Saturday, August 30, 2008

Enthusiastic over blocks!

Elem has takin a new love of blocks recently. Big ones, little ones, hard ones and soft ones. Makes no difference to him. We have these little ones that I got a long time ago and we pulled them out the other night. He finds them no matter where we might try to hide them now. At first I thought they were a good idea, but Seth has assured me that we need to throw them away already! haha. He is not too keen on how often he steps on them during the middle of the night, or how frequently he gets nailed in the head with one! Look at him go!:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trip to the GI clinic

I haven't updated on the "crypto" issue for a while, because I really had nothing much to say but...we have no idea what is wrong with our little boy and it is driving us crazy! Everything has been the same, me trying all kinds of things to stop the diarrhea and it still coming at least a couple times every other day if not more! An increase in the gas and stomach aches for the little guy at night, and lots of sleepless nights for the three of us! However, all we could do was wait, and hang on till we could meet with a GI specialist. And today was that day. Originally when we set the appointment it was actually in November. Can you believe that??? I had no idea it could ever take so long to get in with a pediatric specialist. But luckily, we had a good friend who knew some body and got us in today. With Seth out of town, Elem and I headed to meet Grammy at the GI clinic at Children's Hospital.

I was a little scared at what they would say, but at the same time I had a sense of relief, because I was dying to get some kind of answers or plan going to get Elem feeling better and get his little insides on the right track. As soon as we got there, we got the best feeling. every one was so nice and the atmosphere was calm. Which reassured me it would be a good visit, no matter what they suggested. So we headed to the back where they got his stats, they measured his head, checked out his vitals, got his weight-which he weighed in at 27lbs and 1 oz (that is minus 15 oz in 2 weeks! Yikes! Not good at all) His height-which was 2ft and 8 inches tall! We finally met with the best nurse practitioner ever! She took so many notes and asked so many questions, and made me feel at ease. Luckily, my mom had given me the great idea a couple of weeks ago to start keeping a diary of everything Elem was eating and every time he was pooping etc. So I had like three pages of it all and it totally came in handy! I was able to give her accurate dates of when this whole things started, doc visits, weeks of diarrhea, what he was eating, everything! I was so Happy to have good info for them, and it ensured that there would at least be no wondering if and when along the way on the part of the doc. After she got all the info she could, she had to get a specimen to make sure there was no blood in his bowels. I wont go into details on that one, but it was not fun to watch, and Elem was to say the least-uncomfortable. :(

After the specimen was over, Dr. O'Conner came into the room, and got right down to business. She gave us a couple of options, including doing some blood tests, and ultimately doing a scope that would take some tissue samples and tell us exactly what we needed to know. The latter is what I was afraid she was going to suggest, and as soon as I heard it, my heart sank. Here is the gist-The crypto started all of it. And most likely the length of time he had crypto has turned out to be what has caused the damage. The damage done to his intestines, is possibly to the point where it just cant repair itself, but we wont know that until we go in and look. From what I understood, there are cells in the lining of your intestines that absorb the nutrients from your food when you eat them. And the crypt destroyed the cells or lining, and Elem is no longer absorbing the nutrients when he eats, but yet the food is just passing through his system and resulting in diarrhea. So he might need some help to rebuild that part of his intestines and get it back to where it needs to be. This is why the scope is needed. Also-the crypto might have unmasked another condition that Elem possibly had already. For example, polyps, ulcers, Crohn's, irratel bowel syndrome, etc. Not really sure of all the ones out there, those were just the things that caught my attention right off the bat.

With the second of the concerns come some questions on my part. That being questions in regards to my family history. Being adopted, I don't really know any kind of medical conditions that my biological family had or currently has. And not knowing is very frightening. It actually scares me to death. I have no idea of anything in particular which leads my mind to wonder to the worst of the options that could possibly be wrong with my son. Not a good feeling, but something I just cant help right now. Possibly something I will look into in the future, finding my biological family to ensure the safety and well being of my children. Its no fun to let your mind go crazy with the possibilities.

