Thursday, May 31, 2007

baby acne? oh no!

So yesterday I started noticing that Elem had a few little red pumps on his face that looked like pimples. I have heard of baby acne and I mean geez I have been around so many kids, you would think I would have assumed that Elem would get it. But you know. I totally didnt think he would. I always thought for some reason that it baby acne was just because the baby had oily skin and because the parent didnt bathe them too good. You know? But today I went to give Elem a bath and I have been using super mild soap on him, and his face was bright red with this like break out all over it. So I did some research to see what the deal was.

After I looked up a couple of sites it appears that the pimples comes from MY hormones! Apparently from when my hormones went crazy while I was pregnant and it got into Elem's system. All the sites said it usually comes out in babies when they are 3-4 weeks old. Which Elem is 3 and 1/2 so it is right in that time frame. And it can last till up to 6 months! Yikes! But it is nothing that has to do with his skin type or anything like that. And there is really nothing you can do for it, just cleanse their face a couple times a day with water and possible a mild soap. And also it is most inflamed like when the baby is upset and crying or if the skin is wet like from milk, or if the baby is hot, like from being outside. Which is exactly what happened and when I noticed Elems, he had been crying and it flared up, and then I took him for a walk in the baby bjorn so he was all leaned up against my shirt and all hot. And it aggravated it I guess.

Anyways, just something I never really knew much about and of course thought that my beautiful baby boy would never get, but what do you know, it happens to just about all babies, and he does! But he is still the cutest thing I have ever seen and it will fade away and he will be just fine. The sites said most baby acne fades in about a couple of weeks so that is not too bad. :) For now, here is a couple of pics of our sweet little Elem!

Oh and I almost forgot, I was way too busy cause mothers day was the weekend that we had Elem, well the weekend that we brought him home so I didnt have a chance to blog about it! But I got to have my very first Mother's day with my 5 day old son! How much better does it get than that! So the pic with me and Elem is from our first mothers day together, may 2007! I mean how perfect is he and what a blessing to have such a perfect little boy arrive just in time for mothers day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

we need some sleep!

Man I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but seriously every single day its like I get more and more tired. Of all the nights I have staid out kickin it and what not, you would think, I would have been ready for a couple weeks of little sleep, but its so so much more draining than I thouht. Lately, I have been pretty much running on fumes. The schedule for now is pretty much like Elem sleeps from about 6:30-7:30am, up to eat, we go back asleep till about 8:30am and then back up to eat, chill he stays awake for about an hour, back to eat at 9:30 or 10am, slees till about noon, back up to eat, up for about 30 min. back to sleep till about 2pm, up again around 3 or 4 to eat, gets up and chills for about 1-2 hours, eatin time again, sleep again till 7 or 7:30pm, eats a little more, sleeps again till about 9or 10pm, eat-eat-eat-, sleep till midnight, eat again, sleep till about 2:00am, eat for ever it seems, back to sleep till about 3:30, up to eat, sleep again till about 5, eat for only a couple, sleep again at 6:30am and then it all starts over!

So yes it doesnt look too bad, because I mean yes he has to sleep all the time and eat and change his diaper I know I know. But when you imagine never getting more than like 1-2 hours of consecutive sleep for the past three weeks, and trying to sit up every night to hold a little baby so he can nurse! It just blows my mind! So this weekend we tired a little something that I think will help us in the long run. We gave him his first bottle! Now I was totally against it but geez I need some help. Big time! So I just pumped and saved the milk and then we heat it up if need be. So he has only had like 3 bottles total. But it has helped when I really needed it. Like the other morning. Seth did the 6:ooam feeding. SO that let me get like 3 hours of sleep at once. It was great!

Other than the lack of sleep I am loving every minute of being a mom. Elem is such a good baby, and he only cries at the needed times. Which is awesome. Now he does scream bloody murder when he gets a bath, but other than that, the screaming is at a minimal.

Now what he does do, that is so crazy, is GRUNT! I mean we have a serious grunter on our hands people. He sounds like a little goat, so everyone is calling him our little billy goat. It is so cute, but its a little scary at night, cause I of course am all paranoid and afraid he might be choaking or something or suffocating-hey its hard not to think those things! But really its just his personality! haha. He s just really vocal and needs to grunt every day all the time. Like every time you move him, you will definitly get a few grunts sent your way. hhaa. Its is so so funny.

