Monday, February 28, 2011

"I aint sayin she's a gold digger"

He loves his music, what can I say. He loves to dance, bounce, rock with it, break it down-whatever it is you might call it. He is actually somewhat reserved at times throughout this video, but in general, this is pretty standard with any song he is listening to. He likes bass beats, a good tempo, and hip hop seems to be his preference, so we try to stick with the clean versions of whatever we can find. He is musically cultured (thats what Seth and I like to call it) haha, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Conflicting styles.

Uhm, so who knew fashion would be such a difficult thing/ conflict with a mommy and her 3 year (almost 4 year) old little boy?? Isn't there some "right of passage" where I have the ultimate final say in what gets to be worn, and if you pick it out of the clothes that I have bought for you, then you will just be thankful that you got to pick them out for the day and be happy?? Well, if there isn't there should be! Seriously, getting dressed each day is one of the BIGGEST challenges I am having with Elem. There are so many issues I just dont even know where to begin. So I am going to try to capture them in a few bullet points.

Elem's sense of style likes and dislikes:

In general-he does not like to get dressed-this is at least a 20 minute ordeal-sometimes longer, which makes for many mornings where we are running late.

Only likes Nike shoes -and only likes to wear one pair of shoes for an extended amount of time....meaning that I may buy him lots of pairs of shoes, but he only wants to wear the same pair every single day, with every single outfit, whether they match or not.

Does not like blue jeans-this one is very difficult! Especially when I buy him all these adorable little skinny jeans that he looks so cute in!

Wants to wear "comfy pants" to school every day (and everywhere for that matter)-again, promblematic. Comfy pants meaning sports pants, loose fitting, no button or snap. I dont like it-enough said.

He only likes pants with no buttons or snaps. Uhm, this would mean elastic waist only. Yeah-not gonna happen.

Likes his shoe laces to be "tied small" and equal between right and left shoe! Thats right-meaning, he likes the little bow to be small, which is usually accomplished with a double knot, and that they look the same when looking at them from his view point! seriously. This takes several ties every single time we put them on.

Likes t-shirt style shirts-no collar. -this one I can give him, but there are only so many cool hurley (nice looking) t-shirts out there. Collared shirts are so easy to find. When put on, he simply chews on the collar that is right by his neck, the entire day which means there is a nice saliva stained wet collar for the whole world to see while he is out walking around.

Again, likes t-shirt styles-no button downs. Ugh. I dont really have a shot with this one, because he just rips them off and throws the shirt on the floor. No button downs for Elem. They don't feel "comfy" enough he says.

Does not like to have ANYTHING put in or on his hair-If you recall, he has wild man hair, that does its own thing, and needs some taming several times a day. Getting gel in his hair (which makes it look SOOO cute I might add) is seriously a mini fight waiting to happen. I try to let him do it, he wont. Let me do it, he wont. Sneak it in, I usually get popped. Which means a buzz cut could be the answer-but I refuse to do so.

Hates tags or lining inside of clothes-I totally understand this one-I really do. I can't stand when tags rub against my skin, much less imagine wearing some lining inside my shorts. So I am happy to cut out the lining (like in swim trunks), and a few tag removals here and there is fine. But! That totally makes the resale factor that much harder!!! haha. I know that is stingy, but come on. I need the size and brand name in there to get a few dollars back from what I pain on the things!

