Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving thanks and so long to fall

We have had such a wonderful month, jam packed with colds, ear infections, more ear infections, lots of cold weather, a whole lot of work, and loads of fun! Never have I been so thankful as I was on this Thanksgiving! It is truly amazing when you take a few seconds to sit down and think what you are thankful for! Especially in the state our country is in, with all the things that seem to be so terrible, it only takes a moment to see the things you couldn't be more happy about. For me, this year, I am so thankful for my family-Seth and Elem. I have the most wonderful husband who is for sure my very best friend in the whole world! he loves me through good and bad and has seen me at my best and my worst. I have the sweetest and most loving little boy who I catch myself just starring at for no reason, because he is so truly beautiful and smart. I cant imagine my life without him! I am so thankful for the rest of my family as well who takes care of my little family day and night-for my mom and dad, in laws, sister and brother, nieces and nephews, I am so lucky to have such a great support system, and wouldn't be able to make it without them! I am thankful for my job-although at times it seems too much, it keeps me grounded and aware of how lucky I am to be in the place I am. To have a home, friends who love me and a safe place for my kid to be day and night. Lastly-my friends, near and far, those I see all the time and those I never see (B-that would be you!) I have the best friends in the whole world, and they love me no matter how busy I am and even when I only come out of the house every once in a while! haha. Its so great to feel loved even when you cant hang out all the time! In short, I feel loved, lucky, and so happy.

This Thanksgiving, my parents headed to see my sis and her family, so we missed them greatly, but we headed on to Seth's Aunt Nancy's for a huge Thanksgiving! Relatives were in from Louisiana (just in time for the LSU/Razorback Game), like they do every other year. These were the best pics I got of Elem from the day.
Up close and sweet-

The best leaves I could find-haha-most of them are dead around here, so this is all I could get.

Unfortunately I was a little under the weather, and was somewhat anti social due to the hacking cough I had, but I tried to catch a few pics throughout the day. Normally, I get a ton of pics, but there were so many people and I felt so yucky, that I wasnt in the mood to beg for people to turn around or to take my pic. So I didnt get any pics of me and Elem and Seth, which is kinda sad-but I will make up for those this week! I plan on getting some family pics before the weather gets too cold here, and no more outdoor photos will be fun! Back to Thanksgiving Day-throughout the day, the trend for Elem seemed to be football, football, and more football. I have mentioned it before, but he has this recent obsession with everything football! And so we play football all the time, whether it is with a football, or just a regular ball, that he calls football. I noticed throughout the day that he played football with just about everybody there!

Football with Uncle Griggs

Football with Daddy

Football with Poppa and Sissy

Then there was playing on the porch-which included lots of time dedicated to opening and closing the front door over and over again.

Some good time with Papaw (his great grandfather), eating shredded cheese on Thanksgiving none the less.

Finding the perfect game on TV-and turning it on and then off, on and then off, on and then off.....

And eventually time was taken to sit down and give thanks-and rest

It was a great day despite my not feeling so great, and it was a good chance to be with family. After the long day we headed home and before we got onto the main road, Elem was already sleep. It was quite a day for him! Oh that reminds me of one more thing I am thankful for-Elem's nap time. :) Which is currently the only way I am able to get a blog in these days-so we must let them go forgotten. The following day was of course the Razorback/LSU game, which I would like to add, we won 31-30. Seth went to the game with his dad and family, while Grammy and I staid home with the babies. Which means, I should have a nice day of going out headed my way! haha! I am sad to see November go by so quickly, just another holiday gone too fast, and another month under Elem's belt. But I am happy to see Christmas coming right around the corner. So long fall, and hello Christmas Spirit!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wild Man

Elem has been getting super wild about an hour before bedtime these days. You would think bathtime and books would lead to some calm, ready for bed 18 month old, but you are wrong! He is so hyper, and it is hilarious! We love this time of night with Elem (most nights anyways) and love to see what crazy things he will come up with each and every night. In the video below, he has just had a bath, and is in the crazy mode. he is jabbering on about his football(which is what he is currently calling every type of ball), and telling sage no, and kicking her while saying get back. So cute to watch him run around in his little onsie night outfit. The days of these outfits are few and far between so I wanted to capture his little botty!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"I wahhm you"

