Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat


Would you expect anything else? Seriously, this year, it was pretty easy to get Elem pumped up about Halloween and dressing up. Knowing that he is obsessed with the Razorbacks, and Razorback football, we had no problems choosing a costume that made him happy as can be!

Happy Halloween, from our Hog Family to YOU!

Before we headed out, we spent some time with Cecilia and the Suitor family (well Elem and I did-while Seth was preparing for the Razorback game-I couldnt blame him! :) haha) Elem and Cecilia having just as much fun as ever and simply enjoying being dressed up.

We joined in with a few friends from the neighborhood to trick or treat this year and had such a great time. Here is Elem and his little friends all dressed up and ready to get some candy!

Great night, lots of candy, good friends, and plenty of ghosts and goblins to make the night fun!Oh and I might add that Elem was serious when I asked him which razorback player he wanted to be! He has a "real" Ryan Mallett Jersey, that he loves, but just as soon as he got it, he pretty much started his obsession with Joe Adams and Greg Childs. Now Greg Childs ended up getting hurt, so his all time favorite is Joe Adams, whom he HAD to be for Halloween. Joe Adams is number 3 so we ironed on a nice white razorback number 3 to make his uniform complete. He was one satisfied little boy, not even really preoccupied with the candy, but more so not getting scared and sticking close to mommy because he is so afraid of the dark! (But that is another post itself. )

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkins, hay rides, and pony rides


I love going to the pumpkin farm! It is so much fun to me, and so much fun to enjoy with a preschooler. I love the whole idea of taking a little hay ride, picking your own very special pumpkin, taking it home, and carving it up to set out for the trick or treaters to see! Here are a couple of pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch this year. We went with Ali, Cecilia, and Nate, and had the best time! The pumpkin farm had WAY more than just a few pumpkins to pick from-they had pony rides, hay tunnels, playground areas, fair food, hay rides, and just tons more. It was such a blast!

Elem and Cecilia checking it out before we headed in. Discussing what to do first and which pony was "theirs". I love it.

Elem chose to get on the biggest horse there was. Even walking next to it as it walked around in a circle was a little intimidating. I tried to to let him do his thing though.

He loved it. Enjoying the moment.

"Uhm Mindy, could you get out of my face with that camera and tell the tractor man I am ready for the hay ride?"-per C :)

Pumpkin picking time! As soon as we jumped on the hay ride and headed out to the pumpkin patch, Elem and Cecilia started getting sleepy. It was beautiful weather, and the scenery was so pretty! Once we jumped out at the patch, it was happy hunting from there! Elem quickly found the perfect one for him....but soon decided it was too big and heavy, and chose a much smaller one. :) Smart boy.

"Okay sis I found a good one, did you find a good one?"-per Elem

Roundin' em up and headin back to the ole tractor. My little man treking back with his pumpkin, and C not far behind.

The hay ride back was so peaceful and Elem and C were worn out! Just look at those little sweet faces, holding on tight to their pumpkins.

Time to head out! What a great fall trip to the pumpkin patch. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arkansas State Fair 2010

Of course we made the trip to the State Fair this month, and we could not have been more excited to go! Each year we continue on with our little tradition of hitting up the state fair, eating lots of food-one of which of course involves eating a massive corn dog, playing some much loved and overpriced games, checking out and petting some god ole southern farm animals, and then eating some more food-usually a funnel cake to bring the night to an end. And that is just what we did.

This year we made a couple of trips and little did we know that Elem would take full advantage of a wrist ban, that would pay for its self in just about 5 rides! Were we happy that we got that thing, uhm yes! For sure. Ali, Dustin, Cecilia, ad Nate, along with a couple of friends headed out to the fair together. This was the most fun the fair as ever been for me! I love that this is a little tradition that our family does, and I know that we will continue to keep it going.

We saw the BEST monkey show ever. Elem loved it. And quite frankly so did I. I have always been a monkey lover! What can I say!

Seriously Elem rode so many rides. I have my fears of letting him do dangerous stuff, but I do try my best to be understanding and let him be his own person and make his own decisions. That is what makes us! Not to mention that he is usually pretty timid and not super into trying things that might be a little scary, this trip to the fair was very good for him. He loved these swings-and every single ride he got his hands on.

We stayed up a little late, had lots of fun, and on the way out Elem was literally falling asleep on the way to the car. Unfortunately we experienced his first "overload" of junk and rides and we had to pull over and let him throw up on the side of the rode. The car ride was too much for him mixed in with all the corn dogs, sprite, and rides. I felt so bad for that!!!! But he said he felt a lot better and still talks about it all the time. Haha. Sorry Elem, but the fair was so much fun!


Let it be noted-that this week, there has been a slight shift/or name change rather and i LOVE it! I am not certain why or if there is even a reason for the sudden onset of Elem calling me a name from the old days if you will-but I don't even care, I could not be happier. This week Elem has started calling me MOMMY rather than MOM and it is so sweet. This is one of those things that all moms love and don't want to have to give up, right? Uhm, one of the first words-mommy, the one you wait for like a year to hear come out of your kids mouth, one that you think about hearing your child say the entire time you are pregnant -hoping that it will be his first word and the word that he loves to say the most. It melts you heart when you hear it, and it continues to melt your heart form the day he says it on. And when Elem started calling me Mom, I tried to accept it gracefully, but it just meant that he was growing up, and brought along with it just a little bit of sadness. I am sensitive I know. Anyhow, today Elem is calling me Mommy. All of the time. And even if it only lasts for today, it is a good trip down memory lane. And I want to enjoy hearing that sweet little voice calling my name. Hopefully it will stick!

