Saturday, February 18, 2012

Busy days are here again!

Well lately we have been super busy with my finishing up nursing school, being pregnant, working, and trying to keep my life together in one piece without totally driving everyone insane!!! Quite honestly I have reached my burn out point in school. Going 90 miles an hour for the past 2 years trying to keep up with school and manage my life is finally taking its toll on not only me but my whole family. Seth is burnt out, Elem is burnt out, and I am sure if the new baby could speak out, he/she would probably tell me to slow down and quit running around all day every day and never making time to just relax and enjoy the moment! It seems like those moments have been few and far between but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I graduate May 19th!!! And couldnt be more ready than I am at this very moment. I am so tired, tired of going to class, tests, clinicals, all of it. hehe. And I find myself often just wanting to enjoy some time with my family and not feel guilty during the moment because I am not studying or not going to work. Ahhh. The end is so clear I kind of wish I could fast forward a few months. But I gotta stick with it and it will be so worth it. Our life is going to be so much better with a secure future right around the corner. On a very positive note, I am most likely going to be staying on my unit at ACH-the Hematology/Oncology Unit which has totally become my second home. I love the kids, the staff, and the whole environment, it all comes very naturally to me, and I really cant imagine working anywhere else at this point in my career. So on Hem/Onc I will stay!

Home life-is still a mess, the house is not as neat as I would like it, the laundry stays in the basket "to be folded" for an unusual length of time, we eat out a couple of times a week, sage is still the sweetest little dog in the whole world and spends most of her time relaxing and napping on the back of the couch, and seth is on the look out for a new job. He recently parted ways with Waymack and Crew where he has called his home for the past 7 years, and is taking on a new roll as a free lancer-seeing out his own work, and hopefully bringing in some bigger bucks! lol. The pregnancy is going smoothly, with just some nausea and dizzy spills that seems to come with the territory. I did the drano gender test and it quickly turned black, which indicates ...BOY! SO I guess we will find out in just a few short weeks! On april 5th we will find out if the next addition to our family with be a little misses or a little mr! Either way we will be so excited and happy, but I think if the baby is a little girl, we will have a lot of convincing and explaining to do for the big brother. He is under the impression that if you think it/wish it hard enough, it will be a boy and thats all there is to it. LOL. Lets hope for the best reaction possible from Elem Zane. :)

Despite the urge to force another little boy into this family, Elem really has been a trooper and we have spent a lot of time trying to include him and get him ready for the baby belly and everything that goes along with the phases of the next few months. In addition to lots of conversations, and talking to and about my belly, we have spent lots of time outside beefing up his bike riding skills-without the training wheels. He has been doing it for a couple of months but recently got where he can start and stop by himself like a big boy! So proud of my little man.

Well the next couple of months are looking to be super busy and I am not too excited about gaining any weight, but looking forward to feeling the baby move and grow inside me! My most favorite part about being pregnant.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cuddle buddies

Even though he is 4, almost 5 years old, Elem is still my number 1 cuddle buddy. And I cannot imagine that EVER changing!!!

We still snuggle, cuddle, love, or whatever you might call it, and even though he is getting bigger (and so is my belly), somehow we just make it work. :) I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but we still do not have a scheduled bedtime, or bedtime routine-even though deep down I know it is must needed and MUST come before kindergarten. And probably isn't doing Elem any good, but I just cant seem to let go of our nightly cuddle time. Every night we lay on the couch side by side, snuggled up, and just relax and watch TV, until we decide to wonder on into Elem's bed or we fall asleep on the couch. And then of course, we have the early 4-5am "requests" from Elem's room once I have fallen fast asleep in my own bed, where I hear from a distance..."MOM! to which I always respond, "yes?", and all I hear in return is a sharp, firm voice, "CUDDLE!!!". Which basically means, I know you left me in here alone, so get back in here and cuddle with me!!! Haha. It is funny every single morning that I hear it, and even as uncomfortable and squished the ole twin bed in his room is getting, it still never gets old to see his little grin when I crawl into bed, and he tells me "can you please put your arm around me and cuddle?". hehe. I love it. I just do.

I think deep down I know the day is coming, whether it be because the real school days are right around the corner, or with the new baby coming, that I just don't want my first baby to totally be grown up on me before I am ready! Ahh, sigh. Selfish I know. But that is MY little boy dang it, and I just love my special cuddle time with him! :) My plan is to kick it in gear this summer with a new bedtime schedule and routine and hope it will stick to make the transition to kindergarten a smooth one!

As Elem would say, "cuddle, wuddle buddle mom? "