Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Geez...something is cramping mystyle..literally.

I should be prepping for a meeting, but everything is a little delayed this morning so I thought Id take the time to share my sorrows. I feel like I am having the worst cramps ever! Something is seriously killing me like in my lower right abdomen area!!! Please make it go away. It did it all night, and all morning. I am very much annoyed and I dont know what it is. They say that cramping is normal and what not, because it is like your uterous stretching etc. Which I do believe, its just that for goodness sakes, it feels like someone has plagued me with cramps during the one time in my life I shouldnt be having any!! haha. Hopefully, they will go away today.

On a happy note, the baby is up and moving about bright and early this morning and was up late last night. Its so funny to wake up in the middle of the night and feel someone poking around on your belly. And then to remember it is someone inside your belly! haha.

Oh and I almost forgot. Last night we were just chilling, watching tv or something, about to go to sleep, and seriously the baby kicked so hard , it made me raise up off the couch. hahahahaha. It was like it went through my entire body. Very strange feeling, but very cool at the same time. Well I have a meeting so I best be on my way.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Pictures of me the day I turned 6 months. haha

I almost forgot. We went bowling for Abby's birthday on Friday night and I took a few pictures. Just for my documentation purposes, this was on January 26th, the day I turned 6 months. I am a dork I know. But hey I gotta do what I gotta do to keep it all straight so Ill remember. :):)Anyways, the pics are of me and some of my favorite people. I am not really sure why Seth is making that face! haha.

Trying to get started on the bedding...or just something!

Over the last week or so I have kinda started getting stressed about the whole nursery thing. I mean I know it does not need to be completed at this very moment, but it would be nice to at least have it as a work in progress, instead of the junk room at my house. Currently the nursery is housing- Seth's turntables, a bunch of junk we have no where else to put in the house including a few unpacked boxes of picture frames and what not, and an old couch of Seth's from college that has tunred into Sages favorite chilling spot by the window. She is obsessed with it, and I really dont know what I am going to do when I have to move it out. My little girl needs a place to relax and see outside!!!

That is besides the point! We still have bought nothing or even begun to get going on that room. So this weekend Dawn came over and we went to the fabric store to try and pick out something for the bedding. My mom is going to sew all of it, which I am so excited about!!! Cause I know it will be perfect and turn out just like I wanted! That said, I just have to find the fabric, or she will have nothing to start with. We found a couple of cute patterns at this store in Bryant though and I think we will end up getting them. They are supposed to be getting in a few more roles of fabric on wednesday so I am going to wait and check those out. But we are most likely going to get the ones we picked out on Saturday! Dawn is like a gift from God when it comes to that kind of stuff. Its like I saw all of these awesome fabrics, but then she walks into the store and its like she finds all these great ones that go together and she tells me no with some that i thought I wanted. haha. She is soo good! I dont know what i would do without her.

We took a couple of samples home and we showed them to Seth and he seemed to like them. I dont think he is real keen on being responsible for any of that! But I am making him be in on some of it whether he wants to or not. haha. I will take some pictures on Wednesday when I go back to the store and Ill post em so everyone can see. :)

Now on another note, I have a doctors appointment on wednesday and it will be my last time to go to Elizabeth before I move on to another doc. She is just too far out in Jacksonville compared to where we live, so I am changing to UAMS to a doc I dont know much about. Which kinda scares me, but I think it will be okay!

As far as the baby, he is doing great as far as I can tell. He is so active in there it is crazy!! All day, I can feel him rolling around , doing who knows what. But it must be fun, cause sometimes it feels like he is going to kick through my stomach! For real. At night, when I lay down, I can feel just kick kick kick all in one place like right below my belly button, and then all of the sudden, there will be some movements over on one side or the other. So I think he has enough room for right now, but who knows! The emails I get weekly said that he should be about 11 inches long now! How crazy is that, that means he is already over half his length! Its so cool. And he finally has some skin. haha. My friend Steph has been conserned about that for a few months now. haha. Well I guess I need to go. Love you all!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Here is a comparison!

