Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Belly pics

yes yes I have more belly pics. Its like I have been wanting to take pics this whole time and I thought I was doing pretty good. But just like the last 2 weeks or so I have been thinking about how soon it is all gong to be over!!! And there wont be any more chance to take any more belly pics. So Seth and I took some more. These are from Tuesday night so from 35 weeks and 3 days. hehe. I think they are cool though. It really shows you how big Elem is getting. It looks like Seth is holding a basketball. And I know the first one is pretty zoomed in but it was really hard to take that pic, cause seth has his hands on Elem and then I had to hold the camera facing my belly and he looked at the image on the screen. Haha And told me what to do like point down or point up or what. SO we did our best. Anyways, it gives you an idea of wherfe we are with the belly and how Elem has grown in just a few days since the last belly pics. I love it! Anyways, nothing much more going on so far except some major swelling of the feet. I mean crazy swelling. I really should get a pic of that to document it. Ill do it tomorrow maybe. :) Till next time.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby daddy! :)

haha but I do! I am so so excited because we FINALLY got the dresser last night. As most of you know the furniture situation has not been the best for us. I mean its like we got the first set then it was miniature. Then we got 2 peices that we love!! Then we went to get the dresser that goes with it and they only had one in stock and it was broken! But then FINALLY last night we got the final peice and I am so so excited to see it all coming together! So I called Baby Depot yesterday to see if they had the dresser we were looking for in stock and amazingly enough they had 4!! So I called Seth to let him know and he said you know we would see about getting it that night. But then he totally took the truck from work and went all by himself to Baby Depot to pick it up and bring it to the house! Now for those of you who do not know Seth and his love of shopping, let me tell you. A place like Baby Depot is definitly not somewhere he would choose to enter or spend any time what so ever in! He doesnt like the being there with lots of people, he doesnt like all the stuff being thrown everywhere and too much stuff that you dont know where to look. None of that! So the fact that he went and that he went all by himself means so much to me!

So he went in found the Baby Depot section, which is good in and of itself cause he has never even been in Burlington. haha. And then he found the dresser all by himself and he even checked it out to make sure everything worked on it! yay for seth!He brought it home, unloaded it and set everything up in the nursery. So when I got home, of course late since we had meetings all day, I went to see if he got it expecting it to just be you know in the middle of the floor in the box! And it was all there, with the little lamp we picked out lighting up the room and everything! I can not tell you how happy I was. Well how happy I am! I mean i love it! It makes the room look so complete! It really really does! And I love seth so much for getting all together so it looked perfect when I got home!

I know he was tired from work and everything but he still did it. It was just too cute. He is just too cute. So we both sat in there and just looked at it, and I started putting up some stuff like blankets and what not and Seth was just so freaking cute. He said it was his favorite room in the house and that he was thinking he might just make a pallet and start sleeping in there. haha. But the thing is, is that it is so peaceful and it is totally my favorite room too! I would love to sleep in there. And I think Elem is going to love it too. I think he is going to find it very peaceful and soothing, and very fun all at the same time! So check out the pics and let us know what you think. Keep in mind that it is pretty messy cause we have been trying to put some stuff away and it is a little overwhelming in there, but we are getting closer and closer. I just cant wait till its all put away and all ready for Elem to come home!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

35 week doc visit and here is Elem

I went in for my 35 week visit to the doc on Monday expecting the routine check up, you know measuring me, getting my weight and all that, but it turned out to be so much more and my most favorite appointment yet!

It started off great because Seth got to go, and he usually is shooting or something and hasnt been able to make it to many visits, and actaully hadnt even met my new doc. So he finally got to meet Laura. We went in and they did my weight and I had gained another 2 pounds. Which I am super happy about nbecause I have been trying to workout, but havent been able to do as much as I was before. Very very happy about the weight gain. Haha. 2 pounds is always better than like 10 right?!

And then they measured my belly and this time I was 36cm, which is good because it had been measuring just a tad b it small. So yay for me! Haha well yay for Elem. Then we got to hear Elem's heartbeat and it was perfect as always! It was in the mid 140s. So heartbeat-another good check! Then they took my blood pressure, which actually was really like, like 145/95. So that wasnt too good, but throughout the visit they ended up taking my blood pressure 3 times over about 20 minutes and every time it was different. But by the time we ended up leaving it was like 135/85 or something really close to that. So I dont know. She said it wasnt great, but that we would just be watching it to make sure it didnt get to high. But overall a really good report!

