their everyday life. Here is Elem and Rory playing in the water mist, just trying to stay cool. She quite possibly COULD be the youngest little "mommy" I have ever met. Always wanting to help with the little kids, holding their hands, feeding them, playing with them, wise beyond her years, and has a life story already at age 9, more than I could ever have handled.

My sweet babies. Just a few of them, one of them my own, and the others I love.... and discipline, like my own. :) hehe.

So with just a few pics, I am saying good-bye to the summer, and along with that means Good-bye to the Summer Program. It was HUGELY stressful summer, but also my favorite so far since I started this job. Makes me so thankful for everything I have, and how lucky I am to have so many people who love me and my family. At this time in my life, I couldnt have asked for a better job in regards to life lessons learned. Fewer hours, and less stress-Yes :) But indescribable feeling and overwhelming sense of love to those who need it most-nothing could compare.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We love the Memphis Zoo

Da. Da. Da. Daaaaa. Memphis Zoo here I come.

Okay okay...I am getting a little self centered here. This was a family trip after all. Let me start over: Here WE come!

One of the best parts of our mini vacation to Memphis was our trip to the Memphis Zoo with my parents. I haven't been to that particular zoo since I was a kid, and we were so excited to have a chance to take Elem and spend some good time with my parents. Even though I was really pumped about Elem getting too see all of the amazing animals that I knew we were going to have a chance to look at, selfishly I was super pumped about all of the awesome animals "I" was going to get to see. I freaking LOVE the zoo. haha. I could just walk around and sit and watch those animals all day long. Not in the humid Memphis heat in the middle of July, but you know what I mean!

Rule number one. When planning a trip to the zoo, never, ever, ever ever, forget to bring your stroller. Unless you PLAN on renting one for $10.00 at the gate. Which actually worked out to our advantage because the stroller was so awesome and light, but still I cant believe I forgot the stroller. Bad mommy. But with the rented stroller in hand, we were ready for a fun filled day of animal sight seeing.

The Memphis Zoo is sooooo big, so we just jumped right on in, hoping to cover as much ground as we could. We arrived right as they opened the gates, and didn't even have to wait in line at all. Elem's most favorite animals to date are the giraffes and monkeys. Those were top priority and they did not come up short. Thankfully all the animals were out and about, and we were able to see pretty much everything, at every little area were went to. Monkeys- check. Lots and lots of monkeys-check.

Giraffes and a few unnamable animals that made it in the picture-check. :) Seth was so good to point out all the animals to Elem. I think Elem kept calling a lot of them zebras, haha, but hey a few of them were super new to his book of knowledge. And mine too for that matter. :)

Sadly, a few minutes after that pic, Elem was so excited to see the giraffes, he ran up to the "sight seeing" rope and then quickly back to me to tell me what he saw, and tripped. Scrapping up his little knee. Luckily it was a minor injury and mild hiccup in our day. After some lovin and kisses on the boo boo, just a few minutes later, we were back on track. And posing for a family snapshot. There were some GREAT spots for pics. This one is a keeper.

Now to my personal favorite of the day, the underwater area. This could be one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen. Not only is it a nice break to walk indoors to catch a little air conditioning, but this "half above, and half below" view you are able to see is amazing! I remember watching the sea lions as a kid in an area somewhat like this, and it was always my favorite. But it did not compare to the awesome view we had.

Why hello there Mr. Polar Bear. -Elem kept saying, "he lookin at me, he lookin at me" And continued to chase him from one end to the other, trying to "talk" to him or get his attention.

Seth was good to try and get Elem ready for when the polar bear was coming their way. So he could get a good look. Just look at the size of that thing!

Thank you Mr. Polar Bear. Thank YOU. What an almost unreal site to see. I still cant get over how smooth they travel through the water. Very, very, awesome thing to see. I can only imagine how crazy it must be to see it as a little kid. This was defiantly one of the top highlights of the day for the whole family.

Elem continued to hang with us all day. Enjoying each and every little stop we made. The carousel, lunch, the elephants, the train ride, and the gift shop were all fun and there were no fits along the way...that I can remember. Just happy to be here people, just happy to be here. Sweaty, but happy.

The second favorite stop of the day, was most certainly, feeding the birds. We had the chance to go inside this enclosed "rainforest" looking area, with about a hundred live birds just flying all around you, where you could purchase sticks with bird food on the end of them, and the birds would fly right up and eat right off of your stick. It was sooooo cool. At first, we had no takers, but after a couple of minutes, we had plenty of feathery friends who wanted some of our yummy treats. Elem loved being able to see the birds up close. (And yes so did I)

I love this pic of my parents and Elem. All three concentrating so hard on watching the little bird eat and stay on that tiny stick. Precious.