After a few minutes of deliberation and questions regarding the scope, we did come to a decision to go through with it. And that it would be pretty much the only option that would get us everything we needed in one quick check. This is how it will go: The surgery/scope will be on September 29th, (we dont know the time yet and have to call in the Friday before to find that out!). Elem can not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. (That should be lots of fun) haha. We will go to the main part of children's hospital, check in, and Elem will begin by receiving some light form of sedation in the form of a gas through a mask. The type of gas he will get initially , they informed me, will basically just make him happy, and make it to where they can take him from me, and off to the back. Once he has fallen asleep with the anesthesia through the mask only, they will give him an IV with the heavier sedation. He will be in the back away from us for a total of about 30 minutes! The procedure should only take about 15 minutes, during which Dr. O'Conner will take a scope and put it down his through into his stomach, and gather some tissue about the size of a pen top. She will then place a scope up through his little booty :( and gather some tissue the same size from his colon?? I think. Not exactly sure on that one. I got a little sidetracked when they said the word scope and mentioned putting it down his throat. Geez.

She assured us that she has performed this surgery many times and that this is what she would recommend. She was very calm through the whole thing and didnt make it out to be a big deal. But in my head I was shouting, "What in the world, are you insane woman!?" "A scope? Where? And then you will do what? Okay I cant let my mind get the best of me, Just listen to the good doctor."

After the tissue samples are taken, they will gat the blood work as well while he is asleep, and that should be it. Based on what she can see during the scope, she will know a little bit-like if there is anything completely visible while she is in there, that looks out of place and what not. Once she is done, we will be there when he wakes up, and she will let us know what she found, or did not find. The additional tissue samples and cultures will take about a week and a half to be completed. At that time we will hopefully get some much desired answers regarding the health of Elem Zane. So for now, please pray that everything go smoothly, and no complications with the anesthesia. He is such a happy little baby, that it is hard to think about him in a state of vulnerability.

The anesthesia is my biggest fear. When I think about ME being put to sleep as an adult, I think how great it is, and how cool that they can knock me out and me not feel a thing while I get worked on! haha! But when it comes to our little baby, it is not so funny. It turns serious, and much more terrifying. From what I got, the only complications with sedation or anesthesia during this scope would be if he were to asperate fluid from his body into his lungs...or something like that. Honestly when she said, there is a complication, I just kind of shut done. It is very scary to hear that and think that your little boy will be "knocked out" pr say and you cant be there to watch and make sure everything is going okay. I know it is a minor procedure and everything will go great. I just cant let my mind wonder.

On a good side note, Becky's husband is a nurse anesthicist. However you spell it. And he does colonoscopies all day long from what I hear. Well not the procedure, but the putting people to sleep part. :) So you are correct when you bet I will be calling Vincent to give me the type of medication and the dosage Elem should be given based on his weight, and I will be cross referencing it with elem's anesthesiologist! haha. For real, why not? In all honestly, I am really scared, and I am going to try and be positive. Knowing that something has to be done to get some answers why our little man is so sick. Hopefully, we can see the problem and get some meds in him to get him back on track. Now all we have to do is wait, and keep the diarrhea to a minimum. SO I will be focusing on that!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Insight to his night

Last night, we got home, and Elem was being so silly. Just running around, and loving on everybody and everything. It was too cute. He continued with his obsession with the play vacuum-although he would have rather been playing with the real one, and I looked over and he was vacuuming his big blow up trampoline. He was also running back and forth and falling face first into the floor. That is what I originally was trying to catch on video, but ended up getting him with the vacuum and saying some of his words. the footage is not all that clear, but its still worth watching. :) Its pretty long too, but towards the end I asked him to repeat some of his words, and you can kind of hear it. I thought it was cute at the time. So enjoy-my little boy growing up playing and just a talking away.

A night out in August

A couple of hours out at least! About 2 weeks ago Seth and I went to one of my best friends house for her Birthday Party! We were so excited that it was starting at 5:30pm because that meant we could actually get to go. Grammy and Poppa go to bed pretty early, and dont really like to keep the kids if it is going to be really late, but they are totally cool if it is early. So we took advantage of the early start time and dropped Elem off and headed to Dawns house. Of course we were the first people there! And the next to arrive were my pregnant friends. Haha.

Happy Birthday Dawn.

Kristi, me, and Steph. This was like 4 days before Aidan was born. :) And she still made it out. That is what I call a good friend.

