Thursday, July 26, 2007

More family pics and a much better week

Yes thank goodness this has been a much much better week at work. I can safely say i will be staying and I am happy with my job. I have got a long way to go, but I actually see some light! Which is more than I could say this time last week. haha.

Although the job is good stuff, more importantly, Elem has been doing fab! He is totally getting his little personality more and more every day. As soon as I get home I just want t grab him and just look at him and kiss him. And he starts smiling right away and I just love it. He is recognizing Seth more too! Its like all of the sudden he is really liking Seth, and other family members too. I think he is just an overall happy baby that likes attention from every which way he can get in. :) And I have plenty to give so no problem there.

These pics were actually taken cause we liked his little outfit. I mean does anyone know how freaking cute a 2 month old baby by is in poka dot pajamas??? Well they are really dang cute! At least my little boy is! ha! Seriously, that was the reason for the snap shots but I am just glad to see a mommy/elem pic. You know its kinda hard to get in any pics with the little guy cause I am always the one snappin.

Happy to see a nice family shot here. This is the best 2 month family shot we got. The pic is from Ali's birthday party so we were all actually dressed and everything, so this one will need to be a framer!

But you know when you see these two and their cute little faces, who wouldnt want to take their pics. First of all they are both just too cute for words. And then the fact that Elem is a mini me of Seth makes for even better pics.

Again just thankful to have this one. :):) Please disregard the really nice t-shirt that I have on, but geez-when you have to breast feed like every couple of hours at night, you are lucky to even have a shirt on! Ill take what I can get.

I took this one in the swing. Its like his little eyelashes keep on growing and growing. I can tell he is already going to be a little heartbreaker. Especially when he smiles, which is all the time! You know those gum only (no teeth) smiles. ??? They are the best. Each time he smiles it kinda gives you a little glimpse of what he is going to look like as a little boy. Now as you can see so far the eyes are staying blue. Actually getting bluer and bluer each day. Like a dark grey blue. So pretty!

And last but not least, an action shot of him trying to get his fists. I know a few posts ago I mentioned how he is obsessed with his fists. Well he still is and he just loves to find it and put the whole thing in his mouth and just slobber away, I caught him here in the bed trying to go to sleep just a suckin away! hahaha.

Okay since he is asleep and my mom is here to help me I am going to take advantage of the quietness and try and drift off early! Love you all!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Family Pool time!

Like I said, my mom was able to come all last week and one night we went over to Seth's parents to chill!

Now as you recall, last few times we have put Elem in the water, it hasnt been the best timing and he hasnt been too much of a fan. But he LOVES the bath so much that I just knew he would be a water baby one of these days. And we were finally right! He decided to take a little swim on like thursday night around 7:30 or so and it was so fabulous! The only thing was the mosquitos were majorly out to get us! But other than that, it was just a chilled night in the pool, with Ali, Dustin, me Seth, and Elem. He was so cute and didnt cry once! I was sooo happy! I mean look at that little face.

He is so interested in the trees these days. And very intrigued by the water too!

So yay our whole family appears to be water babies. Haha. I love to swim and so does Seth and we were hopin Elem would too! So as long as its not too bight and the water is not too chilly, I think he is down!

He is so interested in the trees these days. And very intrigued by the water too! Its funny to watch him. Its like the minute we walk outside, no matter what is going on. he immediatley chills out. He could be crying histerically and then you walk outside, and Elem is happy! So at least there is always one way you know you can chill the little guy out if he starts having too big of a fit! Wel i think we are going to take a family walk, me seth, elem, and sage. So be back later. Maybe I can post some more pics in a few. I have tons of good ones that I need to add! Love you all!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow what a week!

Well where has the time gone. Have no fear I have not disappeared from the blogging world. Just been crazy busy and didnt realize how much time I actually had to blog while I was at home!

Man this time last week I was so nervous and worried about going back to work. And let me tell you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Not only did I miss my kid more than I could ever explain in words, but the job was way more crazy than I had expected.

