Monday, February 26, 2007

Elem's bedding fabric!!!!

So this morning I was so busy updating on the doc appt. that I almost forgot what I bought this weekend! I FINALLY bought some fabric that we are going to use for his bedding. My mom is going to sew it! So all I have to do is go ahead and get it to her and we can finally get going on something for his room! yay! I am so excited.

I hope you can tell from the pics what it looks like. I didnt want to do the traditional blue, of course every single boy in america has a blue room! And I didnt want to do anything too babyish! I really wanted a cool little room for him! So I was focused and set on getting green and chocolate brown. And then the rest was kinda up in the air. But I found something that both me and Seth love and I think Elem will too.

So as far as where the fabric will go, the chocolate and cream striped one will be the ruffle around the bottom-but it wont be a "ruffle", it is going to be flat. So no ruffles for Elem. I think that might be a little too girly. And then the swirlies are going to be the outside of the bumper-I think, and then the light green is going to be the inside of the bumper. And on the inside of the green squares i want to get like some big chocolate colored buttons to kinda bring in some more dark brown. And as far as the sheet I am not toally for certain.

So I think that is how it is going to go. Unless we alternate the bumper squares and do one green and then on swirlies. I guess we will just have to see! :) Anyways, I am so so excited and happy to have something in the works. Hope you all enjoy it!

My 7 month check up

Well today I went in for my 7 month check up! I can not believe I am already 2/3rds of the way done with this. Its crazy. :) So I went in to see my to my new doctor, Laura Collins. I went ahead and switched to UAMS from Horizons, mostly due to the distance, but also because of the hospital circumstances. Apparently Rebsamen is not one of the greatest hospitals, and UAMS is supposed to be better. Not too sure about all that, but everyone was giving me a hard time about it so I finally just switched over.

So anyways, I showed up early this morning and of course got the official weigh in-which was much more positive than my visit last month. haha. Of course I stepped up there cringing hoping that they wouldnt say I had gained another 9 pounds, and luckily I got to hear the fabulous words of you have gained 3 pounds!!! So I am down with that!! Fo sho! So now I am up to a whopping 174, which means I have officially gained 29 pounds. I can not believe that! Seeing that my goal gain was 25-30-hah-uhm...I think I might have to do some rethinking. Maybe I can push it to 35 and hope for the best. But it is totally looking like I am going to gain about 40 pounds. I guess I just need to be happy with the fact that I have not already gained like 40 at this point, right.

So anyways, she measured my uterous and what not, and like I said last time, you are supposed to be the number in cm that you are in weeks give or take a couple. And I measured to 27, which is exactly how many weeks I am. Well I am actually 28 weeks this week, so I am right on track. Meaning that my uterous is approx. the size of a basketball. Insane! Purely insane I tell you!

And I was supposed to take this glucose test to test for gestational diabetes but for some reaso they didnt do it. I dont know why, but anyways, I guess I will just get that done next time. It is definitly not a test I am looking forward to, that is for sure. You have to drink this glass of apparently nasty stuff and then wait like an hour to run some tests and get your results. So first of all I am like the pickiest person in the whole world, and I will probably throw up when I have to drink it, and second of all, who wants to wait like an hour in a waiting room, when it is already so hard to get comfortable sitting down anywhere.

But while I was in there I did get to get a good look at the baby because she did an ultrasound. Which was awesome. And she took pictures, but they are aweful. You cant tell what anything is. I mean, I can cause she was talking to me while she was taking them, but I really wanted some better pics. One thing though that Elem is still doing is sitting indian style with his little legs crossed, which is what he was doing at 5 months on the video that we got. She said he looked like he liked that position. So I thought that was cute. You could just see him little legs crossed and what not. Oh and for right now, he is sitting head down. She said he would probable flip a couple of times but that it was pretty good that he was already facing that way. And too that gives me and idea of what is actually moving in there when I feel all these crazy movements. Usually I feel more movements towards the tops and sides of my belly button, so for today Ill know that those movements are his legs. haha. I am silly I know. But its super cool to know what is moving. I am still trying to get down what part I am looking at when one side of my belly is significantly bigger than the other. It always looks like a little butt to me, but I guess that cause its round. Anyways, I am super happy that all went well. And so far we still have a happy little baby Elem.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some major dancin going down in there...