All the old roomies together again. Well Kristi, Dawn and I. These are the girlies (minus Domi-who had to work) I lived with before Seth and I bought our house. :)Well Steph never actually lived there with me, but she lived there before me. And she and I have been frendsand were actually how I met the other girlies. Me and Steph go way back to the good ole Saucer Days. I need to find a pick from when we worked there together and do a comparison! haha. I love these girls. And now everyone is a little older, wiser, and most of us are mommies -or soon to be mommies. I miss good old North Cedar.

Although we only staid for a couple of hours and then headed bacl to pick up Elem, we had so much fun! It is really good just to get out and be together and have some alone time. We actually dont get out that much, because we both work, and are so tired, that we end up spending most of our time at home just chillin on the couch. We have so much fun together that it doesnt really matter where we go. Even in the car we have a blast. Mostly him making fun of my driving skills I think is why we have fun in the car, but whatever!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

15 month milestones

This month I feel like we have seen the most changes in Elem to date. Over a month long period that is. He has grown, physically, emotionally, and mentally so much that it is amazing to see the changes. He is right where we would like him to be at 15 months and we couldnt ask for a better baby. He is so loving, so hyper, yet calm, kind hearted, and free spirited, that my heart melts every time that I think he is a creation from Seth and I. Who knew we were so cool, right? haha! I decided to do it a little different this month, since I tend to ramble like crazy once I get started. Here we go:

-27 lbs 15 oz
-31 and 1/4 inches tall ( I think, I just tried to measure him and he was running from me)
-10 teeth (just got in 2 more on the top middle towards the back)-there could be more, but I havent seen any yet???
-head circumference -18 inches-haha I tired to measure that one as well!
-wears a 6 and 1/2 shoe

Large Motor Skills
-climbs stairs on his own
-runs just about every where he goes-a walk is hard to come by these days
-can throw, kick, slap, shove a ball anywhere and everywhere you want it to go. he LOVEs to put it in the basketball goal(seth is very proud of this)
-stands on tippy toes when trying to reach something up high
-can push a ride toy backwards while sitting on it
-climbs up toddler slides and slides down by himself
-push and pull anything, several things at once
-lift heavy objects and keep balance
-does not understand the aspect of going down the stairs-he often misses and falls
-walks backwards with ease
-steps to put on pants when getting dressed and pushes arms through all by himself when getting dressed

Small Motor Skills
-feeds self with spoon or fork with no problems
-Brushes teeth as much as possible-he loves it
-colors on paper with crayons
-can do puzzels with help-can pick up the pieces by himself
-opens smalls boxes, phones, cabinets, etc.
-matches lids to bottles, containers, etc. and putting things in and out of baskets
-takes socks and shoes off when he wants too

-knows socks and shoes go on his feet
-tries to sing alphabet-when he hears the song-I think he knows letter D. :)
-associates body parts with words-like nose, ears, and eye
-comes to tell you peepee and poopy-when he has peed. but doesnt know one from the other. just knows he did something
-basically follows any directions you tell him, usually without having to show him
-goes and gets a diaper when you said let me change your diaper
-goes and sits on potty when you tell him to go-not that he uses it or anything!
-goes and throws things in the trash when you ask him too
-responds to his name at any time with "huh"
-says sooo many words it is crazy-just to name a few: mommy, daddy, poppa, grammy, sissy (for cecilia), Du-tin(for dustin), sage, nana (for banana), dog, no, go, hey, bye bye, shoe, do-durt (for yogurt), bot-bot, poo poo, ooowww, dat tu (for thank you, peeeaase (for please), wawa (for water), huh, yum yum, top (for stop), uh oh, hewow (for hello) bat cume (for vacuum), night night, babae (for baby), up, vroom (for car sounds)bubble, gone gone, -basically anything you ask him to say he will try and repeat. It is so much fun!
-stacks small blocks, and then knocks them over of course

-gives kisses like crazy-smacks his lips and gives you as much love as you need-whether he knows you or not
-will only go to family members and close friends he is around often. Will not go to strangers ever!
-cries when we leave him-has major separation anxiety, unless it is with a close family member he knows well
-plays well with other kids
-does not share well-is quite the bully
-plays well alone-at length, with books, his toys, or just his bottle
-loves to go to school, and runs to class without needing mommy-will stay in his class at length, until he sees mommy then he needs to go with me. :)
-giggles and laughs all the time-at himself, us, and other people
-claps when he or someone else does something good. I like this one. :) Its sweet.