I got up and was on my way bright and early Monday morning when I had to leave the little man with Grammy and Papa for the first day, and then my mom was heading in on Monday night to take care of him for the rest of the week. So I drop him off and go into what I thought to be just another day at the office. So I get there and find out that the kids I was going to be in charge of are actually already on their way to a field trip and I will be spending most of the day there by myself, labeling things and getting the rooms how I would like them before they come back tomorrow. So first day not so bad. Except for the missing Elem part. I mean all I did all day was think about him and just wish I could be home with him to hold him and rock him to sleep and go through the regular routine like I always do. But we gots to make a living right??

So day one, not too bad and I finally got to see my little man around 5:30pm/ So the next day I go in, and it was aweful! I mean I have never in my life had such a great challenge in front of me. Its not that the kids ar "bad" but more that they just have no discipline or respect for others-adults or children, what so ever! have you ever had to try and entertain and control 30 kids ages 6-15??!! thats right...6-12 I can totally do, but 12-15 is not my age range and I have no experience with that age group what so ever. So as the week went on, I found myself at work with tears streaming down my face in the middle of the day where I had to walk out and leave the room.

What a nightmare? Kids yelling at you, bigger than you are, fighting with each other, cussing, calling each other names, starting fights, and not thinking anything of any of it. Just another regular day. They walk through a room and just destroy things just to do it. Not thinking that it matters at all. Now the reason I took this job, of course for the opportunity to take Elem with me and also to help kids who REALLY need some stability in their life and who are actually getting a second chance. But the kids I was dealing with were not even thankful to be there. They were just angry. And I was just another adult telling them what to do and they did not want to listen to me. And all I could think of was how I could be at home with my baby and loving on him and holding him and kissing him, but instead I was at this homeless shelter where I was letting kids yell at me and run all over me. Not at all what I had thought I was going to be doing.

And I didnt even get to work with the daycare at all, because we are so understaffed. They really need me with the big kids until school starts, so I am going to have to work with them, which is not even what I was thinking I was hired to do. Man it was crazy....

So anyways, I did stop by the daycare to see if maybe it was okay for Elem. I knew it would not be perfect but thinking that he might be okay to come in like a week or two. well I was wrong. First of all I walk into the nursery and see two girls who are working with 2 infants and they are on the freaking computer playing games. Yes you read correctly. 2 teachers and 2 babies and neither of them was paying any attention to the babies. One was in a swing and 1 was in her crib laying down with a bottle, which is a no no and she was soaking wet with milk and they didnt even care. At that moment I was like, no way in hell I would ever put my kid in this daycare. Not now anyways.

Which leads me to my dilema. What am I going to do with Elem. The whole point f this job was to help other kids get the kind of education and preschool experience and love that every kid deserves and right now it is no where near anything I would ever ask someone to bring their kid too. Actually I would tell people not to bring their kids there right now. Just until I get everything up to standards and where it needs to be. I could go on and on but I wont. Lets just say it was an aweful first week and there is so much that needs to be done. I will be so glad when the school kids go back to school and I can start putting some time into the daycare fr all those little ones. I know I am here for a reason and I know I can make a difference. I just need to get going.

With all that said, and although I am so happy to be there at the homeless shelter helping all those kids, all I could seem to think about all day every day, was my own. My baby. Who was at home with my mom, it super good hands and getting star reatment I am sure, but no with me. :) I wanted to be with elem and I would give anything if I could stay home with him until he was like 6 months old. I just feel like at that age he will be more aware of his surroundings and maybe able to comfort himself better. All I could think about while I was gone was how he might be at home and thinking why did mommy leave me, and why is she not here to rick me to sleep like she usually is. Hopefully this week will be easier and I will be able to just trust that I cant be there and he is in good hands.

Here are a few photos I took of the little guy a while back. Thes first ones with the girraff are the two month pics that everyone has been waiting for.

As you can see the little man has passed the giraf already! Thats right he is huge! Elem curently weighs 14 pounds and is wearing 0-3 month clothes! And they are all fitting him pretty snug!