Last night I was headed out to a night with the girls, and Seth was going to be watching Elem by himself. As I was getting into my car, Seth and Elem were headed over to Grammy and Poppas to go eat dinner, and Seth rolled down the window to let Elem say good by. So I said Bye Bye Elem, I love you. And in return he said, "Bye bye momma. I wahhm you". It was the sweetest and most heart melting 6 little words I have ever heard. He has never really said it before, so I was grinning from ear to ear. Simple, yet satisfying.

Its the smallest things in life that can give you the most gratification as a mom.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Did somebody say cheese?

Shredded cheese seems to be like gold around my house these days. Elem has found a new love for good old shredded cheese and it is so cute! When he cant decide on anything to eat, if he is being picky, or fussy, we just break out the shredded cheese, and smiles come out of nowhere. It is so funny to watch little kids eat, so please enjoy this video as much as I have. This is from a few nights ago at dinner. He chose to eat biscuits and shredded cheese. A meal fit for a king. You can see in the video how pushing he is at dinner time too. When Seth and I give him his food and he is eating at the table, he likes to tell us where he wants us to sit while we eat. So we usually play along, because if you dont, a fit could erupt-and nobody wants that!

Shredded cheese=yummy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

18 month milestones

It has been a busy week to say the least, and even so a more busy month. I am so sad to say that I didnt have time to do Elem's 17 month milestones and I am so upset about it! The one goal I had since I cant seem to keep up with the scrapbook was to document monthly milestones so I could always and at any moment go back and recap what he was doing by each month. For the first 2 years anyways, that is my plan. So I made it all the way to 16, had to skip 17 and now we are on to the 18 month milestones. Insane, but Elem Zane is officially 1 and 1/2 years old! How weird to say out loud. Or in my head anyways. So although there might be a little gap in stuff, and it might seem like he jumped from last time, that could be because I didnt document. But most importantly he is still the smartest kid I know -I mean what mom doesnt say that about their kid. haha. But for real, I am amazed at the things he has been doing and saying, and lately he is just overflowing with new words, and actions that are so cute. 18 months is a big milestone in life and Elem has greeted the month with open arms and a happy face. Lots of laughter going on around our house, and lots of fits right along with it. A lot of frustration, but a lot of accomplishments, and appreciation for the small things-like being able to turn door knobs on his own, and tell me when he is hungry. Now that he can communicate, its almost weird to think when he couldnt. And now that he is literally running around and rough housing with little boys, its odd to think of times when he was learning to walk and trying to pull up. Such an amazing journey to watch him grow and learn, and help him master the small things in life. We love you Elem and are so proud of every little accomplishment you have made along the way this first year and a half of life. Mommy's baby is well on his way to 2 and not so much a "baby" any more. On to the good stuff:

Check him out: My little stud.

-27 pounds 6 ounces
-34 and 3/4 inches tall last time he was measured
-size 7 shoe
-size 5 diaper
-size 18-24 month clothes, some 2T
-teeth: 16 total-12 full teeth, and 4 cutting at this very moment.

Large Motor
-Always on the run-never stops going, until he is pretty much forced!
-Mad man with a ball. Throws with one hand or both hands, aims, and gets it pretty far, and does over hand and underhand throws (usually overhand)

-loves to kick balls and tries to aim them in a certain direction
-has great balance
-can climb chairs, couches, stairs, etc.
-better at stepping down stairs, but still not completely good at understanding how far down he is stepping
-likes to ride on riding toys, can go forward backwards, turn them, etc.
-goes down slide by himself, needs no help, and goes over and over again
-tries to jump, kind of has the idea
-dances to music and claps and runs all at the same time
-makes balls in goal with ease
-can balance and stay in squatting position for ever!!!
-vacuums with our vacuum at least 3 times a day, pushes it by himself, and pulls it out of the closet
-crawl or maneuver under and around furniture and large fixtures
-pushes cars and trucks around the house
-spins around and round in circles till he falls down, and does it several times!