Okay so the first is 20 weeks and the second is 23 weeks. I dont know. I think it is cool to compare em! :) The old one is a little better I think, cause the one from earlier in the week isnt as from the side. But Ill take more and we can compare those in a couple of weeks. :) :)

stress marks...seth seth seth....

right. in the middle of my trying to explain to Seth last night how I did not want to get any stretch marks during this pregnacy, which is one of the reasons I have been working out every freaking day...so I wont stretch!!!! He turns back to me and tells me that I need to stop STRESSING or else my STRESS marks are going to get worse!!! Okay now seth comon. Help a girl out.

You would think I am kidding. No I am not. My boyfriend thinks that I am going to get stress marks if I keep stressing out over all these little things, including the "stress marks" if I dont quit. So needless to say he has not read the little book I bought him, about what your significant other is going through this month during the pregnancy. I actually wonder if he has even opened the thing since I gave it to him. I think he might have glanced at it the first week, but hello that was like 3 months ago. Geez what have I gotten myself into?? That boy!

Anyways, on a lighter note, as you can see I have included another picture for all you peeps to see. It is from this week, so me at 23 weeks!! I am actually 6 months today if you can believe it. Anyways I was trying to keep the same shirt on for every month picture so you could really see me grow! But now I am wondering how long it will actually fit cause its not a maternity shirt! Well enjoy the pics and everybody keep praying for a healthy happy baby! So far so good and we hope to keep it that way! These days he appears to be pretty content, kicking and moving around all day, but not too insanley. so that is good! Love you all!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

itchy itchy itchy....

man my freaking belly is itching so bad!!!! How random, it totally just started last night! ANd now all of the sudden, my belly is so so itchy I can hardly stand it! I am just sitting here at my desk, scratching myself like around my belly button. I am sure I look like a monkey or something. haha. I mean I rerad that your skin would be dry, but mine really hasnt at all yet, so I of course thought that I would not have to mess with that, and would have perfect skin the whole way through!Right! Well no! It is so annoying. I wonder if I can take Benadryl? Hmm I need to look that up, or call Ali.

Oh and to top all that off, for a moment I was looking at my belly and I thought that I detected a stretch mark. This seriously could be the begining of the end! haha. I mean it doesnt really look like a stretch mark, its more like a little line across my belly, but I certainly do not want any! that is one thing I have not prepared myself for in the least little bit. Okay that is all, I needed to share.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Per Seth, no he doesn't like Dreamgirls!!!!

hahahahaha. I told Seth the story about the baby likin' him some Jamie Fox yesterday. And his initial response was, of course, something to counter what I said!! Just like always! But when I told him, he said, "or MAYBE he HATES it when you play that song and he is trying to tell you to turn it off". haha. I was like Seth Shelby!! I personally would like to think that my little boy is already being cultured in different types of music every day, beacuse that was my overall plan, so we will just stick to the thought that he likes ole Jamie Fox and the Dreamgirls soundtrack. I mean who wouldnt like that?

So for today, we are currently listening to Regina Spektor. Thought I would change it up a bit and let that baby have some chilled chick music. You know, to culture him! :) And I love it!!! Its such a great cd.

I wonder if the baby will come out liking the music that I play while I am pregnant. Music is Seth and I's favorite thing in the world, so we listen to plenty of it all the time! So I wonder more so if he will like the same kind we listen to or if he will just like music in general. Hmm That is one to think about!!! I hope at least that he likes a few of my favorites, well our favorites. Like, Jack, Ben, and G. :) haha.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So my baby likes Dreamgirls, what can I say?

Hahaha. for real! He really does like Dreamgirls!!! Well the sound track anyways!!!!

I was just sitting here this morning at work, and so I hooked up the ole heaadphones and decided to start off the morning with the Dreamgirls soundtrack. (I am a musical dork, I cant help it-I love them all). Anyways, so I put one ear phone in my ear , and being the music love that I am, I really want my kid to come out lovin music! So I put the other ear phone like below my belly button. You know so the baby can have something to listen to. I would have wanted it!!!! hahaha.