-the phone
-playing in or with water
-being naked!
-giggling, laughing, making you laugh, when other people laugh-hims is silly
-his bottle
-babies-he loves to kiss on them and touche them
-brushing his teeth
-wallering and rough housing
-the vacuum-his most favorite object
-his green and white blankey
-anything with motors-vacuums, lawn mowers, beaters, dust busters, or anything that looks like a dust buster and makes a noise
-shoes-and putting on our big people shoes
-playing with cars and saying vrooom
-any drink in a can-he is obsessed-would down a whole sprite or diet coke if you would let him!
-closing all the doors around the house, to every room, closet and pantry ( a little OCD maybe?)
-suitcases-big, and little ones
-to clap-and giggle-he thinks its fun

-elevators-he totaly flips out on them-cries etc.
-me changing his diaper
-being woken up when he is not ready
-when he cant get something open-it is very frustrating to him
-coming inside when he is not ready
-foods with weird or grainy textures-much like his mommy
-many juices or drinks-sticks to pretty much water, milk, and cran-grape

As always, I could go on and on about all the things Elem is doing, but I think I captured the main gist. I love looking back on these and seeing how much he has grown. Like I said, this month seems insane-just thinking about where he was last month in regards to words and following directions, and his better attitude. Seths's favorite moment these days are kisses from Elem. When he smacks his lips and leans over with eyes wide looking at you like, come and get it. :) And mine is actually the same. I love those big blue eyes starring at me and lips curved up to give sugars. You cant beat it. I also love to hear him say please. I make him say it before he gets anything-which is like every second of the day-because he is always wanting something. But it makes it all worth wild when you hear him say, "ppeeeaaaassee.". It is so sweet. We love you Elem and are so proud of you.

What to do with all that hair?

Is a famous question I hear pretty much every day. By my family, friends, and strangers off the street. Yes, Elem does get confused as a girl at least once a week, and I am not sure if it is from the long hair or people just think he is so pretty. haha. I like to think he is just to pretty. Anyways, now what are we planning to do with all that hair? GROW IT OUT! wahhoo. Yes Seth and I do not plan on cutting those luscious locks any time soon. We actually have no intentions on cutting it until either he tells us to cut it or until it becomes a problem. Like if he cant see or something! haha! Truth is, we love Elem's hair and we love it long. It is so fun to look at it all messy, and then to see it all pretty right when he gets out of a bath. It is so long these days and seriously has grown about an inch and a half over the summer. The bangs and the back. Now the back is actually about an inch past his shoulders when it is wet and bring brushed. So our main goal is to let is get as long as it wants to, still looking cute of course, and not allowing a mullet to kick in. There you have it. The hair is here to stay. And if any family member dares to cut it, be afraid, be very afraid.

Its just too great to do anything to it. We like it all-natural around here.

Nice and parted after a night time bath. Its super fluffy once it dries. :)

I often catch myself being annoying to him because I run my fingers through it too much!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Update on the Crypto

Not too great sounding of a title, but at least we do have an update. Last time I blogged on Elem I was pretty angry about the whole situation, and just overall very concerned for my baby boy's well being and health. We have since been taken a trip to the Emergency Room, along with a trip back to the regular doctor, to determine some type of plan for Elem Zane. In doing that, we did receive the results of three separate stool samples, and cultures-and he is totally NEGATIVE for all testable parasites, viruses, bacterial infections, etc. Which is a great sign! The ER is actually where we finally made some headway with anyone. The pediatrition at the ER contacted a few people in the GI clinic as well as the infectious disease clinic-which we wont be needing since he tested negative. After the Emergency room visit, which was really just a lot of waiting in the small room, and submitting a stool sample, our pediatricion called us to set up a consultation. Although we were not wanting to go back to that doctor, we did want to share our concerns with him regarding his clinic and at that time, we were pretty much open to any advice anyone could give us because NO ONE had any idea what could be wrong with Elem. Especially after he tested negative for everything. For example-while we were at the emergency room, on the board outside of the room where they have like all the room numbers and patients names and then what they are there for. Next to our room number, I think it had his name, and then there was a huge !. Right next to a huge ?. Basically meaning that no one new what he was there for. haha. Funny at the time, but not funny when he is sick.