Now on with the good stuff. So while we were there I asked when we would get another chance to do an ultrasound, since Seth wasnt able to come to many visits and what not. Yes we totally used him as leverage. But Laura was like uhmm let me see, Ill check and see if we can get you in there to get some pictures! We were so excited, so she came back and sent us to the picture room where we finally got to see some more of Elem. It was so awesome. I laid down and she put the jelly on and just started rolling the thing around and there he was! A whole lot bigger than he was last time! :)

So then she moved around and we saw arms and legs and head and everything and she of course checked out his little package and told us he was for sure a little nboy and that was not changing! Seth of course was a very proud dad at that moment! haha Then even better, she grabbed like a little area and kind of zoomed in and it turned into the 4-D deal. It was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. His little face and lips and arms and legs! EVerything and it looked just like a real little baby! Like he wasnt just a little fetus anymore. I mean he has these little chubby cheeks and we could see his nose! Oh it was so awesome, I just can not tell you how cool it was.

And then he kept putting his hands in front of his face, so she ran and grabbed this little vibrater thing and put itg up to my belly and it startled him to where he would jump and change position. A little bit anyways. So she was able to get some really good face pics and then a couple more.

I am so thanksful that we got to do this. I dont think she would have ended up taking any pictures if we wouldnt have asked! And it is just the coolest feeling ever to really see that he is this little baby that has just grown so much!

I included the pics, but they are a littel small on here, so click on them and zoom in to get some good close up views of little Elem. The three face photos are pretty easy to tell what you are looking at, especially the one where he is laughing! That is my favorite. In another face photo he is eating his hand. I think he might have like the whole fist in there, and then in the other its just a good side view.

Then the other photos are one of his foot, its like all the bones and everything so thats cool, to see that those have all developed and then of course there are two of the "Its a boy photo". I am sure you can depict what you are looking at on those! Again those are the ones Seth is most proud of I think. haha. No he Loves the face shots too, but what can you say, hes a dad!

Well like I said, it was a great visit and I go back on Monday! I know this one was long! But just look at that face, and those cheeks. Oh yeah and look at the side view face photo where he is not eating his hands and like really look at his lips. I think he got seths awesome lips! I love em, and I so hope he did! They are my favorite!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday night and Belly pics!

It is currently Saturday night around 9:30pm and I am here writing a blog on my couch. Way different than where I would be this time of night on the weekend about 9 months ago! And the funny thing is we already went out! To the Oyster Bar with seths sis and brother in law and even hung with some of his friends for a few minutes while we were there. Anyways, I feel bad, cause I am sitting here on the couch and poor Seth who I know wants to have a poker tournament over here is sitting at the dining room table playing poker by himself. Waiting on his friends to call and let him know if they found somewhere to play. And I totally would offer up our house, like if it were like 5 or 6pm or something, but I am about to go to bed here in like an hour and my back hurts, and I want to sit in peice and quiet. And not to mention that my family is coming in town tomorrow for another shower that Seth's aunts are throwing us. Yay more presents! I love these showers!! I just wish Seth could come, I think he would like em too. Anyways, I know he doesnt mind but it is just so sad to see him be so bored. :( I cant wait till Elem is here and there will be no more time to be bored. haha!

So since we are chilin here I thought I would take some time to poast some belly pics. I know I love looking at them and knowing that our growing baby boy is in there so I figure you all might want to check them out too. These were taken just a couple of days ago, so almost at 35 weeks. Oh and that reminds me I am 35 weeks today! So my due date is quickly approaching! I atlked to Ali about a few things that we need to get on the ball and I am going to try and get them done tomorrow after the shower. I need to pack our bag for the hospital and get the car seat base in the car. Definitly would like to have those two things done in case anything happens!! Better to be prepared. Well Ill update tomorrow on the shower and try to have more pics.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Elem's music preferences -I think

Yes, as you all know, Seth and I are both big music lovers and hopefully Elem will be too. He will definitly be around a lot of it so I think he will end up being a music luva just like me and Seth.

