Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm ready to Eat!

Well Elem that is. In case you didnt know he is usually always ready to eat, so I was super excited when I found this little onsie the other day. Old Navy is probably my most favorite place to get clothes for him so far. It is the cheapest and has the best stuff for boys. Everywhere else I have gone except for like Baby Gap, which is so not in our price range, haha, just doesnt seem to have good stuff. Its all so super cheesy. And I am totally not into letting Elem where many things with any type of fuzy animal on the front-neither is Seth! Or anything like that looks dorky. Stuck up you think? But I just want him to look cute and as long as I can keep it up with the fabulous finds I have gotten at garage sales, and visits to Old Navy pretty much weekly or every other week to see whats on sale, I think he will stay pretty stylish! At least to me.

Anwyays, I am getting way off the subject. The point is look at this shirt!

so funny huh?ANd to think it was like $2.99. Yes good buy I know I know!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Night at the Arkansas State Fair

SO you know you're a redneck attend the Arkansas State fair more than once and or with your 5 month old baby. Hmmm? Oh well, so what if that is true. We totally went to the fair two weekends in a row, but what else is there to do around here? Obviously not THAT much! It actually was really fun. Seth and I and his parents-Grammy and Poppa that is, and Aunt Ali and Uncle Dustin and cousin Cecilia drove out to the fair, for some good good fair food-which is totally my favorite, bright lights, and just an overall good time! Cecilia is three months older than Elem, not that you could tell it by looking at her, cause she is about a pound lighter than Elem, which of course causes everyone to think we have twins with us, but they both absolutly loved it! As soon as we walked in, they both looked like they were trippin'! hahaha. They LOVED all the lights and Elem is totally a people watcher, so he was in heaven.

As you can tell, we bundled him up nice and warm in his little bear jacket that his memaw got him. Grammy and Poppa are always so proud to get the grandkids out in public! Its so cute. We had the strollers and all, but you know how grandparents are! They always want to carry them in initially. :) SO after he was all zipped up....

Got a good Grammy and Poppa pic!

Got Cecilia nice and warm and were ready for the official Grammy and Poppa and grandkids at the fair pic"! haha! See how they kinda look like twins simply because one is in blue and the other is in pink and they are the same size??haha. I know they look nothing alike, but it never seems to matter when we take them places. Grammy and Poppa love love love these babies!

After about 5 minutes of getting in and snapping a quick family pic:

And an up close of littel cutie baby C! Look how freakin cute that baby girl is? She is so dang tiny!...and we were on our way...

We made the rounds! ANd saw a few folks we knew. And a lot of pretty strange peeps as well. Dont get me wrong because I do LOVE Little Rock, well Bryant really-we live a little on the outisde if Little Rock, but its like all the people come out of the woodworks to attend the fair! Guess everybody needs a night out huh? Like I said it was fun though, I got me a funnel cake and a Pronto pup! Which is all I really need from the fair to ensure that I have the true fair experience! But Seth and his dad dont stop there. They HAVE to hit up the basketball game which is totally rigged every year!Last year, Seth literaly spent like 45 bucks on the basketball game at various goals around the fair to try and win one of the monster stuffed animals. And yes he did finally win, but how much do you really think one of those gigantic stuffed ugly animals costs? Probably like 6.50 or something. But seth was quick to inform me that it is not only the prize but the principal that you have WON at the fair.

Anwyas, this year, he did much better and didnt spend as much money, but I think it was partly because his dad won early this year! Thank goodness. He went with the smart pic for his prize and chose the leapard skin rug throw or what ever you mgith call it! Haha Elem seemed to like it though, I think...

Kinda creepy if you ask me! :)

He finally got enough of it as you can tell from the pic. :) Cute little boy!

But it was a lot of fun, fun enough that we went back again the next weekend. Last weekend that is, but I just hadnt had time to blog about it. I of course had to get another pic of just me and Elem, I think most of you can tell that this was taken towards the end of the night! My eyes are nearing a close as Elems are for some reason wide open! :) Good times good times at the Arkansas State Fair!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin time

October is drawing to an end and we all know what that means! Pumpkins!!! As my kids at the daycare say, puntins, or punkins. Which means picture time! After the race for the cure, my mom and I took Elem up to this little place down the road that has pumkins and baskets and flowers and all kinds of veggies and goodies like that. That had some fabulous palm trees also, which I am dying to get, but Ill get back to that another day. I am happy to tell you that although Elem not being able to sit up quite yet does put a little bit of a twist on trying to get a cute pose out of him, we had a fa-bu photo shoot. We were there for about 30 minutes or so, and got the following pics! Now I know there are a ton of them, but so what! I could take pics of Elem like this all the time. haha. I am just glad I had time to do it. I wish wish wish that I had time to get some good shots like this every month, but that just aint gonna happen. However I am going to try and get more "background lovely" pics-if you will as often as I can. Anyways we had so much fun and totally took advantage of all the props around to make fr some fun pics.

