Sunday, October 28, 2012


So much has happened since May, and as much as I would LOVE to catch up on every single event that I have pictures for, it is just not possible!!! So, I have finally decided to skip a few months, keeping the recap short and sweet and just move on! Since Elem's birthday, we have enjoyed.......

Mommy FINALLY graduated from Nursing School :)
Mindy Shelby, RN

Elem graduated from Geyer Springs 4-K
We are so thankful for Ms Katie-the best preschool teacher we could have asked for!

Lots of time at grammy's pool
With lots of water gun fights...
and learning fun tricks in the pool, like flips, handstands, and backstroke!

Plenty of time on the baseball field with my little baseball superstar. 
The quickest most agile little pitcher I ever did see.....

MVP :)

Plenty of trips to the lake.

Love spending time with C and Ali on the boat

Yes I rocked out with my big ole baby belly on the boat in July!
Woot woot. 

Had a baby shower for our new arrival. 

Introducing our new baby girl. 

Ever Grey Shelby
7lbs 14 ounces  20 inches long
August 9, 2012
And there we have it. Our wrap up of all the special events that have happened over the last couple of months. I am sure there are sooo many more I would love to include, but this hits the high points.