To be fair I have been trying this whole time to let him listen to all different kinds, you kow, from different genres and what not to make sure that he doesnt only listen to my favorites! I thought that would be a little pushy. I mean the fact that he has to listen to what I want to most of the time anyways is probably annoying enough, and then to add to it that I make him listen to music all day long by putting my headphones on my belly is probably kinda rude too. Especially if he is sleeping. BUT! At least he is getting to be around it right. I mean I think it has to get a little boring in there. This way, he always has something to chill too. And I dont think Seth or I would have it any other way!

So far his favorites seem to be well at least the ones he moves around to the most are...The Dreamgirls soundtrack, I know I know, kinda out there, but hey-he likes it. John Butler Trio, one of mine and Seths favorites, I am guessing he likes all the guitar-maybe he will learn to play like this! How awesome would that be?? Daft Punk, haha okay yes he does really seem to like One More Time-no lie. What can I say, he likes techno just like his mommy and daddy. Maybe he will learn to spin just like his daddy! Jack Jonhson, yes! Now this one could be because he recognizes the songs because this is one of the ones I make him listen to on a regular basis. haha. I figured he would be hearing it a lot when he gets here so might as well get him used to it! The Killers, seems like All These Things that I Have Done is a favorite right now. Every time it is on there is some major dancin goin on in there! Ill agree he has good taste.

Now as far as stuff he hasnt shown much interest in... it doesnt really seem like there is anything! I mean sometimes he is a little more "movable-if you will" but nothing I have played he has like not moved at all too. Which is a super sign to me! hehe. But if he appears to dislike something I will let you know. For sure. I will.

I have more pics I want to post, but I will have to update it in a little while! Until then, enjoy my most favorite pick to date! And I am pretty sure this would be one of Seth's too, I mean what more could he want, his baby promoting some technics before he is even born? hehehe.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Runnin on fumes here, no sleep=no fun!

Well last night was not a good night. The whole thing with being pregnant is this, you are really tired, and so you want to do what? Lay down, right? So you go to lay down, but you only have a couple of options when you lay down as to what position you can be in. So you kinda of have to pick and choose, because those positions are limited and of course if you lay one way for too long, its just not comfortable anymore. And you have to also remember, that you can not lay on your stomach because that is just not possible at this time, you most likely need a heating pad on your back because your back is sore, you should have your feet elevated to reduce the swelling, you should also put your hands on a pillow to keep them elevated as well if they are swelling ( I just read that the other day), and then you should also put a pillow between your legs to be more comfortable.

Okay so all that, plus you need to get up to go pee at least every two hours if you are hard core sleeping, and like every 20 minutes at least if you are awake. So imagine that for a minute. haha it is humorous if you think about it. I mean really how in the world is a girl supposed to get some sleep??

Now keep in mind I am have grown to be pretty cool with the whole I wake up at 11:30pm, 2:00am, 4:00am, 6:00am, and then get up at 7am every single night and morning. And that is just to pee and get situated again. Now the thing is, on top of all that, I have developed this new thing, where my hands are just falling asleep like every 20 minutes or so no matter how I am laying I am going to wake up because the ole hands are stinging like crazy with pins and needles.

Uhm so no one prepared me for that?? Hello? They really really hurt!! So on top of getting up every 2 hours at least, I am laying in bed, uncomfortable shaking my hands and holding them up in the air in hopes to drain the fluid or cease the pins and needles. Its actually quite amusing to see my shadow on the wall while Seth is fast asleep. Shaking in the air and what not, only to hear him start to snore. haha. At least I am not waking him up though! That would make me feel even worse!

Anyways, last night, I fell asleep on the couch and we woke up to go to bed around 11:30 or midnight just like clockwork, and then I slept till 2am, peed, and then the whole hand thing started up and so I woke up again at 3am. And that was the end of it. I couldnt go back to bed.

I laid there and laid there and laid there trying to sleep and get comfortable and nothing worked! So finally at 5am I just got up and went to lay down on the couch and just watched the morning news till 7. :( No fun. I am so tired and I know that I might have the same kind of night in store for me again. So if you are think about it, send some happy sleepy thoughts mine and Elems way tonight, because we will both most likley be up at any time of the night. If not both, at least one will be!