As always I will warn you that I of course can not pick just a couple to post because I am obsessed and think they are all blog worthy. But feel free to go to my flickr to check out the rest. I particularly like the glammer shot photos of me and Elem! haha. Those were not really posed, for real the wind was blowing my hair I swear!!!! Okay babies up. peas out!

Oh and one last thing! Notice how the little one is biting on his bottom lip in some of these pics. That has been a standard face for about the last week or so! And that my dear friends would be because Elem is cutting his first tooth! Wow! Can you believe it?? I sure cant! A tooth! when did the time fly by so fast?????? My plan has always been once the teeth come in the boobs are goin out. haha. So we will see what happens there. I am gonna try and make it to 6 months. For now, we have a teeny tiny little tooth breakin its way into this world. It is the front bottom left ifyou are looking at his, so his bottom right front tooth. My baby is turning into a little boy. How cool?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Race for the Cure 2007

What an awesome awesome day it was! Saturday October 20 2007 was Race for the Cure! And it was soo beautiful outside, just perfect for a walk for such a great cause. I have done Race for the cure for the past few years, and it has always been to support some of my best friends and just all the women who they have personally known that have battled the disease. But this year it was a little different. As you all know, my mom is a breast cancer survivior. And I really wanted to walk for her-and of course all the other women , but mainly for her. And more importantly, I wanted her to come and see all those who walk for the cause. So she came up from memphis and we made a little day of it. I am soo proud of her and what she has gone thru, and hope she knows how much we love her. She is a true blog reader, so this one is dedicated to her. :) Love you mom!

I truly feel like a cure for breast cancer will be found. It seems like the cause has soo many people -women in particular-who are behind it and working so hard , that it WILL happen. When we arrived around 7:40 am on Saturday, it was easy to see just how many people supported the cause. There were 45,000 people there, walking, together for the cause. How awesome is that?

SO if you want to be a supporter and arent quite sure what you should do, or if you are like me and dont have a lot of money , haha, you should check out this site. You can go to and click to give someone a free mamogram. :)

So we got to the race like I said bright and early, around 7:740am, and it was a little chilly out there! We met up with Dawn, Steph, and Aaron. Elem's poor little nose was freezin there for a minute. But Aaron tried to keep him nice and warm. How cute are they?

The little nose up close and personal. SO cute! I love this pic. He just looks like a wittle bear.

And yes Elem and I came prepared to support. Like a month ago I was wanting to make sure we had something personalized to show who we were supporting. I ordered this onsie on Its this site where you can build your own onsies, bibs, shirts, anything! This way we were sure to give a shout out to our Memaw. If you cant read it, it says, My Memaw Is A Survivor. Love it!And again, I have stuck the child in the leggings. But come on, I freakin love them. Contrary to what Seth thinks, I was not trying to cover up those little chunky thighs, I was just trying to keep those little chunky thighs warm. And stylish all at the same time.

Me and Elem posin for the paparazzi! Is that how you spell that? I didnt realize my sunglasses were so reflective/blinging! They are drawing most of the attention to them. Sorry bout that. It was sunny!

I love love love this pic of my mom and Elem. Memaw and Elem that is.

All three happy it has warmed up a bit. Just finished the walk! Fabulous day.

Elem doing what he loves, pulling/eating my hair. But he still looks cute. SO I guess thats why I just keep letting him do it.

Back at the house, only about 30 minutes after we got home. Elem and Memaw both too tired to stay up and chit chat with mommy. Snoozin for a little catch up rest time along with sage, who is obviously having a bad hair day. :) I am fixing that problem today by the way. I might add, those two slept for at least an hour, and Elem got some of the best sleep he has had in a couple of weeks. Guess Memaws just do that huh?

So happy that my mom could come down and so happy that such a large group of peeps came out to support. Also, so glad to finally get to spend some time with Dawn, Stephy, and Aaron. Okay gots to go pump while I have the chance. Peas-

Christmas in October! Wahooo

Thursday night it was a very Merry Christmas in our house! We have been wanting to get a new computer for a long time, actually since we moved in here last December. And have been checking out different ones for quite a while. So on Thursday we finally did it! And went ahead and bought a new Mac. I of course have been a PC girl for years but Seth, being in the video industry is a Mac guy. And I guess you could say he has turned me on to them a little bit. All he really had to say can take all kinds of picstures of Elem and do anything that you want to them, make awesome videos, edit them, etc etc. And I was sold. Guess he knows what to say huh? Here it is!

Here are the specs:
2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory
250GB hard drive1
8x double-layer SuperDrive
ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT with 128MB memory

And then we added another GB of memory, so we are all fixed up. I can add pictures galore, which is what is most important to me. And I can start uploading all these videos of Elem that we have been saving cause somethingweird with our old mac. Anyways, I am so pumped! SO more pics means more blogs ad more everything. Wahoo Merry Christmas to us! Oh and I forgot, we have this thing called iWeb, so I can make my own web page and then my blog will be only a part of the web page. And that way I can have like a photo album on there and yall can see ALL my pics, not just the few that I choose to upload. haha. Okay now more blogs to come.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

5 month milestones

So you wanna know what I can do these days?