Another thing he has been doing is sleeping with his mouth open. haha. It of course is so cute-to me everything he does is so cute, but for real. What makes it so cute is that Seth sleeps with his mouth open a lot! So like father like son.

On another note, we basically have a son that is the spitting image of his daddy these days! I would like to joke that we are not sure that he is seth's but there is no possibility of that! haha. I mean, he has his eyes, his lips, his expressions, his cheeks. everything! So for now, I am just saying that he has my hair. Its the only thing that might be like me! Hopefully one of these days I will see some part of me in him, I mean I did carry the little dude for 9 months. :) So we will see. But for now I just included a couple of images for ya!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

And we are back, to blogging that is!

I know it has been so long but I am finally back! At least I am going to try!! But these last few weeks have been so busy and just kinda like a little roller coaster ride, actually. Just full of so many emotions and so many feelings and they all came pretty much over night-happiness, pain, love, drained, excitement, scared, tired, confused, blessed, worry, etc. etc. I dont even think I could list them all out cause I would go on all day. Although there have been some crazy crazy emotions, nothing compares to the feeling of looking at Elem and knowing that we made him, and that he grew in my belly and that he is here! I am so in love, its something that I always heard people say, but never understood until I actually held Elem.

Over the past few weeks, I am finally getting into somewhat of a routine. And in routine I mean, breastfeeding about every hour-2. Haha. Its such a great feeling knowing that I am giving him all these nutrients that he needs, and its is a great time for bonding, but it is soo time consuming. And I really kinda only feel like a feeding machine! All day and all night all I do is feed. Feed, feed feed. Dont get me wrong, like I said before, I do love it, but it does restrict your daily habits. I pretty much cant go anywhere unless it is only going to take an hour at the most, including driving, because he needs to eat every hour to 2 hours. Even going out to eat isnt really possible, so we have just been hanging around the house and at his parents for the most part.

Other than the restrictivness with the breastfeeding. It also hurts! haha. Not too too bad, but yes it does hurt. Not only does it hurt, but they are also HUGE! I never really understood the whole breastfeeding thing, but thank goodness for my breast pump. I dont think I could live without it. Its like if you wait to long or say he doesnt eat for 2 hours cause he is sleeping really good, you HAVE to pump, because your milk is all there and ready for him. And if you dont get rid of it, it will just keep adding up and it is painfull!!!So there you have it, the joys of breastfeeding.

Besides the breastfeeding, I also had my first Mothers day! Which was fabulous! Seth got me some flowers and a picture of Elem in a frame. Oh it was so perfect. It was the first weekend after I got home with him, so I needless to say I couldnt do very much. But just being with my family made it so wonderful. Elem was the best mothers day gift I could have ever asked for.

Then I also had my birthday on the 20th and got to have some adult beverages for pretty much the first time. So that was cool. Other than that, I am just trying to recover from this c-section. I had no idea that the dang recovery would take so long! I went in to the doc on Monday and of course I have this one part of my incision that has not sealed up yet. Its called like a sonoma or a soroma, I am not sure. But its basically this little pocket that is still open under your skin, and it oozes and doesnt seal up like the rest of the incision. Its so grose! And it still hurts. So I have been busy taking care of that and trying to just rest so it will hurry up and heal, but I am kinda going stir crazy. Elem and I finally went on our first walk yesterday, but I really need to wait for this thing to heal up before I get out and about too much.

Well I think that is about it for today. But I have included some pics I tool of Elem yesterday:) Enjoy!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Elem is here! The birth story.

Yes thats right! Our little baby boy is finally here! I know I have a lot of catching up to do and it has only been a week or so since I last wrote, but who knew what an eventful week it would be. :) I will start off with the birth story because of course that is the info that I am sure all of you want to know! And it was one tough day, but it was all worth it as soon as I saw little Elem. He was born on Tuesday May 8th at 6:10am and he weighed in at 6lbs 8oz and was 20 in long!