Only 2 hours left at work though, so hopefully it will go by quickly and we will be off to rest time at the hizzy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No more shoe tying-its just not possible

It has officially happened!!! I can not tie my shoes anymore! Well that may be a teeny bit over exaggerating, but not much.

I always heard people say, you wont be able to tie your shoes before too long, and I'm like, right...I will never let myself get that big. But what do you know? Over the last month or so, I have realized, its not a matter of how big you are, its really a matter of how much there is in there! And how not squishable it is anymore. And then go ahead and throw in there -how much distance there actually is between you and your shoes! I personally would think, since I have been working out like 5 days a week and trying to at least eat normally, not go crazy or anything, I could still get down there and tie up my shoes when I need to. But that is so not the case.

Putting on socks and shoes is one of THE hardest things to do right now. Luckily-I have a couple of designated shoe ty-ers that dont mind helping out till I can do it on my own again. So for now my daily morning routine goes like this..I get dressed and grab a pair of socks, and contemplate how hard it is going to be to get them on. But then i think, seriously, you have to at least put your socks on and then Seth will put your shoes on for you! So...I hold my breath and bend over or lift up my leg to get to my foot. I immediatley start sweating and then usually put the foot down with the sock only half on. Then grab my foot again really quick and shove the dang thing on. Then take a couple of deep breaths to try and recover from the 30 seconds I was without air. haha. Then, I do the whole thing over again with the other foot. It is not a pretty site I must say. Well it doesnt feel very pretty anyways.

After the whole ordeal, I usually lay back on the couch or the bed where I am and take a minute to recoup. And then slowly wonder up to Seth who is trying to get himself ready to go to work, and ask him to please put my shoes on for me. :) And the sweet thing is he ALWAYS does it! And he doesnt even care! Although it is a weird request, I think it is so super cute and I just one more thing that I love him for doing for me! Not only has he put up with me this whole time, and my hormones, and our hardly ever being able to go anywhere, he still ties my shoes every day with a smile. What more could I ask for? Now that is true love. :):) hehe.

But that is not the end of it. So off to work I go, only to work a couple of hours and then off to the gym to workout. Which as you know consists of changing clothes and putting on tennis shoes!! So lucky for me, Steph is my daily workout partner and she takes on the shoe-ty-er role for me. And even better she usually offers and I dont even have to ask. I think its mostly because she doesnt like to hear me grunt when I am bending over to reach my feet or listen to me pant cause I am more out of breath from bending over than we are from the work out!! haha. But still, she does it for me. And I can not tell you how thankfuul I am for her!

So thanks to Seth and Steph for helping me out daily-even sometimes more than once a day, and neverminding. And always doing it with a smile! :) I have the best boyfriend and best friend in the world! hehe.


Monday, April 16, 2007

I like the belly talk-and the rubs! :) They make me happy

Its true, what can I say! I like all the belly talks and belly rubs that have come my (well Elem's) way since he has been in there. They really do make me happy! For one, I have never had space issues, so I have no prob with peeps being touchy feely and what not. But there is something special about having your friends and family and especially Seth rub and talk to Elem. Its like getting to see everyone love him before he is here, you know?

I mean if you think about it, its like a natural thing to see someone who is pregnant and to just run up to them, not looking them in the face of course, but only starring directly at their belly, and to just touch it! Its kinda hard NOT to do that really! I know I like to do it too!

But it really really makes me happy! I love that Seth has been so awesome to always try and feel Elem moving around in there and see him move from side to side. And to just rub on my belly whenever he wants. It just really makes me feel like he is trying to let Elem know that he is thinking about him-even though he hasnt actually popped his little head into the world yet!

