Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why cant I fit into any of my clothes!!!!!

Okay so its official...I am having a little trouble fitting into my clothes, and it is driving me crazy! And actually its not even that they dont fit (at least I am telling myself that), but that I dont look the way I want to look in them. or like I used to look in them anyways. And I know I sound a little whiny, but seriously, everything I put on, I just look a little overweight. I dont even look pregnant. More so like I have a beer belly. Which is not attractive at all. And all I want to do is freaking just be able to grab anything out of my closet like I was before, not spend very much time getting ready, and be done with it. But no, it is completley the oposite!!! I am trying on like 19 shirts every time I have to get ready, and then I just end up wearing a little jacket over whatever I pick out, cause it looks better that way! haha. Uhm hello I thought I was going to just stay the same size and just get a belly! Well at least that is what I want.........

SO not only has this been going on for about the last two weeks, but its official-I had my first meltdown trying to get ready on Saturday night to go out with Seth. I started getting dresed and everything AGAIN just looked like I had this belly sticking out and it wasnt even cute at all. So after like an hour and a half of digging through clothes I finally found a random shirt and some gouchos to wear. And then I ended up putting a little sweater over it anyways! It is very frustrating. Now all this said, I am still waiting out the joys of this pregnancy. Haha when when when are they giong to happen?

On a good note-I have not been sick for about a week now. Yay for me! But if I could just fit into my clothes and not look like I have been binge drinking I would be a lot happier. I am just in a yucky in between stage and it is not fun at all.

Okay there I am done with my whining. :) And I will be working out today at lunch.

Monday, November 20, 2006

headaches & nausea and more headaches & nausea

Why why why? I seriously think I have had more headaches in the past three months than I have ever had in my life! I know my doctor said they were normal, but geez, I feel like I am meeting Tylenol's monthly sales quota myself! And then not to mention I thought I had kicked the nausea bit last week---no such luck! It was back in full force this weekend. And I am sure it was due to bragging that I had been nausea free. :) haha. Anyways, today has been a good day. No nausea as of yet, and just a lone headache. Which I can deal with for sure! So no major updates, just still waiting on my body to say, " oh you're pregnant? Okay we get it now-no more nausea and no more headaches". I will keep you all posted as to when that day may come. And as for baby shelby, all is well that I know of, and I am taking good care of him or her! :) Thanks to all of you who have offered sweet thoughts and good advice! I so apprecaite it! Oh and one more thing! A chick at my work, gave me a little mini piggy bank, and I have turned it into a baby fund. So if yuo wanna drop by my desk, it is here and waiting! hahaha! :) Love you all!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kickin it off!

So I am starting this blog because it is a great time for new beginings in my life. I have a ton of things going on-great things at that-and I want to make sure I document all of them!! AND take this chance to share them with all the people I love! Well...for starters I thought everything in my life was already going great! I have a great job, the most fabulous friends I could ever have imagined, a great family-even though we are all kinda scattered about :), a great house-with 3 awesome roommates who I love to death, a boyfriend who makes me the happiest person in the world-most days that is!, and of course the coolest and sweetest little doggy in the world! So what more could I want?? I am only 26 and I already feel like my life is fluttering along perfectly!

But....little did I know all the suprises, or blessings really, that were coming my way!

The biggest and best surpise, that most of you already know-is that Seth and I are going to have a baby! Thats right I am 12 1/2 weeks and just went in for my three month check up yesterday! I was so super excited because I was finally going to get to hear the heartbeat!! Because up until now, I havent exactly gotten to experience the joys of pregnancy, you might say-more like only the joys of being nautious about half of the day every day, and usually spending at least an hour or so of quality time with myself leaning over the toilet on the nice cold bathroom tile floor! So needless to say I was ready for some "good stuff" and this apointment was just that! The only thing-Seth was out of town working so he couldnt go! But seeing as I do have the greatest friends in the world-Abby AND Dawn went with me to hear the heartbeat and hold my hand in case they told me it had like 15 fingers or something. :)

So I had the regular ole exam done and everything and everybody is as healthy as can be! Oh one more thing-I did have to do the weigh in (which I should have told my self not to eat before I went in! Dang it!) and I have gained like 10 pounds! So the walking is a must going forward! Anwyays, so then we got to hear the heartbeat and it was the most awesome sound ever! It was super fast and kinda sounded like "wham, wham, wham, wham". So I was already stoked about that, when she said-hey comon and lets go take some pictures and see what we can see in there! Of course I was so excited seriously I dont think I stopped grinning the whole way down the hall. Abby, Dawn, and I-and Elizabeth-the fantabulous doc-went to do the ultrasound thing, and I kid you not, it was the coolest most awesome experience I have ever seen or had in my entire life! The baby was super bouncy and was moving all over the place, you can see its head and body and even little legs and arms. And all this and it is only 2 inches-about the size of a lime they say!!! Now before you ask-no we could not tell the sex, but only like a month and a half or so and we can! Yay! But for real, I just stared at it and could not believe there was this itty bitty thing moving around like crazy inside of me! By far something I will never ever forget!

With all that said..I would like to introduce you all to "Baby Shelby"!! (for those of you who dont know that is seths last name :) )

I know it is kinda small but just so you can know what you are looking at-the head is on the right, and the body to the left-kinda like a peanut. And then the little thing in the "air" towards the top is one of the hands, and the little whit dots on the far left are the little feet. Well that is about it! I am so happy right now it is insane and I think I have been smiling since I left the doctor's office yesterday! For real! So thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of me and I will do my best to keep you posted on everything that is going on over the nest few months! And on one last positive note, I have been nausea free for about 5 days! I think that is a record or something! Love you all-Mindy