And here you can see he is totally aware of the camera sometimes. haha And he has just recently become aware of his fists. We will turn around and he will just be sucking away on those things. Its so cute cause

And hee you can see littel Mr. Elem chillin in his big boy aquarium toy that he loves. I think I have written about it before, but he just loves to sit and watch the bubbles that it makes. Its like he gets in this zone and just is in little bibble heaven. Ha!

As you can see Elem is getting big and just keeps growing every day! I miss him so much and so does seth! We wish more than anything we could just be home with him every day, but I know it will all be worth it to give him everything we want for him and to make sure he has everything he needs. Its hard to go to work but so awesome to come home to a smiling baby! Right now Elem and Seth are playing in the rocking chair and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love my family!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Going back to work....happy but sad.

Man 2 months and 1 week. Thats how old Elem is today and it seems like that number would never get here, but at the same time it seems like it got here too fast. I cant believe Elem is already that old, and that he is getting bigger and doing new things every single day it seems. But at the same time that seems like such a young age and not near old enouhg for me to be going back to work already. I am so so sad. I do not want to leave my little man at home. But at the asme time, I am so so excited because I am starting my new job. WAt the shelter and I am going to be helping sooo many kids that need it. And I know Elem is going to be coming up to the daycare here in like a couple of weeks but oh my goodness oh my goodness. It can not be here already!!! What happended to all that monther son bonding time. Where did it all go and why does it have to be over. For the entire day at least???

I have got to get myself ready for tomorrow so I thought writing about it might make it a little easier. I am so sad and I know I will cry as soon as I drop Elem off tomorrow morning. Its a sad day for me but also a new begining -a happy one, but I am just torn at what emotion to follow right now. I know in the end its going to work out for the best for our family , Ill have my new job, Elem will be at work with me, Seth will be good knowing he is there with me. But tomorrow it just seems unreal. So I am taking him to Paul and Phyllisis-Seths parents tomorrow and they will keep him all day. Then my mom should be here tomorrow night and she is going to take care of him thhe rest of the week. yay! So I am not worried about either of them atching him. I know they will do a great job. Its just that no one knows his little schedule, or what his cries mean, or what he needs when he looks at you a certain way, or how he likes his diaper changed, or how he likes to lay when he takes his nap. Its like there are soo man things to think about that I never thought about every single day that I have been home taking care of him. And do not know how I am going to tell them everything to do for him all day., Geez and I do not know if I will be ablt to keep from calling every two seconds! Whats a moom to do??

Oh man and then not only am I nervous and so sad about leaving Elem just in general, but also the breastfeeding. I have to make sure that everyone has enough frozen or thawed milk/ So far I have about 175 oz or so, so I should be good to goand be able to pump enough during the day to make up for just about all the feedings that he takes during the day, but there in lies my problem. I have been pumping or breastfeeding like every two hours throughout the day. Now when I go to work, i am only probably going to have about 5 minutes every few-3-4 hours to pump. The thing is, is that we are already tight staffed and its really hard when you are in daycare business, to aeven take a bathroom break. If you think about it, you are always responsible for so many kids. And you just cant up and leave them to go pump. So I am worried that I am not going to have enougfh time to do that and I am going to leak everywhere!!!

We also have a field trip to the childrens meusem and I hope I can pump whlile I am therer . haha. Its crazy, a year ago this time I was wondering what kind of drink I should order during happy hour and now I am wondering if my little boy is going to make it through the day without me and i I can have enough time to pump throughout the day. where did this year go?? And I hope I make it through tomorrow.

I know I am way way behind on two month pics and the two month milestones. I swear I will get those up this week. Think happ thoughts and send your positivity my way. :) Ill be needing it. Love you all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poker time with daddy is fun!

I am assuming that everyone knows what a big craze there is with poker right now and Seth and I are right up there with all the crazies who love to play. And I caught Elem and Seth having some boy time on the computer playing some poker the other night and the pics are so cute. Elem is sportin his tye die outfitg which is my favorite. He just looks so cute!

Anywyas, I have been so busy on the baby book I havent posted the 2 month pics, with the giraff, but I will. Soon! I have to take my computer and phone into work today so I have also been spending a lot of time transferring ALL my photos from this laptop to another one. SO lots going on. But I will post those pics soon. I got some really good ones and you wont believe how much he has grown compared to the first month with the giraff pic.