So I guess I will get on with the birthing story to make sure everyone is up to speed on the days' events. :) It all started out with my standard Monday morning weekly doctor visit. Seth couldnt go because he had to work that morning and we werent expecting anything crazy to happen, so his mom went with me! We went in and did the whole weight thing, at which point I found out I had gained another 2 pounds. Not too bad I thought and I was almost to the finish line, so pretty happy there. We went into the room and they did the blood presure, which has been the only thing that I have had trouble with the whole pregnancy pretty much. And she was not happy at all. It was like 140/93 or so. And it had been getting higher the last month and kinda hanging around in that area or higher. So she was like well I ll take it here in a little while but lets just check ya out to see how far you are dialated if anything. At which point I continued to tell her that I would be happy if she told me I was ready to go and I could have him any day now! As you all know I was totally done being pregnant. I mean I loved it but was just ready to meet little Elem and shrink in size a little bit to get some relief on those feet of mine. Doctor collins went ahead and checked me and I was like, wow yeah you are already dialated to 3cm!!! I was like what???

So then she continued to take my blood pressure like 5 times and every time it just kept getting higher, and she said okay Im gonna take it one more time to make sure but if it doesnt go down you are gonna have him today. And my exact words were...gonna have what? The baby? Haha. I mean I had been telling myself and everyone around me for the last month that I was ready to have him, but when the doctor tells you that today is the day and you had not really been planning on that exact day! Trust me, it is a shock!

I got the blood pressure checked and of course it was way up there, so she gave me my paper work and said, okay go to labor and delivery and Ill meet you there after I finidh my rounds! Seths mom and I were in total shock. We were both sweating and just like what? Today? For real? okay what do we do. So we went unto the waiting room and called. I told him what the doc said and that he needed to meet me at the house and the crazoid didnt believe me! He just kept saying stop messing with me its not funny! I was like I dont think this is funny at all. I am really about to go to the house and we are gonna have this baby today!!! Finally he said, I am about to tell everyone here that we are going to have the baby today so if you are kidding you better tell me now, and I just said baby I am not kidding I need you to meet me at ths house now. !!! We have to go to the hospital!

I went home and met seth and this was all about 10:00nd am. He took a shower and I grabbed the last of our things that were on my list and we were on our way. We showed up at the hospital around 11:00am or so and got checked in to what just happened to be the very last room! Thank goodness we made it at that time. Right away we met my first nurse asnd they hooked me up to some fluids, pentacillin, pitocin, and magnesium for my high blood pressure! That was the biggest scare because throughout the rest of the day they kept checking my blood pressure and it just kept getting higher and higher. So the magnesium drip was to ensure that I didnt have a seizure. ANd when I say high blood pressure I mean it was like 155/107 at some points throughout the day. From then on for about 3 hours is was just a waiting game. And luckliy I wasnt really feeling the contractions that bad. They really just felt like cramps.

Around 3:30 though, they told me they wanted to break my water and so I could have my epidural at any time. I was soo thankful because honestly it had kinda been a breeze until that point. The anesthesiologist came in and started prepping me to do the epidural. I was pretty scarfed but still knew it would be better than the pain from the birth. I got into the standard position with your feet hanging over the side of the bed and sitting up with your head down to your chest and he put in the lidocane for the general numbing of the back. That was the worst part but it just felt like a bee sting-literally. Then the waiting began. He couldnt actually give me the epidural until his attending came in the room. So we waited, and waited ad waited. And I did all this waiting with only my nurse and the guy giving the epidural, all my friends and family were kicked out. And this lasted 2 hours!!Have you ever tired sitting with a baby shoved up in your stomach and pressing on your ribs in that dang position for that long?? It is so not fun.

Anyways, she finally made it to my room and he finally got it in and it didnt hurt at all. I was sooo ohappy to have it. And at first it kicked in and I couldnt really feel much. They had to put a catheder in, which I was super scared of and I didnt even have to feel that! So yay! ANd then they broke my water and I didnt feel that either! I was so thankful. So everyone came back in and we all just kinda waited for me to start moving right along. Throughout the day my pain got worse and worse and I ended up having to call the anesthesiologist in like every h our to give me more medacine cause I was sitting there crying it hurt so bad. And it really shouldnt hurt if you have the epidural. I could still feel my legs and everything so I knew they could give me more medacine. Thank goodness for the Dr. Cook, who I seriously think was the best anesthesiologist ever! He was soo nice and so sweet and just reallly didnt want me to hurt. In the meantime several doctors came around and would continue to check me out but unfortunatley I only got to 4cm and 100% affaced by like 10-100pm. Which was not the kind of progress I had hoped to make when I showed up there at 3cm!

