Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picture of the week

How could you not LOVE this picture?

If you haven't noticed, Elem is a huge fan of the weed eater and of course, his daddy's shoes. This is cuteness overload.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to me!

I finally hit the big 3-0 this year. Yes I have to admit that turing 30 was actually kind of a sad time for me. I love love love being able to say that I am 20 something. I dont even care what follows the 20 just as long as I get to say it. I loved my 20s. I mean I loved just about every single thing about them. In the beginning of my 20s I was in college and made some of the very best friends I could ever imagine! I started branching out as a person and in my job skills etc. In the middle, I made a huge transition and moved to Little Rock for good, which is a giant step in my life, because I really do feel like we will be settled here for a while. And then of course in my mid-late 20s I was pregnant, and had Elem. I got married, and bought our house, and found an amazing job that challenged me in ways I could never begin to imagine. And lastly I found myself back in the school journey, on the road to becoming a nurse. So needless to say, the 20s have done me well, and it is hard for me to kiss them goodbye! I always thought of myself as never caring about age, or when people hit those milestones in their ages, but now I really feel what they are saying! So for my 30th birthday I really didnt want to have a huge bash, just because I wasnt all too ready to embrace the whole next decade of my life, AND I kind of let it slip up on me with work and school and didnt too much spend time focusing on it. I spent the day of course with a mini party with the family here in Bryant, after work we had some much loved cake and ice creme and of course let the kiddos help me blow out the candles.

On Friday night, Seth and I headed out for Happy Hour with some of our friends and then onto the Peabody for some music! I must say, I cant hang like I used to. haha. I think by about 11pm I was pretty much ready to go. Just because I didnt want to feel bad the next day when I was trying to hang out with Elem and relax! I guess that is one indicator that my priorities are shifting huh? Not that I dont love hanging out with my friends-but I like hanging out earlier in the evening, rather than trying to stay out late and just pay for it the next day. haha. Here are a couple of pics from my 30th birthday!

Me, Erin, Steph, and Kristi-How could my birthday be right without my Flying Saucer girls! I love them so. :)

Seth and I-He loves me so-and loves to tell me that I am older than him. ....except I am only 1 month and 1 day older than him, but he never includes that part.

Seth, me, and Troy listening to some good music at the Peabody

Me, Mandi, Karla, Megan

So, 30s I must embrace you now that I have had a second to take it all in. If only my 30s can be a wonderful as my 20s, I would be a happy woman. Happy 30th Birthday to me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A lawn mower

I love walking outside, on my way to take out the trash, and on the way noticing just a few things that make me smile. A few things that just a few years ago would not have been there, that I had any idea would make me smile from ear to ear at midnight-literally when I was just on my way to get rid of some garbage before I headed off to bed. As I look around at my freshly cut yard (courtesy of my super amazing hubby) I see the "handy manny" ball in the flower bed bushes, reminding me of a few good kicks Elem and I had right before we headed in the house for dinner, but that never seemed to make it through the entry way. I see the football in the yard and garage door still open with bikes out and motorized jeep all "parked" in their correct spot for the not-none of which allow for the garage door to be closed on this particular night because of certain pieces sticking out beyond the sensor. And the preschool size lawn mower parked nicely beside the garbage can where I am disposing of my goods. Oddly enough I find all of this stuff scattered around my yard at this time of evening-stars out and shining brightly in the sky-to be very serene. All is calm, I am the only one up, yet all of the little bits and pieces of the hard days work are still out and about but in a not so hectic way. Sometimes it feels good to take a look at what is "happening" around you, when it is not actually "happening" so you can enjoy the moments for what they are. Thank you Mr. Lawn Mower for being there and allowing me to take a moment for the sweetness it is.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Catch phrases

A few catch phrases or just conversation bits that Elem has been spitting out that let me know I need to stay on my toes are below:

Mommy: Elem, when did you learn that?

Elem: A couple months ago.

Elem: Hey guys,

Mommy and Daddy: Yes?

Elem: I love ya'll

Elem: Hey momma

Mommy: Yes Elem

Elem: I know all about Scooby Doo

Mommy: huh? How do you know about Scooby Doo, you have never seen it.

Elem: I looked it up

Mommy: You looked it up where?

Elem: On the computer

Daddy: Elem what are you doing?

Elem: Hang on, I'm on the phone

Daddy: Who's on there?

Elem: Nobody! I'm texting!!!