Oh yeah and on Friday he is getting his 2 month shots! :( It is going to be so sad. He has to get 4 shots at 2 months, 4 at 4 months, and 2 more at 6 months. And I think like there are 2 nurses who each have two shots and they go at the same time on each of his legs to make it faster. Oh I amsure I am going to cry. Geez I dont even think I could handle getting a shot in my leg. On a positive note, Elem has so much "chunk" on his legs maybe he wont feel it! haha. So think happy thoughts around 8:30am ion Fiday for the little guy. He'll need it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Workin' on the Baby Book

Wouldnt you know that this being my very last week before I go back to work, I of course realize that there are sooo many things to do before I go back. Starting on Elem's baby book being one of them. And you know its not like I havent troed, but until this week, he hasnt had like any kind of a nap schedule at all. And then starting like about 4-5 days ago every day he takes a nap from 9:30am-about 11:30am. Which is great time to get a shower, pick up around the house, let the dog out, and do a couple of random things here and there. But like I said, I havent had that kind of scheduled time until now. I mean there was no way I was going to take time that he was awake and that I could have been spending holding him and loving on him to do his baby book. No way! But now I DO have that time, and my week is already running out. I go back to work in only a few short days and the baby book is a huge undertaking! I had no idea how much time it took.

Dont get me wrong I definitly want to spend a lot of time on it, cause I want it to be around you know in the long days to come and up to date and what not, but a new mom only has so much time dont cha know! So I got to work on it at the begining of the week. The cool thing, is one of my best friends -Dawn Hancock, gave me this book as my christmas present last year. When I was about 5 months preggers. And I loved it since the second I saw it. Its perfect. Lots of room for pics and documentation, but it asks you everything you want to lay out. And like you dont have to remember it yourself. Like...favorite food, first time you rolled over, who held you first, etc. Its soo cool.

Here is the front of it:

And it has the great front page of dedication to our little man:

It has been sooo much fun putting it together though. I ordered tons of pics and have been jotting things down since he was born to make sure I remembered, But once you get started there is like no stopping me! ha! There are awesome little picture borders for all the pics of like a new born pic of mommy and baby and a newborn pic of daddy and baby. To make everything look a little more scrapbooky if you will and a little more put together. So its awesome.
And there are great little compartments-well envelops for things like his hospital bracelet or tiny trinkets that you want to hold onto. I chose to hold onto to the itty bitty teeny tiny hospital bracelet. And for those who decide to hold onto your babys unbilical cord peice that falls off when they are like two weeks old, yuck. And no I did not save that. But you could put that in there if you wanted. haha. But here is Elems little bracelet. Amazing how small it is when you look back.

Only thing with putting this baby book together is I have created somewhat of a mess. But its just too hard not too. You have to get all the pics out to see what you have and which ones will look best. You have to get glue and scissors and what not and it is a little overwhelming. But once you start to see it come together it is soo cool. For now, this is what my living room floor looks like. :

Safe to say I do put it away at night, just for my own sanity. And the book well the picture part anyways is almost done. And going forward I should be able to add stuff on like a weekly basis, instead of having to make up for like 2 months. I can not get this far behind again. The book goes through the first 3 years of life, you know first hair cut, first tooth you cut and so on and holidays,k so I am going to do my very very best to keep up with it all. It should be fun if anything and something great for Elem too look back on and see his friends and family who have been there for him since before he was ever born. The very first pic as a matter of fact is the peanut ultrasound that was included in my very first blog ever. So thats cool.

but like I said it is a lot of work and I am having so much fun. Ill keep you posted on the progress and if you are ever at my house be sure to ask to see it. Youll love what we have got so far!

Social Security Card is here

Yes the other day Elem's social security card came in the mail. How crazy? It seems like I was just laying in my hospital bed and the nurse was showing me the paper work and telling me that it could take up to 10 weeks for us to receive his social security card. And now it is here. I guess that means our little man is official!