During our visit with the doc, he did instruct us to continue using the lactinex granuals (which are putting good bacteria back into his body) since the antibiotics he was on for 2 rounds kinda appeared to have sent his body way out of wack! And then to give him some fiber through his bottle (which is totally not happening, because he will not drink or eat it, he can taste it and just does not eat or drink) so we had to not do that one. And then also, he got us an appointment for food allergy testing -although Elem is a little young-just to see if there was something really obvious causing the diarrhea, and then he also was getting us a referral to the GI clinic, because they have to set up your first appointment. I tried but they would not allow me to do it. This was a good start for our plan, because no one else was willing to start anywhere , and to be quite honest, we are just sick of our kid being sick.

We also shared some of our concerns about the clinic and the doc continued to apologize for everything that happened. And guaranteed us if we staid that he would get Elem fixed. So we decided to work on the few things that he had mentioned and we will most likely be going to another pediatrition soon. We are just not happy there, and that is it. But still, he knows more about our kid than anyone else does for now, and he could get us the referrals that we needed on that day! After that visit I got the name of the allergy doc I need to call, and then I also got the GI appointment.

So fast forward to today-Elem has officially been 2 days diarrhea free! Wahooo! Most people would think oh well that is normal, but hey not in our world! We are happy and hoping that it sticks. He is still eating pretty much the same bland foods, give or take a little and then still on those granuals. We will see by next Tuesday or Wednesday if he can stick out the no bad diapers, and if he does, then we might consider canceling the GI visit. But just when we were getting excited, he was up all night with gas, so it kind of threw us for a loop and we are wondering if we should just get the GI docs opinion and see if there is anything we can do to help his little tummy.

That is the short of the story, and for now he is just regular old Elem Zane. And we are just hoping for the best, and have learned many lessons from this. Most importantly - stick with your gut feeling, and dont stop until you have an answer you feel comfortable with-even if you know it is a little extreme. Nothing else matters when it comes to your kid-and you have to get the answer that makes you feel like they are okay. I know I am a bit over the top when it comes to my kid, but I have seen everything from the best to the worst care in my field of work, and no kid needs to suffer. Its just not fair. They cant help any of it.

Along with a little gas and a few tears, Elem is chillin outside and playin like a mad man like always. Not even Crypto could stop this boy! Here he is outside playing with the plunger. Could this be where he got the crypto you might ask? haha. Who knows! I thought the plunger pics were fitting.

Still pretty as ever-or handsome -whatever.

Look at that wittle booty. Not too much longer he can wear the rompers. :( I love them too.

Pickin mommy's flowers and playing with the plunger.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Aidan and Avery

Today two of my most favorite people-one of my very best friends-Steph, and one of my very favorite cousins and great friends-Leslie both became mommies! Steph actually checked into the hospital yesterday to be induced after a much long pregnancy of 41 weeks and 3 days! She tried to wait it out, but Mr. Aidan Patrick was not coming on their time. She ended up having a C-section around 2:47pm or so, and he came into this world weighing 10lbs and 7oz! Wow! Oh and not to mention he was 22 inches tall! Bless your heart Steph, I am so proud of you! And so happy that you are a mommy! You will be the best mommy ever!!! He is perfect and healthy and happy as can be! (He would probably have staid in there another few weeks if he could have gotten by with it, but I dont think Steph could have made it too much longer.

Leslie on the other hand, had a much easier and what I would call the quickest delivery ever! She has been a high risk pregnancy all along, so she checked into the hospital this morning at like 9am and Ms. Avery Claire was delivered via C-section at 10:30am. She was not a planned c-section either, but came out just perfect! She is more on the petite side and weighs 6lbs 4oz, and is only a mere 18 inches long. Sweet little girly. I am so happy for Leslie as well, she is going to be such a fabulous mommy too! Elem now has another cousin to play with at the family gatherings!