A few peeps came by, I think Dawn, Steph, Ajay, my sis, Spoon, Tommy, and the rest of both our fams, but I dont really remember what all I said to them. After a while I was just in so much pain I couldnt make much conversation. So about 5:00am they checked me again and I had only dialated to 5cm. All that time and only to 5. I was so sad. I knew that if I didnt dialate much more that they would call it quits. And they did. They told me that I was going to have to have a c-section. After alll that time. After 18 hours. No natural birth was going to be happening in there.

Only about an hour or 45 minutes later, they started rushing me and seth around to get us ready for the surgery. I was so scared. But you know, I knew it would be better cause Seth would at least be in there with me. Off we went. Seth in his gown and me on the strether thing. Haha. And they had pumped me full of tons of meds right before we left the room so I was on my way to a pretty numb place, or so I thought.

We got to the room and they draped this curtain pretty much right up to my face so I couldnt see anything and then they spread each of my arms out to my sides, like one of those frogs you disect in like 9th grade. Not cool. Then they started pinching me and asking me if I could feel stuff. And I was like yes yes yes. Until finally I didnt really feel much of what they were doing. So seth was at my head and he was holding my hand and I could hardly see him. Then all of the sudden, I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I could literally feel them cutting on my stomach. And it hurt so bad. I just started crying and screaming and telling them that it hurt and that I could feel it and the doc asked if it was just pressure or pain. I was like pain, pain pain! So they told seth he had to get out and I was just there on the table while the doc said he was going to put me to sleep. All the way under. Which was fine with me because I hurt so bad and could hear them all talking and just wanted it to be over with.

They put a mask on my face and in about 30 seconds I was asleep. And then the next thing I knew I was waking up with my sister and seths sister and seth all leaning over me and telling me that everything was okay and that Elem was here! Born at 6:10 am -6lbs 8oz and 20 inches long, And that he was okay! All his fingers and toes and everything went as it should have gone. I just started balling and couldnt stop crying for about 30 minutes. I was even more upset cause everyone was telling me how beautiful he was and how they had seen him, and there I was crying like a maniac and I hadnt even gotten to see my little baby. And I wouldnt see him until about 12 hours later. :( I continued to recover for the rest of the day just sleeping like crazy. I dont even remember people coming by to drop in, I was just so out of it. But all I know is that I woke up around 6:00 pm that night and they finally told me I could go se my little boy and that he was in the nursery cause he had to be in an incubater cause of the magnesium that I was getting throught the labor. They had to hook him up to an IV to give keep him full and what not and he had to get rid of all the magnesium before they would let him come to our room. Boo, not at all what I wanted. I so wanted him in the room with me.

Anyways. we rolled into the nursery and Seth and I got to see him nd hold him together! Oh he was so beautiful and so tiny and so perfect I can not explain it! Even though I was still really doped up on pain medacation, I was so in love gthe very second I saw him, it is something I will never forget. He was perfect, his lips and eyes, and nose, and feet and fingers. Everything. And he was just laying there sound asleep looking and being perfect and he didnt even know it. Then when we held him he opened his eyes and he was even more perfect. He has these great big blue eyes that just make you melt! And he was so tan and had so much brown hair. It was just the most perfect experience I have ever had in my life and I felt so lucky to finally meet him. Little Elem Zane. :)

And from then on he was ours. And we could go see him pretty much any time we wanted until he was released and could come into our room. Well I know this has been a long one and I have to take a break to go feed the little man! Ill pick up from here tomorrow! :) These are some of his first pics!

Friday, May 4, 2007

My Angel Pregnancy photo at 36 weeks 3 days

Right so the other night I was home by myself cause Seth was out of town working and I of course got the itching to take some pics. But since he wasnt there I was like man, Ill just try to do it in the mirror you know. Cause I had seen several of those like on babycenter and what not. So I got to take one and this is what I got! haha. How perfect is the flash huh? It really looks like heavenly. So, I know it isnt the best pic but I thought it was very angelic. How fitting.