We had so much fun, and such a wonderful day. Spending time with my parents was awesome, and being able to see all that the Memphis Zoo had to offer was amazing. Some great memories were captured and I am so thankful that my parents got to be a part of it. Thanks so much Memaw and Papaw. We love you! I have high expectations that this will be at the very least a yearly event. Hopefully next time my sis and brother n law can come and bring along Baby Wyatt.

See ya next year Zoo!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ice Creme Sandwiches with Papaw

Our trip to Memphis included way too many good times to just squeeze them all into one post. It would have been the longest post ever! So I broke it down into some key things that I wanted to remember and that Elem enjoyed. One of the things I am most thankful that I was able to catch on video was Elem and Papaw having a sweet moment over an ice creme sandwich. I have mentioned before, but my dad suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, and has been for several years now. Although he is not the same as he used to be, he still loves being around everybody and I love to watch him interact with Elem (and Sage!). Sometimes I can't tell which one is having more fun being silly and goofy-Elem or my dad. :) It is really sweet. On this particular night, we had just finished a great big dinner courtesy of my mom-the fabu cook- and my dad grabbed an ice creme sandwich for desert. Elem had been offered several choices for desert, but the only thing he wanted, was just the same as his Papaw was having. So...they sat, side by side, both just happy to have their ice creme sandwiches, and enjoyed a little conversation, and a sweet kiss along the way.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hotel Fun

A few weeks ago, Elem, Seth, and I all went for a little mini Memphis Vacation to visit the grandparents. To make it a little more fun, we booked a great hotel room to make it feel even more like a vacation. And it was so much fun! Elem has only staid in a hotel room a very few times, so I knew he would love it. And as soon as we checked in to the hotel, and headed towards the "alligator" as he likes to call it, meaning elevator, there was no fear that he wasn't going to LOVE this stay! I mean who doesnt love a hotel room, right? It's kind of like a bonus to your vacation, to get to stay in a new bed, and not have to clean your room or make your bed the whole time you are there. Although I personally get a little stressed out in hotel rooms, only because of the mess. And I like to keep things nice and neat and in piles and what not, just to keep myself sane But that is another whole story itself. So back to the trip-
We went right up to the room, and of course he had to hitch a little ride on the cart that we piled all of our bags on, which I believe is like a staple for all children when staying in a hotel. :)

Next stop...and most likely the fave of the room: THE BED. And what a huge and fabulous bed it was! Elem was so happy to be able to jump till his little hearts content and hide under all of the pillows. It was non stop laughter and giggling, and some of the biggest smiles I have ever seen.

He barely posed for this pic, I convinced him he needed to take a breather so he could hide really really good before daddy came back inside the room. Little dude in a big bed. I love it!

Another wonderful thing about our room, it had like a mini divider that sectioned off the bed and bathroom side from the kitchen and "lounge" side. The couch was huge and awesome and had a gigantic stool, that was just the perfect size for more jumping from Elem. And for lots of rough housing with daddy. One thing I try to take part in as much as I can, but usually just end up getting kicked or hit somewhere that really hurts. And leaves a huge bruise. So let them have their fun, let them be boys together. Ill take all the hugs and kisses. :)

**Speaking of big boy underwear :) I am happy to report that the underwear was a complete success throughout the whole trip. The whole ride there, at the hotel, at memaws, the zoo and everything, even naps were accident free. I think we had one minor accident but other than that, this boy was happy to be sportin his NEW "football game Degio un-erwears". Too cute.

We took a stroll to check out all that the hotel had to offer, and Elem was so excited. He loved being in a new place, with huge open areas to run, the swimming pool, lots of stairs, and even just being with mommy outside by the curb and a nice shade tree.

The hotel was such a success, I can not wait to do it again. It made the trip to see my parents a little less stressful because we didn't have to worry about Elem waking up other people in the house, or us trying to keep the kitty cats out of his room, and all that. Only down side, Sage couldn't stay. She is not the best hotel sleeper, unless you are in the room at all times. She does not want to be left even for one second, so she took up residency at Memaw and Papaws and spent plenty of time chasing the poor kitties. Yay for a fun hotel stay!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"A little bit tiny golf ball"