I was going to try and go visit each of them tomorrow or this weekend, but Ali called me and said she and Dustin were headed to the hospital to see Avery so I met them there as well. (Seth was out of town for the day and wont be back till late tonight). Luckily, they both delivered at Baptist, so I planned to go ahead and see both in the same visit. We did catch Leslie, CHad, and Avery, but Steph was all tuckered out. Although, I didnt get to see Stephy, I did see Aidan out in the hall, and he was only 5 hours old! He was peaceful, and had tons of dark brown hair, super thick, and to me looked just like Steph. I think. Or maybe Aaron, I cant really pick. Anyways, he was perfect, and just slept while we all stared at him. All wrapped up in his little bed. We saw Aaron on the way out too (the dad) and he was grinning from ear to ear, but looked so tired and let us know they were all done for the night! Which is sooo understandable. I am sure they had been up all night waiting on Aidans arrival. So we will visit him when he gets home.

Like I said, we did see Avery and fam and she was so beautiful. I did catch some pics too. Leslie looked great and actually hadnt been to sleep since she had her, so was pretty tired too. Elem LOVED Avery and kept saying, bay bay for baby. He just stared at her and really wanted to hold her. She was light as a feather too, so little and slept almost the whole time we were there.

Ms. Avery Claire Folse-looking just like her momma with her daddy's chin. :)

And mommy and Avery-Leslie looking so pretty after just having a baby!

Then of course one of Aunt Mindy and Avery :)

Elem and Cecilia checking out their new cousin

All stretched out and ready to eat!

What a great day for a birthday! I cant believe they were born on the same day but I am so thankful they are both here-healthy and each more precious than ever! You are both such great friends and I am so happy to have you in the mommy group. Its super hard to find cool moms out there. haha. I love you both and cant wait to spend more time with your newest additions.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crypto what?

(I have been writing this blog over several days, so forgive me if I jump around a bit. )This will be a long post so for those of you who only check for the pictures, you might want to skip on ahead, but I personally would like to remember this long journey we have been on over the last 8, almost 9 weeks........

Yes we have yet another venture into the wonderful world of medicine for this little family. And not a happy one I might add. As usual, Elem has continued to have diarrhea every single day, about 3-5 times on average, despite the original full dose of antibiotics prescribed for Giardia he has completed. Which to me, means he still has the giardia. So I did what any mother would do, call the doctor -AGAIN. I call, they tell me a nurse will call me back, no one calls back. I call again, they tell me a nurse will call me back, no one calls back. I call again at 5:50pm (10 minutes before they close) and the nurse finally calls me back one minute later. She tells me that 2 requests for approval of refill on antibiotic has been sent, but that the doc has not responded yet. And she tells me that my regular doctor is out that day and she is waiting on this other one. So I hang up, thinking I will get an answer the following morning and I was not happy about that. THEN, at 5:59pm she calls me back and tells me that she walked back to the back and specifically asked the doctor if he can call in a prescription for a refill. Of course he does and I am like thank goodness! I was getting so angry, just one more thing to add to my list of insane complaints about this clinic and the treatment my son and seth and I have received. I quickly headed to pick up the prescription and give Elem his first dose, and was on my way.

I headed off to work the following day, with a jam packed schedule as usual, and Poppa picked Elem up from school early. I get a phone call from Ali-my sister in law, and she says, so I guess you heard about Elem right? Immediatley I am scared to death and my heart literally sunk into my stomach not knowing if he fell or got hurt or was in a wreck or something! And she was like, yeah, Phyllis, (my mother in law) called her friend again at the clinic to see if she could get Cecilia an appointment to get checked out (because she has diarrhea bad)-and while on the phone they were discussing Elem, and the nurse told Phyllis that she just couldnt believe that Elem had "Crypto"-commonly the short term for Cryptosporidiosis. I sat there in shock and I just started bawling right there at my desk at work. It was awful. I just can not believe that I have been told so many different things so many times and now this. My kid does not even have Giardia-he has this. And it is even rarer than Giardia. And there are not that many outbreaks of it!

Now what is it you might ask???