Well, I do not know what exactly little Elem is doing in my stomach these days, but whatever it is, he must be having a blast! He is moving aruond like crazy and it is just the most awesome feeling ever. A little scary from time to time, but still overall just amazing.

Last night, I went to bed around 10:00pm or so and was amazingly enough awaken at about 10:45 pm. What was I awoken by you ask?? Well that would be the massive tumbling and kicking that was going on inside my stomach. Seriously, it was the biggest kick I have ever felt. And it woke me up out of a dead sleep. Crazy!!!

And I have just been watching my belly non stop every time I feel him start dancing or tumbling or whatever it is that he does all the time, just to watch it role across my stomach. So so neat. And for real, there have been a couple where it feels like he is going to bust out of my stomahc. Like a leg or something is just going tocome right out. I mean what if that happened? haha. Cuold that happen? haha . No I know it cant but still, it sure does feel like it.

So amazing to me that little Elem is in there doing his thing while I am out here doing mine. But yet we are walking around together. :) I am just in awe right now. Ill keep you posted on any major outbursts as they come about.

Love ya! Mindy

Friday, February 16, 2007

My belly so cool. haha

Okay one thing I forgot to include in this morning's rant about you smokers is how freaking cool my belly button is. I am sure most of you have seen it and touched it for that matter, because i have just been so amazed at it every day. Its like I used to have the most perfect inny ever! Like one that you never ever could see the end of. And now, I have this inny still...which is cool, cause I didnt want it to be poking out this whole time, but I can see the end of it. How crazy. My whole life, I have never one time been able to see the end of my belly button. Honestly, there have been many a day that I just knew there wasnt an "end" to it. hahaha.

Anyways, so now, I have become onsessed with looking at it every day. Its so weird, but it has now turned into basically this little belly button that looks more like the end of a balloo than a belly button. If you push around it, the belly button part like pops up. It is so weird. haha. So I just wanted to let all of you know, in case you are one of the many that hasnt had a chance to look at it. seriously it is a very cool thing. Crazy how it is transforming.


What is the deal with all you smokers????

So I have been pondering this thought for a while....what is the deal with the mass number of smokers???? You are everywhere? Why? Okay let me just start off with saying, I do understand that smoking is a habit, I have been there before, but ever since the day I found out I was pregnant, I just quit cold turkey. So it is possible. I know it is. I dont care what anyone says. But seriously, I can not seem to get away from the smoke, the smell, ohh just any of it. Its like I went to Walmart this morning to get some fruit. I try to walk in the front door and there is someone RIGHT there smoking. As if to ensure that I get a big wiff of it walking in, get it all over my clothes, so that I can smell it for the rest of the day, and also just enough to piss me off. Who wants to smell like a nasty ciggy all day long? Really? So then I come out of walmart, and I of course have to go by another smoker to get to my car. What is the deal? It is 8:30am! Are you people crazy? Its like there is this big deal about making sure that there are palces to smoke everywhere you go, but what about those of us who dont want to smell it. It is virtually impossible to get away from it. Because for those of you who dont know, even if you smoke and then spray yourself, you still smell like cigarettes. All day long. !!!

I know my nose is extra sensative right now, but it is just about enough to make me vomit. And that is no lie. I know I have been there, and yes if you go out to a smoky bar, then you have all the right to smoke that you want. But I just want to walk into a non smoking place and not have to walk through a cloud of nastyness to get in there, hoping that Elem isnt choking in there, due to the toxins that I just inhaled!! Its just grose.

Of course, the majority of my very best friends are smokers. Which also poses an issue, because I cant ever hang out with anyone. And when I do hang out, most of them smell like cigarettes anyways and I spend half the night just thinking to myself how bad it smells! haha. I do love all my girls, but I feel like I cant go anywhere. :( And that I am missing out on everything, because all extra curricular activities seem to take place in the smokiest of the smoky places. It is no fun. Just down right sucks. But then again, it is all worth it for the heath of the little baby. I do believe.

