Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good baby news!

So when I went to the doctor last week, they asked me if I wanted to do this blood test that would tell you "for the most part" if you baby tests positive for Spina bifida, down syndrome, and maybe one other. So I went ahead and did it cause my doc recommended it. Anyways, today the doc called and it looks like baby shelby tested negative for everything! yay! Which means so far so good, and a healthy baby as far as we can tell! So that was a great phone call to get in the middle of the day, because I have been thinking about it, but trying not to think about it too much. You know?

On another note, I still havnt felt any baby kicks or flutters. :( i am still waiting. Hopefully soon.

But I am happy to announce that the headache insanity seems to have subsided to a random few here and there, as has the nautiousness. Think I was nautious like once this weekend but I think it was due to moving and running around to much. Anyways, so I am extremly happy that I have gotten back into working out, trying to maintain the 13 pounds that I have gained in just a little over 4 months. :) I know I know, I am supposed to gain weight, but comon now, I am not thrilled about gaining an excess of 20-30 pounds! Okay thats all for today! Much love. Peas-

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