Anyways, on another note, I have been so exhausted lately, everything is just really taking its tole! Everyone who said the last month you are just ready to be done was so so right. One side effect of being pregnant, for those of you who dont know, is the nose stuffiness! Like to where you kinda feel stopped up a lot, but there is really nothing you can do about it. In one of our prenatal classes, the doc told us that just with your hormones and everything there is a lot of swelling that goes on in your throat and in your nasal passages and what not and that it is super comon for just about all pregnant women. This is one of the reasons when they give you anesthesia to deliver, they dont want to do anything where they have to stick one of those tubes down your throat cause everything is so swollen a lot of times it is too hard to do and other problems arise etc. Anyways-sorry for the rambling! But its true.

So back to what I was saying-one of the side affects is that stuffiness. Like you have a cold. And its way worse at night cause you know you are laying down and your head is not lifted up and what not. For me, its not only turned into an annoyance, but it has turned me into a snorer! haha. And I am so not a snorer. Maybe like every once in a while Ill breathe really heavy and what not, but I really dont snore. And as you all know I have been giving Seth the hardest time, cause he keeps me up sometimes with his snoring! Well, last night he let me know that I got him back. And actually the last few nights I have been snoring!

All I know if about 3 o' clock this morning I woke up to poor seth pulling some covers off my feet. At first I thought he was being like super sweet and covering me up cause the blankets were all at the bottom of the bed. But when I kinda woke up and was like, hey are you okay? You know whats the matter, he was just like, I am going in the other room to sleep. Again, not being a natural snorer, I thought he was like sick or something, so I asked if there was anything I could do. No he said. You are just snoring so loud I cant sleep at all.

haha. haha. haha. Aw man! That sux. I so did not want to be that person. haha. So this morning I wake up and apologize and what not and thank him for being so polite and then I told him I didnt even ever hear him wake me up through out the night to stop snoring. And he comes back with , uh which time, like the 5 times on the couch or the 20 times throughout the night?

Needless to say I got him back for all those nights of restlessness due to the loud snoring coming from his side of the bed. Hopefully, this will go away soon or at least when I have Elem. I dont think we will ever be able to sleep in the same bed if I keep it up like I did last night! hahaha.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bags packed and in the car!

It is finally that time! Time that is to get the bags packed and the list ready to head to the hospital-in case of any labor situation that might arise before May 26th! Which to be quite honest I am hoping does occur. Those of you that I see every day, already know that I am so ready for Elem to come on into the world and for me to not be pregnant anymore. Not that I dont love feeling him move and seeing his little booty role across my belly, but the whole being so heavy and feet so swollen that they dont fit into my tennis shoes has about done me in! ha!

Yesterday I made the Target run and grabbed all the little things that I needed to get the bags a packin! I grabbed all the miniature toiletries that are a must, cause who wants to pack their face wash and soap every day just in case you go into labor! Not me. So I got the miniature must haves-the toothpaste, the tooth brush holders, the face wash, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, etc. And then I also got 3 nursing bras! I didnt have any yet cause they have been so dang expensive every where I look, but they were on sale for like 15 bucks, so I figured it was a good time to get em.

Then last night I got everything out and began packing. It was kinda fun but also kind of a reality check, like whoa...I am totally packing my bag for when I am in the hospital delivering a baby! Crazy! But so so exciting! And I did my best to think of everything for both me and Seth. I got the t-shirts, comfy pants, tank tops, boxers, sweatshirts, hats, hair bands, bobby pins, lots of socks, flip flops, and all that jazz ready to go and nicely folded in a cute little bag! Then I also got all those toiletries i was telling you about ready to go as well! Other than that we just have Elem's stuff which includes the much talked about "going home outfit" -which we still have not decided on. But what we did decide is that we want to see him first and then decide what he should wear! Yes we are silly like that, but we both think it is best! With that in mind I packed up three outfits! A little white onsie with the Razorback A on it of course, that has a little razorback baby hat that goes with it! Super cute! And then my personal favorite, a tie-dye onsie. I mean hello, how perfect is that! And then this itty bitty preemie orange and blue striped outfit that has a couple of little frogs on it in, which is cute too. So I think we will check with Elem and see what he wants to come home in and then decide. :)

Altogether, I think I have pretty much everything. Mine, Seth, and Elem's stuff all packed and in my car! I am sure there are a few things that I might come across to add, but I just want to have as much of it ready as I can to make sure that just in case anything happens, there is one less thing to worry about! :) And on top of that, I spend more time at work than I do at home, so there is no tellin when or where it might happen. I guess that is one surprise in life you just cant plan! haha.