As I sat at the computer trying to jot down a couple of lines in a blog, Elem spends his last few minutes of freedom before I drag him off to bed playing with the toys of his choice. Choice of the night: golf club and golf balls-several golf balls to be exact. I hear him mumbling to himself lots of things, that of course strike a mommy in all sorts of ways. Some of them humorous, some of them super smart, some of them barely understandable. But one that sticks out in my mind, he continued to say over and over, almost as if he was telling himself it was the correct way to say it, and hoping for some sort of response-from himself, from me, from sage, anybody! Of the many golf balls Elem had chosen to play with, one of them was an actual golf ball, and I guess he feels that it is just a "tiny bit" smaller than the play golf balls we have all over our house for Elem to hit. He kept walking around aimlessly saying, "uhm, a little bit tiny golf ball"-"nope dats not it"-"uhm a little bit tiny gof ball"-"nope dats not it"...over and over and over again. He was seriously trying to find that one little golf ball, that I guess he feels is itty bitty, and it was just so sincere and cute that I couldnt help but look at him, smile and offer my assistance. However, my genuine attempt to offer a sighting of the "little bit tiny golf ball" was of course rejected, and in no way did I know what ball he was referring and he moved on from there, but still the sweet moment that I caught him talking to himself, and trying to work out his problem and really find that golf ball, was too too cute.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Memphis Mini VA-CA!

A couple of weeks ago Seth, Elem, and I took off Friday from work and school and headed off to Memphis to see my parents. We dont get to see them all that often, not as much as we would like anyhow! Mostly because Seth and I both work beyond full time and my mom works as a teacher during the school year. So squeezing in a drive to memphis on Saturday and then back on Sunday is kind of a lot for us on a regular weekend! So like I said, we planned our trip and took off on a Friday to give us a day extra to hang out and actually feel like we got to see them. And for an extra bonus for ourselves we booked a super nice hotel to stay in and were so glad we did! I will post more on that later. But for now, I just wanted to mention the first part of our visit. We got to my parents house about 2pm or so, and Elem was so ready to get out of the car. Even though it is only a 2 and 1/2 hour ride, Elem is so not a car seat person, if you know him at all. He is actually going through this anti-car seat buckle phase-which is HORRIBLE! And it is like fighting with a demon to get his seatbelt on him unless you catch him in the right mood. So in true road trip fashion, he had a major fit for the first 20 minutes of the ride. I forced the seatbelt buckle to latch, jumped in the backseat of the jeep with him, turned on Dora, got the juice cup and blankey, and we were off. Elem screamed so hard and so loud that he had teeny tiny burst blood vessels all over his face and shoulders for the remainder of the weekend. It was so not fun, but eventually he got over himself and allowed the seat belt to stay on. We arrived ready to play, and thank goodness my mom had the kiddie pool all blown up an filled with water! There was no time for small talk, elem was stripped down and had his bathing suit on before we knew it! (Oh and did I mention he wore underwear the whole way?-yes that little man is just about fully potty trained!) Like I said, thank goodness for Memaw's kiddie pool!

It sure put a smile on somebody's face:)

My parents were so cute watching Elem splish splash all around! And he was soaking up every minute of it. Talking his little head off, jumping in and out of the pool, dumping the water in and out. He totally knew everyone was there for him, if you know what I mean. I love this pic of my parents watching Elem swim, they are so happy!

The little man swam till he was all tuckered out and ready for some indoor play time! Although he wasn't quite sure if he really wanted to get out. But then again, those dang mosquitoes are such a pain.

He finally came back inside, we got him dressed, and of course took time to chase my parents poor little kitties around the house. I believe that will always be a favorite past time of Elem's pretty much as soon as we set foot in the door. I think when he thinks Memaw and Papaw, his direct line of thought is....Memaw, Papaw, kitties, kitties, kitties, look behind the end table in the living room, and then look under the big bed! hahaha. He needs to see those kitties, and if he could only hold one, he would be in heaven. They on the other hand, are not such big fans of Elem's. I don't think the fact that we always bring Sage helps much either! But oh well! Okay so after lots of playing and hanging out with the kiddies, we headed off to the hotel to check in, find our room, get situated and all, and then back to my parents house for some dinner. I will pick up from there next!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Watchin' every little thing!

Tonight, Elem and I ate corn and pizza rolls for dinner. We both sat down at the coffee table for a nice late evening dinner just the 2 of us. Elem on his stool and me on my regular seat at the couch. Sage not far away..waiting anything to drop to the floor, or for one of us to get up from our seat to grab the food right off our plate! So I take a bite of corn, hoping Elem will follow, but he tells me, "you eat your corn, I not like my corn". So I move on....and take a bite of a pizza roll....well actually I put the whole pizza roll in my mouth, I mean those things aren't that big! For an adult that is. I look at Elem across the coffee table, and he spits out the pizza roll he was already eating, only to shove an entire pizza roll in his mouth to be just like me. Ahh, why is that they always do things you are doing when they are not the thing you wanted them to copy? Why choose the option to stuff the entire pizza roll in your mouth, over a nice bite size spoon full of corn?? Oh well, at least he is eating, beggers cant be choosers. Coming from the most picky eater in the whole world, I don't think I have a lot of room to talk.