Small Motor

-feeds self well and all by himself
-drinks from a sippy cup, and from a regular cup with ease
-draws and colors with markers and crayons on paper-stays on paper
-pulls caps off markers and puts back on
-pretty good at screwing caps back onto containers
-brushes teeth alone, and loves brushing them
-knows how to wash hands
-pulls socks off
-can turn knobs on doors, turn lights on and off, pull chains on fans, turn on night lite, turn on humidifier, all those little things he loves to work them
-plays well with blocks, stacking them
-plays well with legos, pulls them apart and puts them back together

Mentally-understands 2 and 3 part directions: like go put this in the trash, and then close the door behind you
-speaks 2, 3, and 4 word sentences: like," I want more momma", and "no no sage get back", and "I kick it"
-forming short and understandable sentences and commands

-point out and name people from pictures
-knows a lot of body parts: nose, eyes, ears, head, hair, teeth, tongue, toes, belly button, mouth, and peepee
-understands when he is peeing, and goes to sit on the potty to go (has not successfully gone potty yet. :(
-in the past week, started liking Barney, and actually watches the entire show
-imitates mommy and daddy-pretends to clean, cook, feed and stroll his baby doll, fix his hair
-picky about his foods, enjoys eating waffles every day, shares his food likes and disslikes verbally at any moment
-tells you when he is hungry by saying I wan eat eat
-knows just about all the kids at school's names-including the babies. So cute.


-currently has a happy dance! where he runs his feet in place very fast and wavers back and forth from side to side at the same time (he will do the happy dance on command if asked. haha. very cute.
-loves playing with other kids-especially older kids
-enjoys parallel play, playing next to other children but not having to play with them
-will follow the crowd at any time-be it for good or for bad
-does tend to push and shove in group settings-he likes to be in control
-kind hearted. He pats on babies, gives them kisses, pets sage, loves on us, etc.
-always gives kisses and hugs
-very well mannered! Says please and thank you for things-such a good boy

-outside-even if it is freezing
-eating :)-although he is a slightly picky eater, he does like to snack all day long
-foods: juice, white powdered donuts!!!, mashed potatoes, pasta, waffles, shredded cheese!, ranch (he just started liking this 2 days ago), oranges, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, turkey meat, hot dogs ....hmmm these remind you of anybody?
-sports: he is currently calling everything football-any kind of ball is known as football-he calls it foo-bol
-BARNEY! wow-I never thought I would say it, but we introduced Elem to the TV and to barney this month, and he is obsessed. He wakes up every morning and says "I wan songs", meaning I want Barney. He loves Barney-seriously.
-phones-still likes to talk on the phone, his new thing is telling people on the other end he is watching football.
-slides-he will go up and down a slide as long as you will let him these days
-being around other kids-he almost seems to get bored if he is not with other kids during the day
-kitty cats-his new favorite animal! Every day he asks about a kitty cat
-big trucks-loves them. He points them out all along the way to school every morning
-vacuum: everyday at least 2 times a day he comes running and says "bat-min" which means vacuum. If he doesnt see the vacuum when he is wanting it, there are serious consequences for Seth and I. So we vacuum.
-rough housing
-being tickeled
-belly buttons
-"choo trains", he can hear them from waaaaay far away at our house and calls them out every time. so crazy.
-sitting on the potty-not that he has used it correctly yet
-brushing his teeth, "bru tee" as he calls it
-sissy. short for Cecilia. Elem loves his cousin Cecilia, and asks for her just about every day.
-Ice-likes to eat it any chance he gets
-favorite books: barney's wheels on the bus, brown bear brown bear, A day with Barney.
-to flush the potty