Other than the bags I also got the list started and on the fridge with the things we dont want to forget! Like the pillows and phone chargers etc. Hopefully that will help us to make sure we get everything before we go and just make our time there that much more comfortable. :):) It is getting close, only 23 days to go! And tonight my plan is to get the car seat base buckled in and get the car seat in there ready to go as well. I gotta get Ali to help me figure it out cause I have no idea. I tried yesterday, but got so out of breath in like 5 minutes, I decided to take a pass and let her do her thing since she already has one in her car! But we are movin right

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And the glider is here!

Yes I am so so excited that I had to update! The glider is here and all ready to be sat in and rocked away! My mom called me on Sunday and told me that she wanted to get us a glider which I have totally been wanting soooo bad! So of course I was pumped and picked one out ASAP. Then she ordered it on Sunday night and it came yesterday! SO it only took two days to get here. But Seth was out of town so I knew it wouldnt be put together last night, but then when he got here tonight he toally hooked it up and put the thing together for me. I tried to help but I am just not very good at that kind of stuff. Not these days anyways, my feet tarted hurting and all I wanted to do was lay down. haha. So needless to say we are ready for Elem to get here so we can sit in the glider with him. Its going to be fab!

Talk about a rough morning!

Seriously, I mean this morning was insane. I hate to rant and be that crazy hormonal emotional 9 month pregnant woman, but today is that day for me. haha. I have tried so hard to keep my spirits up, and I really have done good if I do say so myself. And not have any major breakdowns-until today. And actually as you will see I didnt go too crazy, but for it not even to be 9am when all this happened, I think you can agree with me that it was a rough morning.

It all started with me not getting a good nights sleep. WHich is due to the fact that I just can not get comfy. It is just not possible. Its like my back hurts and I need to lay down, but then laying on your back all day makes your back hurt. Does that make sense?? It is like a vicious cycle!!! And to add to that Seth was out of town last night for work, so he wasnt there and I think that just kept me up too! So I wake up this morning to go pee of course at like 5am, and I cant breathe-through my nose that is. And you know how that is?? Like you try sitting up, but you want to go to sleep but you cant breathe through your nostrils. Well I cant stand that. It is one of my pet peeves. And then to add to that, my back was hurting AND my freaking feet were killing me, and I had been laying down since about 6pm last night. It was aweful. How can you keep your feet up for like almost 12 hours, and them still be so swollen and hurting before you even get out of bed. Add on top of everything, I am having like these cramps, just like my stomach is hurting and so it just felt like my entire body was breaking down!!!

So I get up and call Seth and am already crying because I was just so uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was feel good! I went ahead and got up at like 6:30am which is an hour earlier than normal and jumped in the shower, hoping that would get my mind and body right and start over. Aftert my shower I got ready and let Sage out for a second which is what I do every single morning. And every single morning she goes and does her thing and comes right back and just chills while me and Seth get ready. Out she went and I went to make my lunch. But then after about 5 minutes, she hadnt come back..and I kinda started getting worried. So I went outside and called her a couple times and ...she never came back.

Have you ever seen a 9 month pregnangt woman walking around in the rain looking for her 9 pound shih tzu with a bow in her hair???? Have you? Well if you would have driven around my neighborhood between the hour of 7-8, you would have seen me! I was that girl. ANd not to mention that I was crying my eyes out because I couldnt find her! She never runs away! Ever! She always comes back. So Seths dad came over and helped me look and we both drove our cars around looking for my little girl. Finally, I went down about 2 blocks over and see this little black and white fur ball trotting down the middle of the street-soaking wet and covered in mud. As you can see in the pic she was quite a mess. Bow all crooked and what not, and just overall raggedy lookin. I wouldnt be surprised if she was sick from being in the dang rain all that time. SO I speed up and get right behind her, say her name and she turns around and sees me and runs and jumps in the car! It was like she was scared to death and she also knew she was in trouble immediatley. I started crying even more and laughing-I dont know what all was going through my head. I was just so happy to find her. I am sure the people across the street thought that I was crazy, I am sure I looked like it anyways! But whatever! That dog is my most favorite thing in the world-next to Seth and I do not know what I would do without her.