So what exactly do you do with your kids social security card? I mean, I have mine and I know at some point my mom gave it to me to hold on to. But Like do you put it in your wallet and hope you dont lose it? Or do you put it in a special file and hope it doesnt get forgotten? You cant laminate it. So what do you do with it? haha. I guess I will start his little file and put it away.

And actually I just realized, since I am am big in to visuals, I took a pic and was going to post it just for you know a visual or whatever, but I am so not going to do that cause I dont want any crazoids taking his social security number and stealing it from my little baby! No way! Anyways, we got it and Elem Zane Shelby is offically social securitied up!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Elem rolled over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only have a second because we are heading out. But I wanted to make sure to document and let everyone know that yesterday afternoon, Elem rolled over from his stomch to his back! All by himself! No I wasnt there to see it-no one was, but we put him down in his bed on his stomach because that is the way that he likes to sleep and about 30 minutes later he was screaming bloody murder. Seth went in to get him and was like-hey he was on his back. Did we put him down that way? So we called his mom who had actually laid him in the bed, and sure enough, she put him on his stomach. I am so excited. Another milestone accomplished. haha. What a proud day! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stocking up to go back to work! a NEW work!

Yes thats right, about a week ago, reality hit and I realized that in only a few short weeks I would be going back to work. Crazy to think that I have already been off work with Elem for 8 weeks. Before I had Elem, I thought 8 weeks would be enough time to be with our baby and at least be able to go to work and be okay with it. Anyways, the time is here and its time for me to get back into the working world and start earning some much needed money and start saving for the ole college fund!

But good part is, I am going back to a NEW work. I got a great opportunity to be the daycare and afterschool care director of the battered womens shelter here in little rock. Its called Our House. And I took it! Although my best friends and people who I call family work with me at Perks, its just an opportunity I couldnt miss. I think it is the best decision for my new family and thats what means the most to me. The cool thing about the new job is I get free daycare which will be saving me about 130 bucks a week, AND I get to bring Elem to work with me every single day!!! :) WHat more could I ask for?? Other than staying at home for the next year, I think its about the next best thing. So I start on the 16th I believe or whatever Monday of that week is, and I suddenly realized that I am not going to be able to breastfeed at any moment like I do at home!

So like I said this was a couple of weeks ago when I started thinking about all this, and so I have been trying to stock up on breastmilk. Its amazing now that I have been sitting down and thinking about it how much actual milk he eats every single day. And I have to have enough so that I can work and do my job and have enough for him too. WIth that in mind I have been pumping away. Seriously I have been pumping like every single second I could to try and get as much saved up. ANd next week I am going to be like in overdrive!

Hopefully by the end of the week Ill have enough to ensure that he gets what he needs because I really want to keep breastfeeding for at least another month and hopefully for the first 6. Anywho-pray that I can get enough saved up to not have to supplement with any formula. Its just so much better for him and I only want him to keep growing and staying healthy. Even though he has turned into my little rolly polly. haha. But check out what I have saved so far. Looks liek a lot huh? But I got a long way to go. okay off to pump!

Just a few more cute ones!

Like I said, I had a couple more that I wanted to share so I hope you enjoy! I know I get a little excited over pics that pretty much look the same, but to me they are all just so cute, its super hard for me to decide which ones to put on here! :) I love them ALL!!!!

Elem and his toys!

So Elem is finally getting to where he actually likes to spend time in different kind of activity centers or toys or whatever you want to call them. He actually likes his swing now, which I was getting a little concerned over cause he didnt like it too much at first. But now he likes to chill in it for about 10-30 minutes, depending on what kind of mood he is in. And then of course he likes to play with that little baby einstein activity gym. Just look at how happy he is:

And then just recently I put him in this little round toy that has a seat in it for them, and their feet can touch the bottom. Just about touch at least. And the toy has little things all around it that they can play with and make noises, and then the whole seat moves in a circle too. Its great and he seriously LOVES it. His parents got it at a garage sale and I am going to have to get one too!

Now this one is just adorable. Its like he poses half the time I swear. He is all smiles when he is getting all the attention!