Elem: Hey, I know whats a good idea...
Mommy and Daddy: Whats a good idea?
Elem: We can "insert anything you would like here" Thats a good idea.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day with several of my favorite moms! 2 of which included my mom and my sister, who are amazing moms. :) I am so thankful to BE a mom and to have such a giving mom who has done everything in her power to make me who I am today! To me, being a mom to Elem is the greatest gift I could ever get, Cheesy, yes, but truthful, yes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom more than anything in the whole world and even though my life seems almost too cram packed every single day, and I never really feel like I do enough or give enough to Elem, he seems to make me feel otherwise-most of the time. Haha. Today I sat in the floor and played with about 20 cars and trucks and made car washes out of leggos, and it was so much fun. And seemed to make Elem's day. So for those times I am so grateful and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Elem Zane

I have been trying to make this post forever!!! Little did I know that working full time at the shelter, my first semester of Nursing School, taking A&PII at National Parks, and trying to maintain/ be part of my little family would be such hard work. So yes, I finally said it on my blog, which means it is official-I just started Nursing School on May 13th-and as you can tell my blogging time has seriously dropped as a result. Guess that means at least you know I am studying. :) I will keep you all updated on that later. For now-It is all about the Birthday Boy!

Elem Zane Shelby is 3 years old!

A few things I want to remember about this time in Elem's life-

-Elem is 46 inches tall and 37 pounds! Yikes is right! And I tend to carry him around all over the place, so lets just say I have some nice biceps. Is in above the 99% in height for his age range and wears a size 10 shoe, and the 3T clothes are hopefully going to make it through the summer before they get too small on him!

-He is silly! So so so silly. Elem is always telling silly little jokes, or trying to make you laugh. He talks in funny voices-sometimes high and sometimes way low. He likes to laugh out loud and he likes to hear and see other people laughing when he thinks he is being funny. He shakes his head when he is talking to make his topics of conversation goofy, and he enjoys knowing that everyone is laughing at him (not AT him, but AT whatever it is he is doing)!

-School-he knows all the main stuff, ABC, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Songs, He can cut, draw circles, squares, straight lines, enjoys drawing faces and sun shines, but would be happier if he could draw a football field! Knows his shapes and colors, and can write his name, but the letters tend to be in a random order-oh well for now! He knows his right from his left and LOVES to use this when telling people what he wants and where things are.

-Communication-Elem never stops talking. Ever. I hope I made that clear...this boy, never, ever, ever stops talking. And if he does, that is because he is waiting on you to answer his question. The old, who, what, when, where, why? is just the tip of the question roll here in our house. I made a pact with myself when I was pregnant with Elem that I would always talk to him about everything I was doing, and answer any question he ever asked me, with the "right" answer and NEVER with "because I said so". To this day I have not said, BUT, I have come very close. I can honestly say that this approach has lead to one very big vocabulary-which was the goal. But the non stop talking does seem to wear out family and friends at times.

-This is the "sad" or "begging" face. I tried to tteach Elem to lower his head, pout his lips, and blink his eye lashes, when trying to get something he wants from his daddy and this is what it has turned into: hehe.

-Favorite color is blue.

-Still a mommas boy: Yes this little man still falls asleep on the couch with his mommy every single night. I know I know, but this is the hardest thing for me to part with. It is way more for me than Elem I believe, but I have to admit, cuddling up with Elem with his blankey and cup are just so sweet, even if it is way beyond his bedtime. He is almost to the point where we both dont fit on the couch together, so I am taking what I can get before my little toddler/preschooler turns into a gigantic huge boy! I still carry him around every chance I get, but those days are numbered since he is pushing 40 lbs.

-Loves the great outdoors: Elem loves to be outside, play in the dirt, on the swings, on the slides, in the pool, mow the grass, do the weed eater, pick up worms, shovel, ride bikes,ride his jeep, etc. ! I could go on and on. He is much like Seth and I, and just wants to be outside if at all possible-but he is much like me as well in that we do not like the flying insects. haha. Thats my boy! He is so active and would play outside till literally the minute I laid him down for bed if I let him. He has no sense of time at night right now because the sun is up so late, so outside time in his mind is more so associated with "the sun is up"-in his exact words, so that means we should be able to play outside!

Friends: need I say more? Here is his BFF-Cecilia Rebecca Kate. They have been BFF since he was one day old and since she was 3 months old, so I dont think we are going to have any luck ever trying to pull these 2 apart. They are so silly and goofy when they are together, and for the most part, they love being together, playing, and just running around. They are however complete opposites, and Elem tends to run the show. Most of the time in a good way, but in many cases, he is the one ordering her around, and calling all the shots. For some reason Cecilia listens to Elem like he is an adult, and I still havent quite figured that one out yet!

-He is LOUD: I mean loud beyond all imaginations! Loud around the house, loud when he talks, loud when he plays, loud when he is in the bathtub, just plain old loud. I know I have mentioned this before, but per my mom, so was I so this is major payback for how loud I used to be when I was a kid! Elem just has one of those voices that carries. He has this amazingly cute raspy voice that you just want to eat up when you hear it, and it just seems to get louder and louder as he goes. He tells stories loud and really gets loud when he is trying to win at a conversation or get his way.

-My picky little eater. He is me-we eat the same foods. I will say nothing else.

-Elem loves to listen to music and dance-his top favorite songs/artists include the Black Eyed Peas and Justin Beiber. hahaha. This is so cute I love it! I had no idea Radio Disney would play such a prominent role in my life just yet, but oh well! He likes it so I can't complain. We find Elem dancing to songs and singing random songs all the time. Sometimes he might be in the back bedroom with the guitar out, naked, and singing an entire chorus to a song he made up-they are soooo cute! Or you might see him watching a commercial and then breaking down in some funky breakdance move he just learned. It is hilarious, and adorable all at the same time!