Who knows what she was doing or where she went. But she must have been doing some serious business cause she was so nasty. Just trotting down the road in the middle of the rain?? Really?? Oh it was so aweful. I have never been so upset or been so scared. I just really thought the worst and that something bad had happened to my little baby. So for now she is safe and sound at the grandparents house after getting a good scolding as well as probably almost suffocating from my hugging her once I found her. :) So what a day. That is it though, hopefully everything will be moving in the right direction for the rest of the day! I dont think I could handle any more breakdowns at this point. haha.

Now I know that probably just sounded like a crazy hormonal pregnant woman, like I warned you at the begining, but I just couldnt react any other way! I wanted to be positive, but it was just so sad. I am trying for the rest of the day though to be positive. Sage is safe and sound and Seth will be back tonight. I am hpoing for the best! Relaxation and less stress is the goal.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

swelling and check up at 36 weeks

On Monday I went in for my 36 week check up. It was pretty much a routine visit, except for the fact that I had to do a 24 hour urine sample. Okay for those of you who dont know what that is-like I didnt, it is way crazy! haha. Basically last week while I was in for my visit, they let me know that the last three times there had been protein in my urine, which can be a sign of preeclampsia. So they were a little worried and told me that I would be doing a 24 hour urine sample starting when I woke up on Sunday and bringing it to my appointment on Monday. So the nurse went ahead and told me what all that entailed which was quite a lot. She gave me this huge jub that was like a gallon or two in size and it was orange and looked like a freakin minute maid jug and also this little like throw away bed pan kinda thing that I was supposed to pee in every single time for 24 hours. haha. I know it is grose, but hey I had to do it so I am sharing. So anyways, on top of all that, we also had to keep it cold. So needless to say we had to set asside some space in the fridge to keep it nice and cold.

And then to top all that off I had to take it with me to the doc on Monday. Even though it was a pain to do it, I knew it was for a good reason and I didnt want to mess anything up, so I did what they said. And I took it in on Monday when I went in for the visit. When I got there we did the regular and weighed in and checked the ole blood pressure which this time was better and not so crazy. And I had gained another 4 pounds! WOW! Please tell me I am done gaining weight! PLease. haha.

SO then we went into the room and she just ran through the regular check up and measured me and I measured 37 and 1/2 which is great and then we listened to his heartbeat which was in the mid 140s again. That is where it has been the whole time. And then she started feeling around to kinda see if she could tell how big he was, but instead of being able to tell us that, she told me that I was having a contraction while she was feeling around on Elem! How crazy! And I didnt even know what it was. I just thought it was him moving. But she said it was definitly a contraction, which I am very happy to hear. I mean that means we are almost there! Or at least well on our way to the finish line!! Actually from today it is only 25 days. Till my due date that is. And I am so so ready.

After she felt around, and let me know that I was super excited and I kinda dont remember anything else that happened. Except for the fact that I told her how swollen I was getting. She checked out my feet and hands and said you know just the same ole same ole, to keep them up. But seriously did you see the pic. I mean I usually have pretty little ankels and boney feet. But no, not by the looks of this pic and not with all this weight. I kinda think my feet are like in shock from all the weight that they are having to support. I would have to say that other than the back pain, this would be the most uncomfortable part. I mean you need your feet for everything!!! And you dont realize how bad it sucks when they hurt. I cant clean the house, do laundry, cook or anything with out having to stop every 5 minutes cause they end up hurting so bad. But it is almost over and I will be so happy to have my regular ole feet back and feel light again.

Other than that everything is going great. I have kinda put a stop to the working out everyday cause of the whole feet be so swollen thing, but I have still been walking just about every day! I really wanted to work out till up to the very last minute. But pretty much as soon as I turned 9 months, I didnt really have a choice. First and foremost cause my feet didnt really fit into my tennis shoes anymore, but also just the weight in general is a lot to carry when you are trying to get going on the elliptical. I am super anxious to get back to that as well though. I know I am probably going to turn into a workout freak once Elem is here! I cant wait!

Oh yeah and so after I left the doc I went to work and she called me later that afternoon to give me the update on the protein test. If it was above 300 then I had to go on bed rest, which just was not going to work for me, but luckily she said my number was really low and everything was fine. Elem and I are doing great and just waiting on him to get here.