-putting away the vacuum cleaner
-elevators-he is still scared of them, when the door closes he has a meltdown
-gymnastics class-I enrolled him about 2 months ago, and we only went twice. He loved all the things there, but he didnt like to go with the group, he had the worst fit he has ever thrown, so I did not return. haha.
-getting his diaper changed
-me trying to brush his hair
-sage barking at him for food-he tells her no and tries to kick her. It is so sad.
-going to bed-about half of the time he tries to stay up. This is a new thing, he used to love going to bed!
-riding in the car for any length of time. He is not so fond of the car seat.
-being corrected or told no. I am sure this is true for all kids his age, but he particularly does not like being corrected, especially when you continue to do it over and over
-getting lotion put on

Well, it officially took me about 3 days to write this blog. That is just how busy I have been! So I hope I got everything to capture where he is currently, so I can look back and remember. Most importanly right now, he is just a human sponge. he soaks up everything we do and say. He repeats everything, just about any word you ask him, he answers "huh"? to anything he doesnt understand, he is speaking like crazy, and communicating with pointing and direction very well. I love the fact that we can have a real conversation with him and actually understand what he is needing and wanting pretty much at all times. on the flip side-no more baby. Every night when I give him a bath and I wrap him up in his towel, we look in the mirror at him and say, baby? while he is looking at himself thinking that is a baby in the mirror, I am always looking at how long he is and how he is over half my body! He is growing up so fast and before I know it he is going to be 2. So saying goodbye to the baby part of his life is kind of hard, but it is slipping away so fast that I barely have had time to let go of the baby things before they are just gone. My favorite thing about Elem at this age is his mumbling-jibberish I guess you could call it. I love to hear him come running down the hall and tell me something, and I can only pick out about 5 out of the 20 words he says. So I kind of know what he is talking about, but a lot of it is just mumbling. I love knowing that he is trying to communicate, and in his mind he is half way getting it out, but just not quite there yet. It is so cute to see the effort. Seth's favorite thing about Elem is night time craziness! After his bath and before bed time Elem gets insane hyper. He runs around the house, grabs a balls and says over and over "I kick it?" kinda like am I gonna kick it or thrown it, you never know! Seth giggles and giggles when Elem does this. Wet headed, dressed in pajamas, and smily faced is so adorable at nite when you would think most kids are doing their calm down routine. Instead we have wild man. But we love it. So those are our favorite things! We love you Elem.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hoopin it up

Elem is still showing signs of what could be-the greatest basketball player. haha He is still into balls, and actually even more so football these days. He calls every kind of ball football, and any time any kind of ball game is on TV he always says, i wan football. It is adorable. Pretty much every night and morning for that matter, he puts in some practice time on his big boy basketball goal that Aunt Becky and Uncle Vincent gave him for Christmas LAST YEAR!! Talk about making good use out of a gift right? He was on a roll so I grabbed the video camera, but then of course he started missing a couple, but if you watch, you can see the talent there. My little hoopster. And he is sooo determined when he shoots every time. He is a major rebounder too. he never lets them get too far away! Go Elem Go! Oh and on a side note, no that is not our play room as some of you might have in your huge houses-hahaha-that is our living room, where we sit every day to relax-we relax right along side with the basketball goal, the ball pit, riding toys, rocking horse, shopping cart, lawn mower, and many many others.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Pumpkin

....Patch that is. Well not so great actually, because the pumpkin patch that we wanted to visit this year was closed for some reason. I think the major rain and tornado storms this year did some major ruining of all their pumkins. So off to the mini pumpkin patch on Highway 5 for us! Which ended up being just enough, because Elem could only be entertained by pumpkins for a short time. When we first arrived he was sooo excited. All week at school we had been studying pumpkins and I had the kids holding them and touching them and saying learning the word pumpkin. So as soon as we got out of the car Elem yelled, "pumpin" "ohhhh pumpin". It was so cute. He does love his some pumpkins. He has upgraded them from balls to pumpkins. At the beginning of the season they were balls, now they are pumpkins. So smart. Here he is when we first arrived.