I think it was like the "I'm telling you I'm not going"-cause that is a good one to start anyones morning out too, to get you going, and then the next song came on-"When I first saw you", by Jamie Fox. And I kid you not, the baby is rolling around like crazy and kicking all over the place. Perhaps practicing his dancing moves! Who knows! But needless to say he loves it! He freakin loves Jamie Fox's voice. How cute? It is so cool, to know that he can hear that.

And then I listened to another song, and not that much kicking, but I put on Jamie again-as we speak actually-and there he goes. Lovin every minute of it. I am so happy, that is one of the coolest things ever! What a little blessing I have in there already, and now to know he loves him some music, just like his mommy and daddy, makes it even better! Well maybe not better-just more real! What a way to start your morning!

Okay so tomorrow Ill take some more pics. Ill try to remember! :) I gots to get on that!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I think my baby is probably sick of me coughing...

Well, I officially stand corrected in the statement I so often make-"that I never get sick." I am in shock, because for real I can not think of the last time that I even had a cold or anything, you know other than morning sickness and all that! But I have been so sick the last week and it is driving me crazy! I did however go to the doctor and get a z-pac. First one I have ever taken so I hope this little 5 day miracle does the trick.

Now in addition to just feeling yucky, I also am getting a complex that my child probably is so annoyed with me for coughing that I seriously feel guilty. haha. I know stupid, but for real, I mean I have been getting on my own nerves. I can only image what the poor little guy is thinking, or doing in there. He is probably like punching away, hoping that his crazy sick mom, will chill out for a few minutes and get to sleep.

Anyways, I have just been thinking about it and I thought Id get it out in the open. I offically am apologizing to the little annoyed unborn baby in there. :) Hopefully the coughing will subside soon.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Seth finally got to feel the baby!

I am so excited because last night Seth finally got to feel the baby!!! Not sure exactly what he felt, but to me it felt like a punch or a kick or something.

We were just laying on the couch chillin and I kept feeling like the same kick or whatever over and over and over in the same spot. And it actually felt really hard. So I was like man I wonder if I can feel it like on the outside. So i of course laid there trying to feel it for like 5 minutes, haha, and I could totally feel it punching through or whatever, through to my hand. I told Seth and he put his hand like below my belly button, and in like 20 seconds he felt it! He got a huge smile on his face, and just said, yeah I did fell it! that is crazy!

I am just super excited, because I have been feeling like he has been a little left out. I mean has been going to the doctor with me and got to see the ultrasound and everything, but I just wanted him to be able to feel the baby move. It was really cool and it made me so happy to see him get excited about it and smiling from feeling the kick.

On another note, Ali-Seths sister, had a huge baby shower on Sunday. And she got so much stuff it was insane. And when I say a lot of stuff, I mean A LOT of stuff! She got everything from her bedding-which she really already had, but it was a gift, to her swing, to the baby einstein mobile, and floor play gym, to crib sheets, and tons and tons of clothes. And baby bags and other stuff too! It was crazy, I could not believe she got that much stuff. I am totally stressing because I think I am going to end up having to buy it all. haha. And there is soo much stuff to get!

So of course, you would think, oh cool, you can use all her hand me down infant stuff-wrong! Its all pink. So there you go! :)

Love you all, until next time. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Watchin the baby video...

Lsat night Seth finally came back home with the baby DVD-the video of the ultrasound they took at our last doctors appointment. One of his friends at work put it on a DVD for us so we could keep up with it for a long time. He put some music to it too which makes it even better. Its about 8 -10 minutes of bay spinnen, and baby kickin, and a lot of stuff i am not quite sure what I am lookin at. But over all is it still amazing.

Steph and I stuck it in the computer this morning and watched it before we started our work day. I even though I just saw it the other day, it is so truly amazing to see all of the little bitty fingers and legs crossing, its almost unbelievable. And what is even crazier is that I see it happening on there, but when all of that was hppening, I couldnt even feel it. You know? Like he was seriously bouncing around and twirling around and I couldnt even feel it going on.

But now I can, which makes it all the more special, but this is definitely one vide, that will remain in my top 10 for a while. :) Couldnt have asked for a better way to start my day, than seeing my own little man in there doing his thing!

