Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I promise I'll be good

I really will........

Elem is super into presents this year and can hardly stand the wait to get to open just one teeny tiny one! We actually broke the rules and let him open one itty bitty puzzle and he was so high in spirits and excited to get to actually take something out from under the tree it was awesome. Elem has been making all sorts of suggestions that he needs to open his presents now and that they are his anyways, etc. etc. Most of them are pretty positive and his references to his behavior is always one that reflects god behavior and what a good boy he has been. Not going to time out and all. But the other day he did ask me several times to open this one specific present under the tree and I of course was continuing to say no. He finally began to tell me "yes I am gonna open it mom. Tell me what it is right now." He said it over and over, and finally told me "if I didnt tell him what it was right now he was not going to play with me today" (lol) and when I responded with "well thats fine Elem I really dont want to play right now anyways", he told me that "I cant say that to him because its not what he wants and he is going to open his present right now". hahahaha. Insert a lot of whining and fake tears into that whole situation, begging and pleading, and you pretty much get the picture!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The good ole "3s" one told me the three's could be so much fun. This pretty much sums up Elem's fabulous attitude when he isn't getting his way. Haha. Ahhhh, I need a vacation. But then I would miss him too much, so I guess you give a little to get a little!