And I love that my friends want to see where he is and how he is laying and what not. It is so awesome to have so many people loving such an itty bitty person, and all they really want to do is just touch him, and feel him, and rub his little arms and legs and everything! But since they cant, they just touch the belly and smile and those who are comfortable -talk to him! How awesome!? :)

I think Elem likes it too! I know MY "rubs" personally have turned into more of pokes, so the rubbing and feeling around from other people besides me is probably more soothing! haha. Anyways, thanks to all for the belly rubs, talks, and happy thoughts you have sent my way! They are more appreciated than you know! Its really reassuring to know that all those people who are just wanting to feel him while he is still in there, will be loving him when he gets here. I dont think there is anything much more special than that. The more love go-in around the better! :)

All that said, if you havent gotten in on this belly rub/belly talk action, you better hurry cause he could be here any time in the next 6 weeks! Yikes! Its really cool though, and if you get in on it now, you can probably feel some little knees or feet! Not exactly sure what everything is in there, but its fun to guess!

Thanks again for showin the love daily!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The view from up here

hahah so I am sitting here and realize that only I seem to see this basketball of a belly 24/7. So I thought I would share the view from up here with all of you! Of course, I should be working, but all I can seem to do is touch my belly over and over cause Elem is rolling all around in there. And I just cant help but sit here, stare at my belly, and think about what he is doing in there. And like what he is thinking about.

Hmm. Some of the thoughts I think might be running through his head are :

"MOM! Quit poking me right there! Thats the only way I fit right now!"

"Why are you always giggling? What is so funny out there?"

"Can't you sit still? I am trying to rest comfortably on your bladder and you keep knocking me off!"

"Is that daddy? Tell him to keep talking. I like his long stories" Very very long stories"

"Is that Stephy? yup it is. Where is she? What is she doing? Tell her to come talk to me again"

haha. Seriously any of those are probably running through his head! How amazing is that!!! Well like I said, this is the view from here so I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to come by and take a look any time you would like. All belly rubs are welcome!

34 weeks tomorrow!

Yes that is right folks, I will be 34 weeks tomorrow! And that means only 6 weeks left to go! And that is if little Elem doesn't decide to come on and celebrate his birthday early! :) Which like I have said before, deep down I am hoping for a little early entrance into the world. As long as he is heathly!!

This week is actually the critical week they like for you to make it too. After reaching 34 weeks 99% of babies can survive ourside of the womb with no problems. So that makes me very happy. Its so amazing to think that Elem was like the size of an itty bitty pea and he is now big enough to survive outside of my belly!!

Which brings me to another point! I have been trying to get the doc to tell me which way he is sitting, or laying, or whatever and how big he is! But its just not for sure! A month ago he was head down with his legs and feet indian style facing out towards my belly. Which oddly enough, is what he has been the entire time. (Well every time I have gotten an ultra sound) But then last time she didnt do an ultra sound and she was feeling around and couldnt figure out how he was laying! And I was like great, I hope he didnt move to and is not like head up or something. That would be no good!

And since she couldnt really tell me anything on the weight, I am just going by what the research I have done says. So this week Elem is supposed to be about 4 and 3/4lbs and 18 inches long! So insane! That is like almost a regular size baby in there. Which means all those movements and things are for real! I mean for real for real! haha. LIke for real long little legs and little arms!

Anyways, I am just so thankful to have made it this far without any problems. Even though I have been a little stressed with the swelling and uncomfortableness here and there, it is all worth knowing that he has made it this long! And every day gives him a better chance of being even healthier!

Other than that, I got up super early to try and find a final peice of furniture for the nursery. We really need a chest of drawers or something and I think we might have found the perfect one for like $25 bucks. Although I didnt see anything while I was out, Seths mom was looking too, and she found an armoir that is cherry and should match our bed and changing table! So hopefully it will all look good and we wont have to spend money that we dont have on a super nice one! We are gonna pick it up tonight so Ill take some pics and post em when I get home!

Until next time...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Insomnia, swelling, and heartburn...

So these appear to be the steady theme for the third trimester!!! Who would have known!!!?? I have had the easiest pregnancy, well for the most part-I mean not sick, not swollen, able to work out every day, and gaining like a normal amount of weight, until like 2 weeks ago. And I just dont get it. Its like everything has come crashing down!!!

Okay, well its not THAT bad, but the things that are insane are that I am not getting ANY sleep. I go home and am sooo tired and I fall asleep around 9-10 and then I of course wake up every two hours at least to go to the bathroom! And I just dont get any good sleep in between because really I still need to get up and go to the bathroom again, and then the other half of the time, my hands are doing some crazy thing where they fall asleep!!! It totally sucks!