-he loves his daddy. And even more so he looks just like his daddy. I am finally at the point in my life where I realize that my little boy and my husband are and will always be identical twins. No it is not fair, and no I dont get any credit for "making" him inside my womb or anything, but I do think it is freakishly adorable to see them together and looking this sweet. Elem loves his daddy so much and thinks the world of him. Even though we put daddy on the little side of the couch each night, Elem loves to help daddy in the yard and loves to go with Seth to his work to crank up the "big trucks". It is so cute how much he looks up to seth!

Elem Zane, I can not believe you are 3 years old. Every day I think, how in the world has time flown by so fast??? I am so proud to be your mommy, and look forward to every single day ahead! You are one special little boy and have a smile that melts my heart every time you flash that beautiful little grin my way. Your raspy voice and sweet little...please and thank yous" do not go unnoticed, and I love you more and more every single day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This time 3 years ago

Its hard to believe that right around this time 3 years ago-on May 7th at 11:00am to be exact, I was on my way in to see my doc for one of my last checkups before I really was ready to "expect " Elem to be coming! I headed in to the Doctors Building just like I had for every single doctors visit throughout my entire pregnancy, but had my mother in law along for the ride, just because she really wanted to go to see if I was dilated any. The day before happened to be a beautiful Sunday, and I spent 2-3 hours walking. It was amazing. Actually the very best day of my entire pregnancy, I felt awesome, happy, carefree, and just wanted to walk, to make sure I was getting Elem nice and ready for his due date, which was planned for May 26th! So when I walked in for my appointment and found out I was dilated to 3 I was more than excited just to know the date was drawing near. However, when I told her of my discomfort due to swelling and what not, and she sent me to get my blood pressure done again, I was not prepared for the comments that followed. "Uhm okay, your blood pressure is extremely high, so we will take it again in about 15 minutes just to be safe." Hmmm okay thats cool, I am a little nervous anyways, feet swollen beyond belief, been working every single day, so maybe it was just a random high blood pressure reading. Next comment, "Uhm Mindy, your blood pressure is way to high, so we will meet you on over at the hospital in just a few minutes. See you there. "

Uhmmmmmm....I had NO idea that was coming! Even when I called Seth, I had to get his mom on the phone to tell him it was totally serious and I was not joking about needing to go to the hospital. haha. I was scared, shocked, nervous, excited, happy, and totally and insanely freaked out beyond all belief. Little did I know the most precious bundle of joy would be welcomed to our family just about 20 hours later.

Weird that I can remember the teeny tiny details, like everything I was dreading (the catheter and pooping on the nurse and doctor!), and everything I was nervous about (actually having him, being alert, etc.) and everything I was excited and happy about (meeting Elem, finally getting to touch him, and just having the whole pregnancy come to an end with the beginning of this little life.)

Ahhhh-good to sit back and remember how crazy things seemed at the moment, but how even more hectic they are at this very moment. haha! Guess you don't know how peaceful you have it till your little ones are actually mobile!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smooth ridin'

Elem has been riding a bike with training wheels for about 6 months now, and I still can not believe how much he LOVES it. EVery single day he rides his bike (well bike that is on borrow from Joe a neighbor friend, until he gets a new one for his birthday :) ) However, I just can not seem to understand how his shorts and shoes seem to get so dirty after just a few minutes of riding the bike. Guess I will never understand. Thank goodness for training wheels. They make for a fabulous hour of bike riding where mommy can actually get in some good ole exercise and not feel too much out of the non exercising mommy scene.

We are soo close to being able to take off for longer rides, and maybe actually "go somewhere" to ride-like downtown by the river trail or something. I am not too sure that he would make it very far as is, because he does get a little side tracked, and wants to turn around, and go pee, go change shoes, etc. But I know when the time comes we will be off for long bike rides with the bicycling little boy. He sure loves to feel the wind in his hair, and I must admit, to see those little legs spinning as fast as they can with the knees almost hitting the handle bars, is so cute I almost can't stand it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hard at work

All he needs is a dusty pair of converse and a few tools and he is good to go.

I got out of the shower yesterday morning, threw some clothes in the laundry, and wiped down the kitchen counter before I headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth and blow dry my hair, only to find this little boy. Naked. With tools. Seriously doing some much needed work on the bathroom drawers. I mean how could I even go on with the rest of my morning? I of course plopped right down, and continued to "assist" with a few "jobs" and helped with instructing towards some screws (or things that looked like they could be a screw whole) until the worker man-as Elem likes to call it-phase was complete. This totally made my morning reset. I took the time to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment with Elem. It was so nice.

The only downside, somehow I ended up picking up all the tools and putting them in the tool box and then putting that away while he played games on the computer. Hmmmm....