Friday, July 29, 2011

Mommy and Elem

Take 1:

Take 2:

This little man is still in this phase of HATING to have his picture taken! And it drives me crazy. Literally. I don't even know why I try, because he despises it so much. Oh well, he is just going to have to grow right out of it because I am going to just keep on taking pictures until I am old and gray. And one day he will thank me for it! Right?

We are sooo busy around here, and since I lost my camera, the pictures are hard to come by these days...making blogging take a back seat because I don't have a reference to remember what went on during the last couple of weeks! So far-lots of changes around out home-new school class for Elem, new semester for mommy, new job for mommy, flag football for Elem, and lots and lots of every day things that just seem to overwhelm me when trying to fit everything in. Once of these days I will find time to breathe-I just haven't made it there yet! Haven't had a lot of time for family and friends over the last few months and I hate it!!!But I just keep telling myself only a few more months until I graduate (9 to be exact) and then I will have plenty of time to spend with friends and family. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Things are crazy busy with my little family, more than I could ever catch up with on this blog! But we have still found a few moments to be silly and get in some good ole play time in the playtime in the playroom!

Batman on a mission to find me!

Even Batman stops to play with his pirate ship once in a while.

Sage still gets in on the action and runs with the best of them! Her and her snaggle tooth that is. :) hehe.

We are looking forward to some cooler temperatures around our neck of the woods. Anything in the 90s would be a nice break from the 105-115 temps we have been suffering thru!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Final TBall Tribute

Towards the end of May, Elem had his T-Ball party to celebrate the T-Ball season.
I cant believe that the season is over, but I am happy to report that we ended the year with a bang! And Elem was more than excited to know a trophy was headed his way! haha. I mean isn't that what the entire season is all about when you are 4 years old??? ;) Once again I proved to be a little bit of the "over the top team mom", but I didn't even care. There wasn't a plan to have a team party or celebration or anything and knowing that my little man wanted a trophy more than anything was all I needed to make sure one got planned. So after the final game, we planned to meet up at Larry's Pizza the following night. Here are a couple of pics from the final T-Ball game of the 2011 season!

Getting ready for the game, Elem sippin' on some last minute sonic drink to get him ready to go!

Last game position-pitcher! Yay! Elem's favorite position by far. Giving us the thumbs up that he is ready to go and catch some balls!!!!

And.He's. Got one! Go E. Throw to first-throw to first.

He loves catching and playing in the field, but loves to run those bases more than anything else!

Go BlueJays Go!

I think my most favorite part of the entire season, was the look on Elem's face when we were at the T-Ball party and Coach Brandon said that everyone who was there had played good enough to get a trophy and he was about to call their names out. Elem's reaction=a big serious and very intense, " Yes! " in a deep growling almost face if you can imagine. hahaha. So typical of Elem, he was serious about being good enough to have earned a trophy. See his face below for image of the moment I am referring to.

Elem Zane Shelby getting his very first trophy ever. So proud of you Elem! Way to go!!

Coach Brandon and Elem showing off their awards.

What a great season, and what fun we have in our future if Elem continues to do this thing called baseball! We loved everything about it, we really did, and playing really helped Elem open up to being around boys that were his own age and that he didnt know from school. They were very rough and tough and he really hung in there even though he was the youngest on the team. I am so proud of him for really trying hard and not giving up. And for having a good attitude! Way to go Elem, we love you and hope to see more baseball games in the future!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Need I say more? This picture absolutely brings joy to my heart.

Elem and Jamal on the way home from a day at Wild River Country with the kids from the shelter. They both fell asleep mid drink and food. Elem loves Jamal, and I love that Jamal is sleeping on Elem's shoulder. They both have such a pure heart and I couldn't imagine 2 better friends. I love both of these boys.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My legs hurt.

This is Elem's newest catch phrase. Used of course when he is being asked to go take a bath, go clean up some toys, get dressed, or basically do anything he does not have planned on HIS agenda to do. Haha. It is quite funny to see him playing the Wii bouncing around, and quickly shift into full blown "crippledness" and "tears" as he slowly crawls on the floor to the undesired destination. Oh the joys of being a parent of a preschooler. :) As frustrating as it is to encourage/ command him to do as I say, it is almost impossible to hold back the smiles when I hear those all too familiar words, "but mommy, my legs hurt, I cant do it."

Unfortunately that smiling face, gets away with a lot around here. tsk tsk. What to do what to do?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spin baby spin.

This is my little DJ.

Loves to scratch some records just like his daddy.

Rockin' out to some funky beats I'm sure.

"I like that dirty base momma, do you?" -elem

Oh yeah...there it is. Music=happiness.