Well there are lots and lots of things that mommy and daddy think are awesome! But these are the main ones!

-I know my mommy and daddy and smile as soon as I see them!
-I also know many other people and smile when I see them!
-will pretty much go to anyone and let them hold me, but do get upset here and there if they freak me out or are all up in my face
-make lots and lots of "talking" noises. I like to say da da da da da da da da da! and ba ba ba ba ba
-Also like to do a high pitch scream several times a day-not upset, just pure excitement
-am obsessed with my fist and try to put the entire thing in my mouth daily
-has complete head control-no worries of bobbling
-recognize voices without seeing the person
-like to jump around in my exersaucer
-can stand on my legs and put pressure on them for as long as you will let me
-love books! and want to look at every page
-likes music too! like it best when it is loud and we are in the car! it puts me right to sleep
-am eating applesauce, bananas, oatmeal cereal, and rice cereal
-laugh al the time, you just have to look at me the right way!
-am super ticklish, especially under my arms, on my tummy, and on my back!
-can grab just about anything
-can switch from one hand to another
-can grab with both hands and pick something up or pull something down
-have rolled over a few times, but still dont really want to do it regularly
-like to role from my back or stomach to my side and chill like that!
-like to grab hair and not let go
-love love love to people watch! take me anywhere i can see people and i'll be soooo good
-blows bubbles wth mouth and spit
-still not sleeping through the night, because i wake up wanting to breastfeed about 2 or 3
pull everything i see to my mouth
-am drooling like crazy
-can sit up somewhat, for a second at least
-will humm or "sing" with you if you are singing to me
-am obsessed with cans and cant get enough of them!
-turns head to see where the voice is coming from and find you

I think there are tons more, but the little one is making it difficult to type! ha! later!

Monday, October 8, 2007

5 months old!

Who me??? Yes me!!! I am 5 months old..oh yes I am.

Just look at that little face. We are so lucky to have I think the most lovable little boy in the world! Seriously! And he is 5 months old today!!! I can not believe it. I am sure most of you are thinking what I am...yes that means Mindy has been a milk machine for 5 months straight! I am so close to my goal and for sure that I will make it to the 6 month mark. Although breastfeeding has become one of the more consistant parts of my day, and actually one of the only times I look forward too, because it means I get to go to the bathroom for about 25 minutes of pure silence, I am still looking forward to being done. :) It is a great bronding time with Elem and I would not take it back for anything, but I am ready to have them back to myself, and not something that my child looks for as soon as he sees me. hahaha.

I actually cant blog too long, cause Elem is not feeling so hot these days. He has a little bit of a cold, which means just a bit of a stuffy nose and a pretty deep cough that seems to surface more at night than any other time. I am hoping that the tylenol cold and cough and some little noses and the nose suction bulb, will be enough to kick this one! And not have it longer. I dont know where he got this though, maybe his poppa or maybe the daycare, but he just isnt feeling totally himself. But he is still smiling and still just as cute as he can be. just a little more snuggly and sleepy. So keep him in your prayers to get rid of the pre fall cold.

I will post his milestones for this month tomorrow maybe but i wanted to leave you with these pics from about 2 weeks ago. Seth picked out this outfit for Elem while he was in chicago a while ago and is sooo proud of it that we all had to take pics.

Tuxedo Elem in the flesh

Mommy and the tuxedo baby

Daddy and the tuxedo baby

Uncle Spoon and the tuxedo baby!

Dont even ask me how Uncle Spoon got the best ic with Elem in his tuxedo but he did! Elem loves spoon and I am so glad. he comes over every sunday and we cook out and watch football all day. Its always fun and spoon holds Elem so I can have a little bit of a break. :):) Okay I am going to get him cause him needs his mommy! Love you all and I promise to add the milestones next!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

School Days and playtime!

So as you all know, I have been takin Elem to work with me at the daycare every day but Mondays. We get there around 9 and he stays till 11 or so. And he is finally doing sooo much better. He is actually learning that I am not going to hold him the whole time he is there, and is playing a little bit in the floor with the other kids! Not toi ay that I still dont hold him or have someone else hold him pretty much the whole time he is there, because I sure do! But I dont HAVE to cause he will play is what I am trying to say. Now the reason I dont put him down all that much is more because I am still tryiing to get the daycare totally cleaned and what not and I dont know what all is in there!! haha. But for now, here is the little dude playing at school with his first friends!

They are from outside time for the babies! As you can see he and his friend Thomas are doing very well. Thomas is exactly one week older than Elem and he weighs 18 lobs!! haha. So Elem doesnt seem too awefully big while Thomas is around!

Here he is with Miss Michelle! She is one of my workers and she is so awesome! i am so lucky to have her and so lucky that Elem actually likes her! haha.

and then of course he really wanted to get on this horsy outside. As you can tell.