ANd then of course I had to take a self portrait of Elem and mommy cause we dont have too many of those around! I need to get on the ball and take more pics of me and Elem and really me and Elem and Seth. Its like I always have the camera so I am always the one taking the pics of Elem and Seth, or just Elem mostly. But this one is pretty good!

It is so amazing how having several things to put your baby in can help you with your day to day stuff you need to get done. Like taking a shower for instance! :) I can put him in the swing and do the dishes, then move him to the little aquarium seat with the bubbles that he loves and take a shower, and then move him to the circle toy at grammy and papas and go get in the pool and so on and so on. Not that holding him isnt the best, but now that he is 12lbs 6oz-HUGE I know, it helps to have places to put him so he can be stimulated and give my arms a break.

I have a few more pics of him in the circle toy I am going to put up in just a sec. They are just too cute to pass up. I think I have some 4th of July pics too, but Ill have to get them loaded and then Ill write about that. Oh and Elem was officially 8 weeks yesterday so when he wakes up from his nap I am going to try and do a little photo shoot! Depending on the mood, Ill either take them today or tomorrow. We will have to see.

Oh and last thing, I went to shutterfly and finally did his birth announcements. I know they are a little late, but I have just not had any time to sit down and do them. But let me tell you, they are sooo adorable, I can not wait till we get them! :) Its going to be so sweet. If any of you whose address I dont have want to help me out and just add a comment with your address that would be most helpful! :) Brittney-I need yours for sure girl!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On our way to a healthy family

Thats right we are all on out way to a healthy family. And just in time I might add for July 4th, which is tomorrow. Although Elem is doing better, just has a lot of congestion in his head and snot in his nose, and I am kinda getting rid of this cough and my throat is not as sore, Seth has unfortunatley cought our sickness. He was the only one out of our family, his parents, and Ali and Dustin and Cecilia to not get it. But we spoke to soon cause yesterday he woke up with some head and chest congestion and now he has a cough. But he did catch it early and went on in to the doc to get a zpac so at least he is already on day two of those antibiotics! Hopefully he will be feeling better so that he can have a good time tomorrow. We are just planning on going to his parents to meet his sis and fam and just do some grilling out and spend some pool time. If Elem is feeling good and up to it, he will be doing some swimming too! :0 I cant wait! No fireworks though-if it were up to me there would never ne any fireworks. Although they are beautiful those ones that go way up in the air, they are so dangerous. And I do not want Elem to EVER be doing them. haha. I know that is not going to happen but I can dream cant I?

I havent really taken many pics of Elem this last week and a half or so cause he hasnt felt to good, but I do have these few of his having some happy time on his changing table and a couple of the day he started feeling better. They are way cute cause he is in his animal nightgown which he looks sooo freaking cute in! haha. For real though, its a hand-me -down from my cousin an Ann and I love it. So cute. Hand-me-downs are the best. Cause really they have only been worn like 3-4 times. They are sooo adorable.

Did I tell you that he LOVES the changing table?? Well he does. We put him up there and its like he is so happy to be laying down up so high. But you kniow I guess I would love it too. It must suck to always be on your back so much lower than everybody else. Anyways, I took these while he was playing and chilling after getting his diaper changed and his clothes changed. Its almost like he is posing. I love em!

ANd then here is is passed out on the couch. He is so funny.He falls asleep in any position and in any place. Here, as you can see, he is in a random place on the couch, where I was laying next to him and snuck out and left him to rest. Seriously that nightgown is so cute. And for those of you who are like, why do you put your little boy in a nightgown cause they are for girls...well they are not. Its so much easier to put just something over their head and not have to deal with buttons when you are getting up in the middle of the night. And when you have a fussy baby who doesnt feel like dealing with the bttons and what not. So hear me out, you will love the nightgowns if you ever get any.

ANd then here he is on the couch, just chill whie we played a little bit. The pic is a littel fuzzy but it was the best one I had. Since he didnt feel too hot I was trying not to use the flash so this is what we ended up with.

Anyways, like I said, we are all on our way to getting better and hopefully the 4th will be fun and we will all be feeling lots and lots better. Good enough to swim and eats lots of food at least! :)