Monday, November 28, 2011

We are Thankful!

Top three things on Elem's list this year.....

"I am thankful for my Blankey, Sage, and Momma".

Ill take that as a win. :) At least he is thankful!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pumpkinish Activities!

Uhm finding time to do punkinish activities while in nursing school-ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!! Let me repeat. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. My life is so hectic and busy that I felt as if fall flew by me and almost before I could even catch a moment to celebrate the leaves changing colors and the fun of pumpkins and halloween. Luckily, somehow, we were able to spend a little family time outside enjoying the nice weather, and I was able to take Elem to his school field trip to the pumpkin patch! It was seriously, the best field trip ever!! The weather was so great, and Elem had a blast with his friends.

Elem, Luke, and Addison at the top of the giant hay stacks.

Me: " Elem go pick out a pumpkin! You get to take one home with you!"
ELem: "Okay mom, I found one" (see pic below)

Enjoying the train rides with Ethan and Izak

Super jump off the huge haystack. Check.

Swinging with Preston.

And of course pumpkin painting and decorating with mommy.

I just keep telling myself, next year will be different. Next year will be different. I will have sooo much more time to do all the things with Elem that I want to. But at the same time, I don't want to miss out on making memories now! He is at such a fun age!!! Truth be told we had a great time making the pumpkins and we actually started carving one, werent having that much fun because he thought it was gross, and decided to go "mr potato head" with the pumpkin. And it turned out great!

Happy Fall!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Super Hero Family

How else would we rock out on Halloween this year??? Uhm, Supr Hero families are the best right?! Even if they are made up from old clothes, your kids super hero costumes, toys, and a few scraps around the house!

Per Elem: Here we have, "Super Pumpkin Sage, Bat-Daddy, Super Momma, and Spiderman"

So, I am that mom that has "strongly encouraged" her child in the years past to be something "cool" for Halloween. Especially with a child that USED to hate dressing up! Nothing on the face, nothing tight or costume like at all. It was difficult, but I did what I could over the last few years with him being an awesome Pirate one year (with the best costume ever), a penguin as a baby, and a farmer during one of those awful phases when we were lucky to get him in pants for the night. LOL. Anyway-needless to say, I am anti character and of course anti those ugh ...super hero costumes from Walmart!!!!

However, this year, I chose to pick my battles, and go with the flow. Letting my sweet little 4 year old choose his outfit of choice and just deciding early on not to care either way. So, Spider man it was. And yes it cost $10.00. And I could not be prouder of his excitement and commitment to character. Haha. I even let him choose his shoes, and when he came out of his room he had some red house shoes, a size and 1/2 too small, that matched perfectly. Ahh, what are you gonna do???

Here is Nate- Pirate, Cecilia- Tinkerbell, and Elem-Spiderman.

My all time favorite halloween pic. hahahaha. Spider man and Tink at their best.

It was so much fun!! We hit up like 3 blocks of houses around our neighborhood, and the kids got waay to much candy! I love Halloween around our neighborhood, and love how everybody gets their houses so decorated and ready for the kids. All except that one house who makes sure their lights are on, and hangs the 8X10 white paper that reads: NO CANDY, underlined and in all caps none the less. Some people just have no little kid halloween spirit!