All the pumpkins were about the same size, which was just big enough for him to climb on top of. he is going through this little phase right now where he wants to climb up and sit on top of everything. Almost like when he gets on top of it he is thinking-I am king of the world up here-everyone look how big I am! He has pretty good balance these days and there is really no stopping him, because before you know it, you here a little grunt, turn around, and there he is, on top of something random like its nothing.

As you can imagine he was a little too occupied by all the pumpins to sit tight with me for a while. But it was just fun being there, even if I didnt get the perfect mommy and me pic, as I like to call them! haha.

Mommy holding her little pumpkin lover.

Daddy showin Elem all about the pumpkins

Right before we were leaving to head to the pumpkin patch that morning, Ali had called and said they were heading there also, so it worked out perfect and we got some great shots of the kids together. And they aso entertained each other for a little while as well. Since Elem is such a big strong boy and had already been there for a little while, he tried to show sissy what was up and how he could pick up the pumkin. Just like a man....

Arent they so cute though?

After major pumpkin checking out, we headed over to some of the display things that you might buy to put in your garden to catch a few shots. Elem and Cecilia loved the little mini bridge they had. They kept running across it, and then back around and then running across it and then back around. Mind you it was like 3 feet long, but still they had fun!

Can anyone guess who took a dive first? haha that would be Elem zane, too daring and too fast for his own good. But no one got hurt so all was well.

Elem and Cecilia are so god for each other at this age, being just 3 months apart because they somewhat keep each other entertained longer than we might be able to. SO, kt actually leaves times for a decent mommy daddy picture!

But nothing beats a good ole kiss. Elem is sooo into giving kisses right now, especially to Cecilia! As soon as she walks into a room he is saying his sissy hi sissy and all up in her face. When its time to go and anytime you ask him to go give sissy kisses he is right on it. They might hate me one day for this pic but I think it is adorable and shows how close little cousins can be. Kissy kissy. Him loves his sissy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just one mommy and me pic....please!

I am the camera obsessed one around my house as I am sure every one has noticed. So on those random occasions when I pass the camera off to my husband, and can force him to try and get a few shots of me and the baby boy, I have to be quick because he doesnt get as camera happy as I do and try and take like fifty million pics really quick. He only tries like 2 times and thats what I get stuck with. haha. We took a little trip to the park the other day, and in an effort to get a cute little shot of me and Elem on a pretty day, with my happy baby, we seemed to just get more of the same! The trends tend to be me smiling and looking at the camera while Elem is running off, me trying to hold him for just a sweet little close up and him crying to get down and play, or me making him hold still for the pic and holding a smile for like 5 minutes while he has the look of annoyance on his face. hahaha.

Although the efforts were great, these are what I got....
My eyes closed. His head looking down-although there is a smile on his face.

His eyes closed. And mostly the back of his head.

Me holding the pose, at the top of the slide-which was difficult! While Elem is seriously trying to get away and just go down the slide. I am so mean.

Again, on a different slide, trying to sneak my head in while he is getting ready to go down.

Finally, a half way decent one, as I catch him in mid swing. Guess I should be thankful for what I got right? :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Change is in the air...

Not only for our family, but hopefully for the nation as a whole.

Today, myself, as well as many other Americans headed off to the poles in hopes to speak out and have our chance to make an impact in the government that controls the future of our country. My country, and the country of my child. This election has meant so much to myself and Seth. Today I almost felt an overwhelming feeling-more so than I have ever felt-while filling out my ballot, and most importantly in my selection of the next presidential candidate. To share my views on politics-I am happy to state that my personal beliefs and morals lead towards the Democratic party and therefore, the Democratic candidate. I am a liberal, and I did vote for Barak O'Bama with confidence and complete trust that he can and will provide a much needed change in our society and nation as a whole. I voted today with the hopes that my single vote would make a difference in the economy, environmental status, and future education of my child. My vote today was not only for me, but for Elem. I have been so worried about the direction of our country, and what the future holds for my son, that I have been to the point of tears thinking what couldn't and might happen if things do not "change" in the near future. I know people tend to shun those who put their political beliefs out there for others to dispute or those who broadcast their thoughts on what is wrong with our country and why. My list could go on and on with why I voted the way I did, and at this point in the night, I feel the poles are closed and my opinion shouldn't cause any controversy, so these are three ideas O'Bama represents the best candidate for me.