Its grose and just plain dangerous to me is what it is! My little boy literally eats food and then it runs right through his stomach. And this water spread, chlorinie resistant parasite can be very dangerous for infants! So I continued with that refill on the antibiotic, which is called Alinia. Elem takes it for 5 days and completes it. One day out of those 5 I had high hopes and he had a regular poop! Wahoo, I thought, but it was just a fluke. He has continued to have 5-6 diarrhea every day no matter what! And all after 2 rounds of medicine. So at this point, I am done, and have no idea what to do. So I get ahold of my friend Jaime who is a pediatric nurse at Children's Hospital here in Little rock, and she gives me her thoughts on the whole thing, and is like go with your gut. So we were going to go to the ER but we decided to go ahead and go to the GPC clinic which is at Children's Hospital but still a regular pediatrician. We meet with the doc, and he does exactly what we thought he would do, says there is really nothing he can prescribe until he gets another stool sample and runs it to the lab to see if yet another infection or parasite has set in on my little sick baby boy. He also tells me to give him tylenol for the pain of the stomach cramps and mylanta to try and ease the gas bubbles and hopefully lighten up the cramping as well.

Of course this answer was not good enough for me. I continued to ask questions and beg for something else, and even asked if they would do more for him if we went to the ER. He was very nice and let me know it was our choice, but honestly without a stool sample they really cant start treating for random things. They want to treat for what he really has and make sure they arent treating for something he doesnt even have. I know he is right, and as I told him, it was just not the answer I was looking for. I wanted a quick fix, and I wanted some thing to relax his stomach and stop the diarrhea -I wanted a miracle drug basically! :) No such luck, and they sent us on our way with the container to gather the stool sample and went home.

Once we got home we just spent time with Elem, ate dinner, and chilled for a bit. Not too much longer before we were about to put Elem to be, he of course had diarrhea and I had to get that stool sample. WHich is so awful. I get grossed out thinking about it. And as I said before I dont even have that weak of a stomach. By this time it is 9pm and I am putting Elem to bed right after I get it. Seth, being the awesome dad that he is, grabs the sample and take it to the hospital at 9:30 at night!! In hopes to get it in there and get the tests going. On a side note, he calls me and tells me that the GPC clinic closed at 9pm-but that he called and he could see the lady answer inside, and he told her he was standing outside with a stool sample and they let him drop it off! Very much a blessing right there! :) haha.

Fr now we are playing the waiting game and trying to ease Elem's pain and discomfort as much as possible. He goes in spurts from awful pain, obviously stomach cramps and just plain ole sore booty, to being completely happy and forgetting he is hurting. For those good times we are thankful, because when it is bad, it is really bad. Last night I got up with him at 12:30, 2:30, 6, and 7 and all but once he had a full diaper. And now his bottom is so raw it brings me to tears. He wants his diaper off when he can, ad I let him air it out as much as possible. Currently he is taking a nap and is at some peace for a moment. I will be calling the hospital tomorrow to try and get at least some results, and based on the results, we will most likely be getting a referral from our regular doc (who we will be changing after this episode is over) to an infectious disease specialist. It is such a weird process because I dont know what to do! Thank you Jaime for your advice and I will keep you posted once we find something out. Prayers are welcomed and appreciated, and as soon as I get the results I will post them. I am praying that he doe not have anything else on top of the crypto and if he does, it is something they hurry up and catch so we can begin treatment. I am amazed and happy he has never gotten too dehydrated and bless his heart, I think he has accepted this is how he feels all the time. And I hate that for him. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain, and knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do for him. But just put your trust in the doctors to tel you what is wrong.

Although this is a rough time for us, Elem always seems to put a smile on my face when he is feeling good. My strong little soldier toughing it out:
Picking flowers (in our flower bed I might add)

so cute doin it though-so I just let him pick away.

thinking about the parasite I think...

hi mommy, i ready to go in.

Again I know that was long, but this has been one long journey and it is not over yet! Oh and 8.8.08 marked Elem at 15 months old! So I will be posting those milestones ASAP. Those are my favorite thing to do!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dancin Fool!