Okay for now-Im out, oh and be thinking of some names. We have one, but other than that we are runnin slim.

Love you all!

Monday, January 8, 2007

5 month baby bump

I know I need to start taking more pics so I can document this little process and today is the day I started. Courtesy of Stephanie here is the first of the baby bump photos. So at 20 weeks or 5 months-whatever you wanna call it, here is one to start with. Thanks Steph!

Happy baby dancin and lovin from my girls

I am now certain that those "possibly gas bubbles" are my little baby movin around. :) I like to think of him more so dancin around in there, but either way, I am just glad I can tell what it is! It is one of the most randomn, awesome feelings though. All day long it just feels like someone is taking there fingers and walking across my belly and like below my belly button. Definitely a feeling I have never felt before, but I am so happy to be feeling it now!

So this weekend was a busy weekend. I did some projects around the house to try and take up some space on our gigantic walls! Which I did get some good stuff up, some canvases and I am already working on another little project, so that took up my Friday night, and then yesterday I got to kick it with my girls for Kristi's birthday. We went to lunch with about 16 girls or so and then had a surprise shin dig at Dawn's house. It was so much fun.

I, again, was the lone sober duckling, but I still had a great time chilling and catchin up with everyone. I know I keep saying it, but people, if you had any idea how amuzing it is to watch all your best friends get tipsy on mimosas and wine while you watch with a sober mind, you get many a laughs. haha. But I do love all my girls that were at lunch and thanks for the much appreciated tummy rubs and talking to the baby. He loves you all already I am sure of it! :)

Its really cool to see my friends get excited about the baby too! I kinda feel like I am the only one out of everyone and that I might be missing out on some good times with all of them, but still, I know it is going to be more special then anything when its all over. So it is all worth it. And the pic above is of some of my favorite girles, Dawn, Kristi, and Domi, showing me and the baby belly some love!

Friday, January 5, 2007

I just want some sleep

Okay so I dont know if I am just stressed, or if it is all the peeing or what, but I can not get a good night's sleep to save my life. I mean grant it that I do go to bed at like 9pm every night, and plan on sleeping till 7am. I know that is a long time, but I am so tired every night, I cant help but fall asleep that early. And I am so tired because I wake up every single hour. I dont get it. I just toss and turn the whole night, get up and pee every hour, and then toss and turn and catch a couple minutes sleep here and there. And to top it off, I see Seth and Sage there, both all cuddled up every single night like they are having the best sleep they have ever gotten. Whats up with that?

And sometimes I even try to be really excessive in my movements so that maybe someone will wake up with me in the middle of the night, but no such luck. My boyfriend and dog are so happy to be sleeping all snuggled up that my movements are the least of their worries. haha. I know I know, it is kinda funn, but for real, I just want to get a good nights sleep. :( Thats all.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I think we have movement!?!?!?

Well for the past week or so I have been trying to figure out if I can feel him moving around and kicking or if I am just telling myself that is him. To mea it is so hard to tell. I mean I think I feel like kicking -I guess that is what it is, but I am really not positive. I am torn between it being movemnet and me thinking that I might have gas. haha. Grose I know, but thats kinda what it feels like. Like maybe I have bubbles in my stomach or something. Okay I just wanted to share. Maybe Ill feel something more for sure soon. I sure hope so! Thats so freaking cool!Okay Im out, gotta work!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

And......its a BOY!!!

Yay! By far the best moment of this pregnancy thing so far! Yesterday Seth and I went in for our 5 month check up, and with super high hopes of finding out what we were having. And Ill say it again and again this was definitely the best day ever!

We sat down in the room with the big machine and the doc came in. She squeezed all that blue jelly stuff on my tummy and plopped the thing right on it and there the baby was again. Just like last time I saw it, only this time a lot bigger. And not only looking like a little peanut! But looking like a real little baby! The arms and legs were so much longer than before and you could actually see the little handds and fingers and feet and toes.