1. I believe he represents ME. The middle class-working mother, living pay-check to pay-check, trying to afford health care-unsuccessfully, while helping those in the community less fortunate than myself. Even though we struggle as a middle class family, daily I see the effects of the current unstable economy, which could lead to an uncertain financial future for my family.

2. Environmental change. We can and should become less dependent on foreign-nonrenewable resources. Basically, we have the knowledge and technology to develop a more efficient and cheaper energy policy. A need to spend more money on hydro and wind technologies, rather than drilling and destroying wild life refuges for profits.

3. Respect for rights of all individual beliefs. Each person is entitled to their own beliefs, and those beliefs should be respected and considered in the decisions made by our government. These choices should be available, and not discriminated upon as if morally wrong or religiously unaccepted in our society.

I know that all individuals will never agree on all issues, but I do feel like everyone should have the right to their opinion, and their opinion should be respected, and represented equally with the possibility of change available when those opinions are brought to the table. As I said I could go on and on. But for now, I am happy with my vote, and the effort I made to make a change in the life and future of my child. I do believe John McCain is a great and respectable man, but simply does not represent my views as an individual. For now we wait....

Although Elem could not vote, he was an active supporter for the O'Bama campaign today-alongside mommy and daddy.

As I am completing this blog, I am watching John McCain congratulate O'Bama in his being elected the 44th President of the United States. Although my state's electoral votes went to John McCain I still feel like my voice has been heard, and I hope for great change for our Country. Most importantly, a better state of economy and use of environmental resources for Elem.

Vacuum obsess much?

As I have mentioned before Elem is currently going through a phase of loving the vaccum-"bat-mum" as he likes to call it. Initially the obsession started with anything that had a motor (loud ones at that), and he still does love all that stuff-lawn mowers, blowers, airplanes, cars, etc. But for some reason the vacuum is the favorite. Every morning we get up, and about 5 minutes after he is up, he looks at me with puppy dog eyes, and says, "bat-mum", which always sounds like batman, and then points. We have to keep the vacuum in our spare bedroom, in a closet, with the door to that room closed, or else that thing would be out every chance he got. So when I am ready, Ill go open that door and he goes right in to the closet, opens the closet, and pulls out the vacuum. Now mind you we still have our old vacuum sitting out at the end of the bed in that very same room, but it is broken, and he can never be fooled. He knows that one is no good, and only gets it as a last resort. So he pulls the "bat-mum" out and all the way into the living room, and proceeds to tell us to plug it in. If we dont, he will start unwrapping things, and go to the outlet to plug it in. So bad I know, and they all have outlet covers, but that doesnt stop him from trying! So once plugged in, he runs to the vacuum and points at it and says "ligh oh" for light on. Which is what happens when you turn the thing on. So he flips the switch, on comes the light, and he starts vacuuming! :) He even knows how to click the button with his little foot to bend it down so he can work it just the right way. It is so funny, and he does this all day at home, all day at school-which makes all the other kids want to do it, and then all night long. I dont know why he is so obsessed??!! But it really is cute. But at times, a little frustrating because who wants to hear the vacuum all the time while you are trying to relax! Here is a little snipit of what he can do!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

I still have a few posts that I ned to put up, but I figured Id go ahead with the Halloween pics! Last year, Elem was only about 5 months old so Halloween wasnt really all that for us. He did have a costume, he was a penguin, but he didnt really know what was going on, so this year was sooo much more fun! Here is a little reminder of Elem 's first Halloween. Ever seen a cuter penguin.