Since he was in the womb Elem has loved music and always moved when he heard it! I still remember putting earphones to my belly when I was pregnant and would be sitting at my desk at Perks and Elem would just be a kicking and rolling from one side of my stomach to the other! He loved it then and he loves it now. He has like a radar for radios, anything with knobs really-that control the volume of music. He can find them anywhere! Tonight we were at Ali and Dustin's playing with Cecilia for a few minutes while daddy is out of town for the week, and Elem found his way to the radio volume know. As soon as he heard the music he started breakin it down! He is quite the little dancer these dance. And has some very new moves I might add as well! A few twists and turns, some raisin' the roof, head poppin, bouncin up and down, and of course he always cheers for himself if there is any kind of applause to be done!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Moments of peace

Sometimes I just feel like sometimes everything is so overwhelming-with work, my family, cleaning, my head in general :)-and then when I think it is all too much, I have what I can only describe as a moment of peace. Today I took my school age summer program kids to the back to school picnic thrown by one of our city funders. It was 102 degrees and good ole Arkansas humidity was so thick it felt like you were just sitting in dirt after about 5 minutes. Luckily, I got to stay for 4 hours. With a zillion kids running around, oh and I also brought my child as well. With trying to keep him hydrated and myself and 30 other children, by the time I got back to work, all I wanted to do was go home and take a shower. No such luck, I ended up staying till 6pm and having plenty to do, which is always nice when your shirt is still wet with sweat like 2 hours later. Yuck! haha.

Then I come home fix Elem's dinner, give him a bath, and try to straighten up the house because Seth has been out of town and I am going to the airport to pick him up later. Elem, has been testing me, as I have put in previous posts, and is still on somewhat of a hitting kick, and was just plain ole tired but didnt want to go to bed. It was one of those nights. And I just kept hearing myself saying "No" to him and "Dont" and "stop it", and every time I would hear myself I just felt bad because it seems like I was getting frustrated and I just needed to take a step back for a minute.

After his bath, I got him ready for bed, went and got his blankey, and a bottle, and carried him off to his room like I always do. He is so sweet at that time, except he always seems to sneak in a hit in the face or head right when he sees I am carrying him into his room. Its annoying but funny at the same time. All I could do was laugh and tell him "no hit". But something came over me and I just loved on him, and scratched his back and rocked him for a second, which he never really lets me do anymore. He usually just wants to jump into the bed and do his thing and fall right asleep. But he hugged me so tight, and then looked up and kissed me. Right on the lips. Ahh, sweet moments of peace. But it gets better.

After I held him for a minute I just started singing to him, something random I made up as I sang-(every time I want to sing to him, its like I cant think of what song would be perfect for right then), so like I said I just made something up as I sang it to him, and he continued to listen and cuddle, and then look up and give me a kiss on the lips. After each kiss he would lay his head right back on my shoulder. Moments of peace, just so perfectly timed I cant even explain it. But it still gets better.

I laid him on the floor in his room and I turned off the light, and switched on the night light to et it ready for bed time. Then I laid on the floor next to Elem and just rubbed his back and continued to sing to him for like 20 minutes. It was the best time of the whole week. Actually my whole month! He just laid there and listened to me sing and cuddled with his blankey and drank his bottle till it was gone. While I was laying there in the floor I was at first shocked that he was laying there still and silent and actually not being a wild 14 month old! But even more I was thinking what a perfect peaceful moment. Better than anything I could have asked for. Everything was calm in the house, there was no noise but me singing to him and him sipping his bottle. After he finished his bottle, he rolled over and climbed up to give me a hug and lay his head in my neck. Which is by far my favorite place to get hugs from Elem Zane these days. It was like he knew I needed a second. And some lovin.

It really made me thankful and grateful to be a mommy all over again! Although it is stressful and more than anyone could imagine, sweet moments of peace like I had tonight are the kind of thing that keep you running around like crazy for another few months! So for now, thank you for moments of peace. They are much appreciated and much needed. The best part was, Elem was hardly even doing anything to make the moment so great. Just him laying there and being him, gave me some kind of overwhelming peace about myself. What a precious baby boy.

This is all I could come up with while I sang...
"Go to sleep baby boy, go to sleep baby boy, get your blankey, and go off to sleep"
"Go to sleep, baby boy, go to sleep baby boy, it is now time to go off to sleep"

hahaha. Not to hard to think up those lyrics, but they seemed to work. i'll gladly take my moment of peace and sleep better knowing there are only more to come. :)