And then I have this constant heartburn!! And when I say constant I mean constant. Like I could eat two tums and then have to eat two more like 30 minutes later. There is just no way around it. I think Elem is like pushing all my inerds up haha! For real! So I end up having that "feeling like you need to throw up feeling in your throat" all of the time. :( Not happy about that third trimester addition.

Finally, the swelling....what in the world!!?? I mean my face, my hands, my fingers, my feet, MY FACE!!! Did I mention my face?? I literally can not even look at a pic of me from like 7 months ago with out just being upset cause I was so skinny, and now I am so not skinny and swollen! Chipmunk cheeks are not the best look for me, let me tell you! Neither are swollen lips! Well actually the swollen lips are kinda fun, cause Steph keeps making comments on them at work, BUT I would rather my whole face went back to normal. That would make me very happy!

I just want to have Elem and go back to my regular ole body! Even with all the working out I have been doing, there is just no way to get rid of it. Get rid of everything that is!!!

Okay there, I have vented. But I dont want to be this big anymore. I am really ready to have Elem and just know that he is heathly and okay, and let us start our lives with him!! You know? I personally think 9 months is a little too long. I think it is over rated, and should be condensed to 7 months at the most. 9 months is like almost a whole year! And then that does not even include all the time you have to try and get back into shape after the baby is born. haha

Dont get me wrong, I am so happy to be pregnant and know that we have a little boy on the way, but I will be so so happy to just have him here. And have all this crazyness that my body is going through be finished. :)

Monday, April 9, 2007

And the nursery has color!

Yes it is true! We totally spent all day on Saturday painting away on the nursery. It was so cold outside and we were already awake bright and early so we figured why not go ahead and get going on the nursery! So we ran to Lowes and grabbed some paint brushes and just got right to it. And I can not say it enough, that it looks exactly like what i had pictured! I just really wanted a room that was not babyish, but more just cool. Like a room he could grow into and would be stimulating and what not to him with lots of colors. But like soothing all at the same time. So it is by no means finished. But it is well on its way! :)

Seth did all the work on the squares and I put all my energy into the circles. So there are like three greens and 2 browns and then the orange and the off white which was the base coat. And you can see the bed in the middle of the room cause we couldnt actually get it out the door without some hassle so we just had to work around it.

Hopefully we will get the rest of the furniture moved in there this weekend and do the touch up on the paining. Then all we need is the rest of the bedding from my mom, and a few other things to make it look complte! I cant wait! It is going to be such a great little room for Elem and I really think he is going to love it!


My shower was the BEST!

Wow so I have been wanting to write about my shower for like a week but I have just been so busy I havent had a chance till now! But yay now I get too!

So, my shower was on March 31st at Dawns house and itwas thrown by the bestest friends in the whole world! I just want to say a big thanks to Dawn, Steph, Kristi, Domi, Amber, and Abby! You guys have no idea how much it means to me that you went so out of your way to make it so perfect! I had so much fun!

So I got there with my mom and little sage and it was so freaking cute! They decorated everything with baby stuff I had registered for, so there was like onsies hanging, and little boots on the table, and little stuffed dinos that I registered for sitting on the table and just lots of super cute stuff everywhere! And then there was also tons of food! And the awesome thing was that it was ALL food I love! So if you know me at all, you know that I am like the pickiest person in the whole world! So they hooked it up with fruit and turkey sandwhiches and ceasar salad and baked lays! I mean what more could I have wanted! :) Oh and they even made oreo blasts for desert because I am not a huge cake person! How awesome is that??And they were really good too!

So everyone started showing up and it turned out to be about 15 of my best girl friends, and my mom and seths mom and Seths sis, Ali! Oh and Cecilia came too! So we all just ate and then played the game where you have to guess who is who from a baby pic. So that was cool, and then we also played the game where they had to guess what size my belly was by cutting a piece of string that they thought would fit around my waist. haha. It was cool, but sadly I began to feel extremly large when I saw the size of string that some had cut. hahaha.