Nw before I get into the actual Halloween trick or treating...let me tell you how my night began. Halloween night, like every other night, I am at work until about 6pm or so. I made sure all the shelter kids were taken care of, dressed, and in a car heading off to go trick or treating. EVerything was great, I was running a little late, but was finally ready to go. So I stick Elem in his car seat, buckle him in, as he is saying..keys momma keys. So I willingly give them to him for only a second. Close the door to walk around to the other side of the car. Click. I look up, and I am totally locked out. Elem Zane is holding my car keys in his hand and has just pushed the lock button on the key. Are you kidding me? I immediately starting freaking out and sweating, not really knowing exactly what to do. Who to call first, should I try to go find a hanger and open it myself, I am all alone in the shelter parking lot, what do I do??? I call up the hill and tell my friend, the shelter supervisor Elem is locked in my car and I am down here all alone. Then I immediately call Seth and ask him to come and bring the spare key and let us out. Only problem is, we live way out in Bryant, its about 15-20 minutes away. I was so scared for Elem, and he was being so good just sitting there holding my keys in his lap, saying, hey momma, hey. No tears and not even upset. Just a little frustrated he couldnt understand what I was trying to say to him through the window, and not to mention he was already buckled up and couldnt move hardly. I kept trying to tell him to push the button, push the button for mommy, and he actually was pushing it, but just the wrong one-he kept pushing the lock one! Next thing I know, 2 police cars, and then a few minutes later a fire truck-all with sirens, and speeding into the parking lot. Sad, sad, sad. I felt so stupid! How could I have given him my keys??? After about 10 minutes, they got the door opened, and I got my precious little baby out and gave him the biggest hug you can imagine. He told the fireman tan-tu. (for thank you) and gave each of them a high five as they laughed at me. :) A few seconds later, here comes daddy with the spare key, and the crazy event was over. Everyone left and we headed off to the grandparents for the annual chili dog Halloween Night get together. What a way to start the party heh?

Okay back to the real Halloween stuff-I had anticipated getting Elem all dressed up and finding the perfect outfit, but being a working mom and pulling 50+ hour weeks the past two weeks, lets just say I didnt have the chance. :( He did have several options, including a giraffe and a batman costume, but he wouldnt allow either. Elem is not a big fan of wearing things on his head, so neither of those was going to work. So i thought I would use something around the house and shoot for a cowboy. No such luck there either-he wouldnt wear a cowboy hat or the boots. So we had to settle for a farmer. Simple yet cute. And all he would let me put him in. He had some overalls, and a plaid shirt that his grammy got him a few weeks ago, and I threw a scarf on too, but thats all he would allow for. Like I said, no boots, no hat, no nothin. So here you have it. My little farmer...

Sissy on the other hand, had the costume of the year! She was a lady bug, and ALi made her whole costume! It was insane. My goal is to attemt to make Elem a killer costume like this next year! :)

This was as close to a family pic as Elem would allow for. he is so on the move and totally not into taking pics when I plan. Its lke I want a family pic for every little event, and he is so against me! But still sweet, and looking somewhat like a farmer.

While at Grammy and Poppas, some friends stopped by. Here is Elem and his little friend Pax. He was a dog, a very cute little puppy dog.

The view from the back was too cute not to take a pic.

We played for a little while, and then headed out to hit up a few houses for some trick or treating. Elem is still a little too young to understand going form house to house, but he sure got the idea that he was getting candy every where he went! As soon as he walked up to the door, he would hold out his bag and say, "can-dy" ANd most of the time it had like this growl to it. It was hilarious!!! He was diggin the candy thing. He never gets candy at our house, so I am sure he thought this was like the best holiday ever!

We only went to a few houses down grammy and poppas street, and then headed back, because it was actually his bed time! But he still knew what to do, and was a little candy thief. I think he only ate like 3 peices, but he was a mad man when we got home! he was sooo hyper, and just off that little bit of sugar! Geez!

Overall, it was a great Halloween! Despite locking Elem in the car before the whole night got started, we had a great time! I cant wait for next year, because I think he will be more willing to get dressed up, and we'll shoot for him to be saying trick or treat rather than candy every time he sees someone! haha!

We love you little farmer.

Saturday, November 1, 2008