So, my issue with my child being this little fashion stud-is giving me problems. I LOVE shopping for clothes for Elem, and to be honest, I am really good at it! I have a style in my head that I want him to wear, and gosh darn it, I should be able to get him in those clothes!!!! I make it a point to spend many a shopping trip looking for those sales and clearance racks, and I NEVER pay full price for his clothes. So Hurley, Gap, Old Navy...can you please crank out some skinny jeans or collared button downs that would make my little man feel "comfy" enough???? I know I shouldn't have an issue with it, and I know I should let him be comfortable and not have an all out argument over getting dressed and what he is going to be wearing all day. But I really do feel like your kid is a representation of you, and when you send him out into the world for the day, that is a reflection of you! And I want him to have a sense of pride in what he wears. I think it definitely develops a habit and down the line he will want to continue to dress nice and feel good about himself when he gets ready in the morning. But, for now, I am looking for ideas and ways to make my sense of fashion work with his stubbornness and sense of need for his OWN comfort. Deep breath-sigh. I know its not the end of the world what he wears, but gosh darn it, I want him to wear the things I bought for him. And to be thankful his mommy has a sweet sense of style. One day he will look back and be thankful I had him looking good, right?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The superhero is back!

Thats right ladies, take a good look at this little stud muffin of a super hero! Elem is LOVING him some super heros these days, and the craziest part about the whole thing, is that- even though I finally caved in and bought a couple of super hero books, he really doesn't even know who they are or anything about them! But it doesn't keep him from looking up to them, playing dress up, pretending like he is saving the world and fighting the bad guys. I know super heros are the "good ones" but with all the fighting they do, they aren't really my favorite people-and def not particularly what I want Elem learning about. But-bite my tongue, it appears it is inevitable, if he is interested in it, I have no say. I just don't allow him to watch it on TV (and that is me feeling like I am still controlling the situation-haha). But using your imagination and creating a whole new world to play in-now that I can support! *As a side note- I HATE character stuff (meaning I hate little kids shirts and bedroom stuff with disney characters and all that stuff!), sorry I am uhm, just not backing down on that one. But with the onset of the recent love of super heros I feel that interest is right around the corner! Hopefully he will just stick to playing dress up and read books on all his favorite super hero peeps. Keeping my fingers crossed for no request for character (super her) bedding! ha!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

My LITTLE Valentine. Being sweet and enjoying his major stash of goodies he scored from his class party! Lots sweet little valentines, candy, and an extra special root beer for a valentines day after school snack!

Per the shirt-"all you need is love"-the Beatles

So-what did the Mr. and I do for V-day? Well, we actually went on a mini date, thanks to Ali and Dustin for watching Elem for us! And added to our tattoos!

The top-still the same-the box representing our first phase of our lives together, and our marriage. On the beach at sunset-very appropriate! And then the 2nd, previously an empty box (for waaaaaay to long), also known as "Elem's Box", is now filled with an beautiful tree. Representing our family tree, most importantly our family shifting from just the 2 of us, to just the 3 of us. And the final piece, another empty box-representing the next chapter of our life. Hence the reasoning for it being empty :) Since we don't know what is ahead, we will just wait and see. Hopefully, the next box wont take 3 years to fill in, because that was so long to wait. But to be honest, it really took us that long to figure out how we wanted to represent this phase of our life. But now that we figured it out, had the artist draw it up, and finally have our matching works of art-we just could not be happier! I haven't had a chance to snap a pic of our tattoos together, so you can see how exactly alike they are, but I will work on that. So just my little arm will have to do!

Great Valentine's Day! We have so much love in out little family, and were really just happy to all be spending it together. Love you Elem Zane, and Love you Daddy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nail biter

Still biting those nails. (tsk tsk tsk)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Busy busy.

We have been so busy, I can't begin to think of where the time has gone. Nursing school has been keeping me on my toes, studying as much as I possibly can, Seth has been out of town on and off for about 3 weeks, been working about 25 hours a week at the shelter, and Elem...well he is 3 (almost 4). Haha! I'm not sure what keeps me more busy, school and work put together or just Elem alone. We have found a tiny bit of time to get some things done though, and spend time together.

We have been having a lot of fun, but there just never seems to be enough time in the day to get all the things accomplished that I would like. So busy life will hopefully pay off soon, and turn into a nice nursing career where I will have more money and more time to spend on my family. And I can be that super woman class mom that I have always wanted to be! Wahoo.