Which then again poses a new problem. What am I going to do with all you smokers that I want to be around my baby? I want Elem to be a social kid and grow up around a lot of people that love him. But I do not want him to grow up or even be held by people that smoke. I know that is such a harsh thing to say. But who wants their baby's face all snuggled up on someones shirt who just smoked a couple cigartettes on their way to the hospital? Its so grose. And then it gets on the babys outift, and on the blanket and just on him in general. Oh geez, I am so torn, because I am just anticipating that I am not going to be able to bring him around anyone!!! :( Cause all of you smoke! haha. What is a girl to do, what to do? I need to figure out something quick. Maybe Ill just require everyone who put on a plastic pancho before they get to hold the baby. That seems like the only reasonable thing to do here.

Ill be thinking about this all day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweetest V-Day gift ever! Seth is the Best!

I am so so in love. I just have to get that out there. I know I rant and rave about him and how is not always gung ho on getting going with this baby stuff, but in all actuallity, he is pretty super. And last night he totally made my day! I got home after an hour of trying to find the perfect V-day gift for him, which I think I did, and he had a Valentines bag on the table waiting on me! And I was like no Ill wait till tomorrow, because usually we get so excited that we can never wait to give each other anything. But he said no I want you to be able to use it tonight. So I started digging through the bag, and there was a chocolate rose, that he got because he knows I dont really like candy that much! Then there was a little stuffed teddy bear that he got and said it was for me and sage. Okay so if that is not the cutest thing, then I dont know what is. He knows I like to always give her little things like that when someone gives em to me. hehe. And then there was this little bag he got that had some cool birds stenciled on it, which I of course think is super cool! And then there were all these little candy hearts which he grabbed because he said they were a standard on valentines day. And the best part about them was that they were in spanish. hahaha. And then they very best gift of all...Seth got me a heated back massager!! All because he knows my hurts all the time! I am sure he is sick of hearing me complain about it and asking him to rub my back, but seriously it was the most perfect guft I have ever gotten. And then he used it on my back for like 45 minutes. I am so so excited! And I can not wait to use it tonight either. Yipee! So needless to say I am head over heels for that boy and he is just the sweetest thing ever! :) Just wanted to share! Happy V-day to everyone!

Monday, February 12, 2007

"To register...or not to register"...and Elem it is! :)

So for starters, I had huge plans this weekend as far as registering goes. I actually had huge plans as far as the whole weekend goes, but registering was my top priority. So I get up early on Saturday, ran a few errands, and then told Seth we needed to register at Walmart, Target, and Baby Depot if we could. And I knew it would be a lot, but I had no idea how much time it would take. So after I got back from my errands we sat around the house and I pulled up all three sites on the computer so I could get the major things picked out, you know. Like the stroller, swing, pack-n-play, highchair, and floor gym, etc. Because I could go on there and pick them all out myself but I really want Seth to pick them out too! So its not just me doing it on my own. So anyways, we started looking, and there are so so so many options. Geez, I should have been doing way more research on these things! And you would think, working at a daycare for 5 years, would have given me some insight, and I do remember which things I liked, like bottle brand and stuff like that, but there are so many new strollers, and bouncy seats now that they all look appealing. So needless to say we did not get the registering completed, but we did select a swing, if that counts for everything. I am just glad we did it together and it wasnt all just me. :) SO more registering this week and then maybe next weekend Ill get it finished up. Who knows, just from the looks of it, it looks like an all day project!

Now, in regards to Seth and his naming requirements for the week, he did well! I called him on friday and we went over a bunch that i found on the internet and then he thought of one or two on his own. But on a super positive note we have come to the decision just about 99.99% that our little baby boy is going to be named ELEM. Yay! I love it! I dont exactly know how I thought of it, but one day I was just thinking of random names that I liked and it just came to me, so ever since, it has been the only name that seth has approved. And it is his favorite name. I just love it because it is unique and very original. And its simple too. :) So there you have it. Not completley official, but as close as we are going to get until we sign it on the birth certificate.

