Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cuddle buddies

Even though he is 4, almost 5 years old, Elem is still my number 1 cuddle buddy. And I cannot imagine that EVER changing!!!

We still snuggle, cuddle, love, or whatever you might call it, and even though he is getting bigger (and so is my belly), somehow we just make it work. :) I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but we still do not have a scheduled bedtime, or bedtime routine-even though deep down I know it is must needed and MUST come before kindergarten. And probably isn't doing Elem any good, but I just cant seem to let go of our nightly cuddle time. Every night we lay on the couch side by side, snuggled up, and just relax and watch TV, until we decide to wonder on into Elem's bed or we fall asleep on the couch. And then of course, we have the early 4-5am "requests" from Elem's room once I have fallen fast asleep in my own bed, where I hear from a distance..."MOM! to which I always respond, "yes?", and all I hear in return is a sharp, firm voice, "CUDDLE!!!". Which basically means, I know you left me in here alone, so get back in here and cuddle with me!!! Haha. It is funny every single morning that I hear it, and even as uncomfortable and squished the ole twin bed in his room is getting, it still never gets old to see his little grin when I crawl into bed, and he tells me "can you please put your arm around me and cuddle?". hehe. I love it. I just do.

I think deep down I know the day is coming, whether it be because the real school days are right around the corner, or with the new baby coming, that I just don't want my first baby to totally be grown up on me before I am ready! Ahh, sigh. Selfish I know. But that is MY little boy dang it, and I just love my special cuddle time with him! :) My plan is to kick it in gear this summer with a new bedtime schedule and routine and hope it will stick to make the transition to kindergarten a smooth one!

As Elem would say, "cuddle, wuddle buddle mom? "

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