And then we got to my favorite part which were the presents! I know that is totally selfish but hey! I Love presents! What can I say! I mean I just love opening them and it makes it seem so much more real that Elem is finally going to be here and be using them!

So we got tons of stuff including onsies galore-some super cute ones a tye dye one, razorback one, some premies, and just overall cute ones, and then he got his swing, the heathcare kit, lots of pasies, some towels, rubber duckies, his stroller, a mattress, lotions and baby wipes and diapers, I got a breast pump-like a super awesome one, the activity gym, and just tons and tons more. And then he also got some converse and a pair of vans I mean how cool is that! And then Seths overall favorite of course...a miam heat d wade jersey for elem along with a miami heat bib and pasie. It is just all too cute. So I took some pics to show some of our favorites! :) Hope you enjoy! Oh and since we have also gotten the diaper genie, the little papasan chair and a few other things. It is just so cool that everyone has totally helped us out. I can not say thank you enough too all my girls and everyone has has hooked Elem up with something. He owes you lots of hugs and big kisses when he gets here!!

33 week checkup!

Well this morning I headed into the doc for another routine check up. I turned 33 weeks on Saturday so I am moving right along! I went in with high hopes that I would be right in and right out, but I was sadly mistaken. I ended up being there for almost 2 hours! Goodness it was a long morning.

I orginally signed in and was waiting to be called to go in the back but then they sent me downstairs to take this gestational diabetes test. Which I was actually supposed to have at 28 weeks. But that is like right when I switched docs so I think they got a little messed up. Anyways, I went down to the lab and had to drink a nice little super sweet orange drink and then return in an hour to get my blood drawn. So I drank it up and headed back to the 7th floor so I could get back in line to see Dr. Collins. Then I ended up waiting forever again, and the yuck part is that little orange drink made me super nautious. Nothing like sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's office sweating and feeling like you might puke at any moment. But not wanting to get up cause you might miss your name. haha.

But I made it through and had my quick checkup. So far I am still healthy, although I did gain another 6 pounds. geez. But I just cant help it anymore. I guess whatever I am going to gain I am gong to gain. I dont really care anymore, I just want to hurry up and meet Elem. :)

They measured me at 32cm which is good and I got to hear his hearbeat again, which is always so amazing to me! The doc said it was in the 140s so that was good. The only thing was that my blood pressure was a tad bit high , which she said might be the cause for all the swelling.

I havent done a great job of keeping up to date on this blog the past couple weeks cause I have been so busy at work and just exhausted by the time I get home that all I want to do is lay down.; So in case you didnt know, I think I am having a mild case of the swellings! My fingers are huge-well to me they are and they freaking hurt!! My whole hands hurt! And then my feet have been swelling too. Not too bad cause I try and keep them elevated, but still not the same as normal. And then my face...geez my face has started swelling in the last 2 weeks and i am not happy about it. :)

So..Mr. Elem I am ready to meet you and for you to go ahead and make your way into this world! First of all because I want to meet that beautiful baby that has been kicking me like crazy and making me pee all the time. But also to get back to my old self. Its kinda like the first 8 months were great and now I am just ready to be done. :):):)


Friday, April 6, 2007

Crib and changing table are done!

Okay so I know I have gotten way behind on my blogs lately but I have been sooo busy I just havent had time to sit down and let you all know what has been going on. That being said, Seth brought it to my attention that I had better get my blog caught up because it was making him look bad! haha. The whole crib part and what not.

So with a very big smile I am happy to say that we finally have a crib and changing table fully put together by my baby daddy and it looks fabulous! Now just for the record, the one that we had orginally bought, uhm...lets just say did not work out so great. Once we took it out of the box, we realized that the pieces were like midget seized and neither of us could change Elem on a changing table that was like only up to my thughs. It was crazy. So we put all the pieces back in there and me and my mom and phyllis all went shopping for some new furniture.

Luckily we found the perfect bed anc changing table at baby depot and brought it home the same day we had the crisis!haha So not too much damage there. And not to mention, once I brought it home, Seth got up the next morning and put it all together! we had a few minor difficulties with the changing table, but of course being the manly man that he is, he came thru! :)

So check out the pics below to see the awesome crib. I dont have pics of all of it together yet, but I promise to get some this weekend! :):)