Monday, March 21, 2011

Tee-Ball Season is HERE!

And he's off! Its official, our very first tee ball season is here and is so much fun!

More posts and more pics than anyone besides me would ever want to see! So far, after a slightly rough first game rainy day blues, Elem loves it! Position: short stop. Number: #6. Team Name: Indian Springs First Baptist Church....other wise known to Elem as -The BlueJays. (because he cant say the other words fast enough-so we self picked the blue jays)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The girls, wont like it like this!

After Elem's bath the other night, he had already brushed teeth, and we were getting ready to brush his hair, and get ready for bed. In the middle of me trying to "frame up his hair" and form it into his "faux hawk" he quickly grabbed the brush for me and said,

"Mom, let me do it! The girls wont like it like that!!!"

to which he began brushing his hair directly forward and flat on his head! And said,

"Don't do that mom, they like it like this."

With a MOST serious face. hehehehehe.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lets feed some birds.

We decided to find something a little different to do while we enjoyed some sunshine the other day! So we stopped by and scooped up a "paint your own" birdfeeder and I let Elem pic out his very own bird food at Pteco! haha. He was beyond thrilled as he pushed his own little buggy around the store looking for the one that appealed most to him. He ended up choosing the heaviest bag possible, but we got it and spent a good part of the morning painting the perfect bird feeder.

He was so diligent. He seriously did not stop until the entire thing was painted and ready to be hung.

We dont actually have any trees in our yard but this one that Seth planted the year we moved in. Which is fine with us because that leaves more room playing outside! So it was slim pickings as far as where he was going to hang the bird feeder. But it turned out just perfect and he has had so much fun filling it up almost every single day himself! And looking outside to see if a bird is eating up his food. Adorable. SUch a fun thing to do with a preschooler. Taddaaaa:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A look back on February

February flew bye, and in the midst of wrapping up with one 7 week course of mental health in school, I started a new one the very next day-Adult II. So, no time for playing around or relaxing, but I did want to include a few pics as a look back on the month of February to remember a couple of things we were doing and people we spent time with.

First Up: My sweet sweet niece Cecilia Rebecca Kate turned 4 years old on February 7th! And somehow in the midst of all the snow and crazy weather, the sun came out just long enough for her horse back riding bday party. It was so much fun, and we just could not be more proud of sissy and the little preschooler she is becoming! She is one girly girl if I have ever seen one-loving her a fabulous outfit and hairbow, toenails and fingernails always painted, and is not one for sweating. Need I say more. My pretty little princess about to blow out her candles!

Elem all dressed up to giddy up and go for C's bday!

Grammy and E.

Lots of silly play time with BFF Rowyn-Uncle Spoons little boy. We love for Rowyn to come over when he is in town and try to get as much playtime in as we possibly can. Elem sure loves him some Rowyn, and he doesn't mind being able to boss him around a little bit too. Haha.

Every now and then we were able to take advantage of the sun and squeeze in some bike rides. We LOVE to ride bikes, but usually get stopped after about 5 minutes because we end up riding past Cecilia's house and "having" to stop. haha. Oh well, at least he knows his way around the neighborhood in case he ever got lost.

We made a trip to Memphis for my sister's big birthday! she is the big 3-0! Wahoo, now I dont feel so alone-except that means I am only a couple of months away from being 31. Yikes! But at least I got to spend some quality time with my sweet little red headed nephew Wyatt. :) COuld he be any cute? Yes, Becky had him scooping up rocks and mud from the pond and he was just as happy as he could be. She is such a great mom and has one amazing little boy who is so loving and sweet. Sometimes I wish Elem would take note when he is in one of his most fantastic talking back modes. I can only dream.

Working on some fishing skills with Memaw at Shelby Farms. We had so much fun, and as always the trip went by so fast! Not that we caught any fish, but Elem did have a blast learning how to cast the line with some help from Uncle Vincent! Ill have to post that video soon. He had so much fun! Cant you tell?

A month would not be complete without a little horse back riding jockey style! We watched that movie Secretariat, which is amazing and so wonderful, and Elem LOVED every second of it. I walked into the living room one day and this was his getup: goggles, a hat, the couch as his horse, and he has a light up stick over there somewhere that he was slapping the horse with, and that jump rope was the reins. But he obviously ditched those to go full speed!. hahahahaha. I could not stop laughing.

Playtime in the backyard with the little man. My other sweet nephew Baby Nate, who is ever so quickly becoming not so baby! He already has like 6 teeth and is pulling up and crawling all over the place. And he is only 9 months old. He is the best baby, and simply smiles and giggles all the time. Sweet sweet smile.

So it was a great month, that went by so quickly I feel as if I didnt even see it going by! And now March has done the same thing. Whew. Before I know it it will be May and both ELem and I will be celebrating a birthday. Everyone is getting old!