She showed us all the cool stuff to let us know the baby was developing right, like the umbillical (sp) cord, and the line down the center of the head which showed that both sides of the brain had developed correctly, there was fluid in his stomach, which means that the baby knows how to suck-which is super cool, and there was fluid in the bladder, which means all that down there is working properly too! :) The she pointed out the eyes, nose and mouth and ears. All looking good!

And then we just kinda watched him play for a little while. We got to see him yawn, and was punching like crazy!! Kept putting his hands up like he was ready to fight-which I am still not certain if I am excited about that. haha. And then he was crossing his feet and then uncrossing them, and then crossing them, and then uncrossing them, it was so cute!!!! Then he started eating his hand and sucking on his thumb. Again like the cutest thing I have ever seen. So while he was busy doing all that, and basically just jumping all over the place-never stopping for one second, she started to look between his legs to see what he was!! And of course, he started putting his hands between his legs. haha. So she kept trying and trying, and still hand between the legs-like no, I dont want to show you yet. But finally the doc was like..ah there is the belly button, and that is definitly not a belly button! Its a boy for sure. SO then we knew, there was a little something extra in there. It was so cool. We were having a boy just like we wanted!!

Not that I would have been any less thrilled with a girl, but I have just felt this whole time like it was a boy! Of course Seth is so happy, I know this is what he preferred for sure! And I am so glad that he finally got to see the baby move around and everything. It makes it so much more real when you finally see it! It was super cool to watch him see the baby for the first time on there and movin around and what not. And not to mention that he is already telling his friends that ..at first they though there was something wrong, they thought the baby had three legs...but then they realized it was not another leg and that it was a boy..you know things like that. But hell, I guess this is the only time he can do that, so go right ahead seth! haha.

Well I have attached the pictures this time and they are not the best, but at least you can see what you need to. The top one is of the face and you can see the skeleton like head, eyes, nose, and mouth, and then the bottom one is of course showing his package! Thats what the arrow is pointing too. I think thats his little bottom and then the arrow just to confirm its a boy!

So there you have it. Again one of the best days of my life. I am so happy and words honeslty can not express what i am feeling. Its such a relief and a blessing now to say, its a boy, instead of its just a baby. I dont know, just really really cool. Oh and we got a VHS of the whole visit and Seth is turning it into a DVD today so Ill see what I can do about attaching it here when I get it back from him. LOve you all ! Peac-

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Years was a blast and Today is the day!

Well, I am happy to say I made it through New Years, with I think only one breakdown! Which of course was over the fact that I couldnt find anything to wear to go to a movie. So I am giving myself an A+ for effort, seeing as how I THINK I am finally getting over that little phase. At least I hope so. But like I was saying I made it through the New Year, and, I actually stayed up to celebrate at midnight. I was so proud of myself, because I think that is seriously the lastest I have stayed up in like 4 months. So way to go me.

Luckliy Seth was willing to tone it down a little bit this New Years and so were some of my great friends, so me Seth, Karla, Troy, Tommy, and Mandy all headed out to the Butcher Shop to eat some good food and then on to this Martini bar-that turned out to be pretty cool. But would have been a whole lot cooler had I been able to have a martini. But that is besides the point. :) we still had a great time and then just headed back to karla and troy's to kick it till the ball dropped. So I lasted till the count down, got a new years kiss, and that was pretty much it, because at that point was I was done. I was so tired. So we headed home around 1am and were in bed by 2. Which I can safely say is the most low key New year's i have had in a while. But it was all worth it, cause today is the day we find out what we are having!!!

I cant actually believe that it has already been 5 months and I will know in a few hours if there is a little girl or little boy we got growin in there. Haha. Seriously, so freaking excited I can not even explain it. I mean how many times go you get to find out something as cool as that in your life. me? Nothing this exciting has ever happened-at least not yet anyways. So, I am sure I will be givin most of ya'll out there a call to fill you in on what the word is! Yay! Okay well until then, I guess I will try and contain my excitement and get some work done. Please keep us in your thoughts, and lets just pray for a healthy baby still. As long as we have that i know I will be happy with any sex. Cant wait to tell you all the good news! Love you!