Friday, October 15, 2010


C: Deep thoughts- I'm bored. E: Deep thoughts-I'm bored too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010

Real Men Wear Pink right? Uhm hell yes they do! Well in our family they sure do, but with a purpose of course! And that purpose being for breast cancer awareness!

Every year we look forward to the Race for the Cure in Little Rock, to honor all those who have fought the battle of Breast Cancer and to celebrate those have won against it. We love to celebrate the win over breast cancer for my mom, by participating in the walk, and it has become a true tradition for my mom and my family over the past few years. Elem has literally been participating since before he could crawl-and I wouldn't have it any other way! This year my mom added in a couple of fundraiser tries, and were successful in gathering about $300.00 together, thanks to my mom walking around her school collecting $$$ with a hot pink boa around her neck the day before the race!! Whoo whoo!. (we will have to have her start that a little earlier next year:) )

Mom, we are so proud of you and you are our hero-more than you will ever know. You have had such a successful life and succeeded in everything you have put your mind to-so I shouldn't have expected anything less when you heard you had breast cancer. We knew you would make it through, and we are happy to honor you in our race for the cure-literally.

Our Race for the Cure weekend started out a little more rushed than usual, mom had to work until Friday afternoon, and I had work and school all week, and Seth was out of town-so no time to fluff and get ready like I usually do for the race. Luckily, my mom made it around 8pm on Friday night, in plenty of time to see Elem before he headed off to bed. Elem knew Memaw was coming, and was so ready for her to get here, he could hardly contain himself! He loves when his Memaw comes in town, loves talking about her, and loves to tell her all kinds of stuff because she is always way more interested and involved in the conversation than the rest of the world. haha And memaw brings lots and lots of little gifts every time she comes-no matter when it is, she always comes with goodies! Isn't that what grandparents are for???? Well Elem could not have been happier when he saw the lights pull up in front of the house. He had a grin on his face from ear to ear and he was the first one to the door to greet her! We spent some time just playing and catching up, and then got a good nights sleep before waking up super early to get ready for the race downtown. I love love love that so many people from all different facets of my life come out to support so many women-this year my friends were there, co-workers,students in my class, extended family, etc. So much fun to know that it means so much to so many people.

Elem and I had been talking about the race for quite some time, and he really understood most of the pieces about it, and most importantly, he totally understood that everybody had to wear pink to show you were "on that team". So my most favorite thing that Elem said all weekend was on our way to the race in the car-I had scooped him up out of bed and was going to get him dressed when we got there, and he woke up along the drive, and looked at me and my mom very concerned and said, "

Hey mom! I forgot to wear my pink!" It was so sweet. Of course I told him I brought him stuff, but he was genuinely worried and it was just adorable. Here are a few pics from the days events!
Elem-Kind of awake, but really into looking at all the stuff going on and all the pinkness so bright and early in the morning.

Jeff, mom, me, Elem

Me, Jeff

Elem and Me-with about a 1/4 mile left to go...uhm not sure how I got stuck with this end of the deal, stroller is behind us being puched, and I am carrying 40 pounds of solid love. Hmmm-oh well I love it! Happy to suck it up.

Mom, me

Steph, Aidan, Dawn

Cecilia-all pinked out

Just such a great morning and filled with tons of positive energy. We always have a blast and each year wait to find that cure. Thanks mom for coming in town and doing the walk with us each and every year! It means a lot to us, and we hope our little tradition stays in tact every year from here on out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom....I'm so glad-

Today, I was lying in bed with Elem for his "daytime nap" like many other Sundays, and after reading him a few books, I whispered to him, "Elem, I'm so glad you are my Elem-I love you." And he replied back with.."Mom, I'm so glad you bought me that jeep with that trailer on the back of it."

He turned over to go to sleep, and then right back over to me and put his arm on my shoulder (like a grown up) and said, "mom, I'm so glad that you're my momma (with a big huge grin) too."

So even though it was slightly delayed, he still managed to say something sweet enough to keep me grinning for the rest of the day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Is this cool stuff or what? We are seriously silly and talented around this house.

Elem and I can do quite a few little acrobatic tricks that we have worked on for some time now. Most of them involve me or him on the floor and the other doing something along the lines of this. I love him. He makes me so happy. He is so silly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jesus Loves You.

Tonight Elem was in the back bathroom getting ready for his bath. He was taking off his clothes, water was running and bubbles were starting to fill up the bath. Seth and I were half way doing things in other rooms, getting him all packed up to go out of town, when I heard Elem talking to himself in the bathroom-which is not uncommon for him. :) I peaked my head in when I heard him repeating the sweetest most precious thing in the whole wide world.

He was saying over and over...

"Jesus. Loves. You." "Jesus. Loves. You." "Jesus. Loves. You."

*Melt my heart right there*

A huge smile just came over my face, and I looked at Seth and he was smiling too because he heard the same thing. I poked my head in and he just looked up and smiled :) I told him that Jesus does love him and that we loved him so much. He just kept grinning and being cute, taking off his socks, sitting in the floor. 5 minutes before he was running around tackling us playing football inside, and doing crazy jumps on and off the couch-and now, when all was calm, he was reciting his memory verse that he had learned at school last month. What a sweet, smart, and joyful little boy we have.