At this point, the real hard part is picking the middle name. This is what Seth was supposed to be working on, but we havnt really gotten anywhere with it. There are lots of names that we love. My personal favorite is Zane. I think Elem Zane would be a good name. But Seth is not so sure. We also like Stone, and Garner, and a couple more, but just cant find one that is perfect! So we will see. I guess it will just come to us sooner or later!!! Anyways, so there is the update for the weekend.

Love you all! Mindy

Friday, February 9, 2007

Cecilia is here!

This week has been super crazy and I am happy to say thank goodness its Friday!! Tuesday night we got a call from Seth's parents letting us know that Ali-Seth's sister-had gone to the hospital. Her water broke at 10:00pm and she was on her way to having that baby!! We didnt hear back from them for the rest of the night and when we called around 7:30am she will still in labor and not ready to deliver just yet. The poor girl had an epidural at 5:00am and although it gave a little relief, she was still in lots of pain. It just broke my heart to see her all morning, just cringing and tears rolling down her little face. Knowing all along that she had that pain medacine but it just wasnt doing the trick. Of course I had to head to work about noon, and couldnt get back till 4:00pm or so, but I am so happy to say that little Cecilia was born at 3:07pm weighing in at a grand 6lbs and 11ozs. and 18 inches long. How exciting is that???? I have held so many babies, but never one that is under an hour old by far! And she was so perfect. Not even wrinkly, if you can believe that. She had Ali's eyes, and was so tiny. Her cry was even cute because it was so so soft. I am not quite sure how long that will last, but for the time it was adorable. So we held her and heaad on out to give Ali some rest. The poor thing hadnt slept in like two days. She will be going home tonight with not just a family of two now but a fmaily of three!! Oh I am so so happy for them. They are the best brother and sister in laws I could ever imagine and they are going to be the greatest parents.

Now all that said, let me just tell you that in the 4 hours that I was at the hospital before she had the baby, I did my research. haha. Just kept asking her how she was feeling, and what not. Several things I was not aware of- that now I am sure I will be worrying about until I have the baby. haha. Some of those include, of course her epidural not working so great. I have heard great things, until I saw Ali, and the damn thing just didnt take like it was supposed to. The pain she was in, I seriously hope I do not ever have to feel. And then also the fact that you no longer can have an enema before you get your epidural!! I was so planning on that, and now , well most of you know what that non option leads to. My worst nightmare. Oh you have to have a catheter-however you spell that-I was not aware of that!!! And another thing, no one can stay in there with you when you get that epidural. So that is scary. And there were many many more, but I wont go into all of them. Guess I am just more scared of the actual delivery than anything. haha. But with good reason. :)

So other than that I am just glad this week is over. The client visit we had on Tuesday was enough to take out all my energy, then the excitement of Ali having her baby was so draining too, and now I am just ready to spend a nice calm weekend with Seth! I know he wants to party I am sure but I just cant do it anymore!!

On a final note, I gave Seth an ultimatum that he had to contribute at least one baby name suggestion-a good one-not a silly one-by the end of the week. So he has till tomorrow. So we will see where that leads us. haha. Ill keep you all posted.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Active baby, but sleepy Me. :)

Okay I had NO idea how much movements I would actually be feeling this early!!! It is the most awesome feeling in the world. A little crazy at times, but still very very much a blessing every single time. But needless to say we have a very active baby boy in there. And when I say active I mean constant constant movement. Its like as soon as I find time to relex and lay down, it feels like he is about to bust out of there. haha. Just contstant pushing or kicking or something. And then when he really gets going it feels like he is in there literally swimming around. ...and around....and around. All flutters. Super cool.

Then there is the night time hyper baby that comes out. Which is aiding in my sleepless nights again. Its like Ill sleep for an hour, then have to get up to go to the bathroom, of course. And then once up, I toss and turn for about another 30-45 minutes feeling the baby playing around. So then in the midst of all that, I of course feel like someone is jumping on my bladder the whole time!! :) At which point I get up, go to the bathroom again, and then start the whole thing over. Hoping to fall asleep somewhere in there. Anyways, that is what my night consisted of the last couple of nights, me not sleeping, the baby playing, and Seth sleeping soundly. But its all good, I know it will be worth it in the end.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

One of those days...I'm not a happy camper

Well I went into the doctor yesterday with high hopes of a fabulous check up. Which dont get me wrong, I did get. The baby is healthy and I got to hear is heart beat again, which is such an awesome sound. And they checked me out and measured me to make sure I was growing appropriatley and what not-and I was, I think I measured 25 inch. ?? or was it cm, I dont know, but 25 something, and that was the length from the top of your pubic bone to the top of your uterous. The number should be with in 3 of the number of weeks you are. I am 24 weeks so that is perfect! Okay all good. And I am super thanksful. Really i am.

But it also didnt help that the fact I walked into the back and got weighed just like I always do. With the much anticpated number I was about to see, I always get nervous, because lets just face it, this is the most I have weighed in a very long time. And although I do understand I am 6 months pregnant, it still is a not so great feeling when you see the actual poundage up there, starring you in the face. So she weighs me. And it was all down hill from there. So I should have gained 4-5 pounds-on average a pound a week, but no, I gained 9 pounds! 9 freaking pounds! Are you kidding me??? And yes the exact words out of her mouth, were: what have you been eating?? Im like I eat just like I normally do. AND I work out 5 days a week for 60 minutes or more, buring at least 500 calories during the workout, which I know the exact number because I am so anal about it! Anyways, so from that moment on the day just went down hill.

Now that I was falling into a deep dark depression because of the number of pounds that were just laid out in front of me, I seriously just wanted to cry. I mean how in the world did I gain all that weight when I have been working out so hard and trying to take really good care of my body. I just dont get it. I am not happy , not happy at all.

So you would think that is enough to bring a girl down, but no just wait, so I leave the office...and i forget to pay. One more thing not going my way. Then I get in my car and I start the drive home, which is a long long drive, and I call Cornerstone-the place I used to bartend till I found out I was pregnant to get my W2 and there phones are not working. Great, so I call the boss, he doesnt answer. I have been trying to find out when I can get my W2 for like a week now! 2nd thing to not go my way. Then I call walgreens because I need to pick up my prenatal vitamins-I have been out of for a week, and trying to get for the week, and again they are so busy that I must remain on hold. for exactly 22 minutes-at which point, I hung up. yet another thing to not go my way. THEN I pull into walmart because I have to get turkey and bread or I wont have anything to eat for lunch today, so I get ready to go in and realize that I have left my new favorite pair of red and white striped gloves at the doc. Geez.. anything else? You would think not. So I get into Walmart, where the masses have begun their "snow" shopping. Grant it there were flurries for about 15 minutes, I guess that proved the need for everyone to head to the store to stock up. So I finally fight the crowd and head to the car-where of course I find that someone has so graciously left their cart to be rammed into the back of my car. Aw how great. No dent, but still I am annoyed. And then I begin to drive out of the parking lot and I miss the turn, I have to go ALL the way around the freakin packed parking lot to get out, just something else to set me off.

So much annoyed I arrive at the house, at which point Seth asks me about the doctor and tears start to fill my eyes. He asks why I am upset and you know is everything alright, and I just let him know that I am not happy about the whole amount of weight that I have gained. He walks off and later reminds me that we have a lot to be thankful for -you know a heathly baby and what not and I should not be upset about a number. Although I do see his point, its still my body and I am not happy about the visit. He is right and I am more thankful than anything that our baby is healthy and I am healthy as well, but I just have issues with gaining a bunch of weight. All that said, Seth is of course the one good thing that happened to me yesterday. hehe. :) Making me feel better and reminding me what is important when I am wrapped up in the not so important thing in the whole scheme of things. Ahhh there I have vented everything I think. :)

I am better today. Hopefully skipping out early for this so called "snow" day that so many people feel we are having. hahaha. There isnt even a drop of snow on the road. Guess you take what you can get. huh? Well baby is good and kicking away. I should be okay for at least one day, i dont think much more can go wrong.