Sunday, May 8, 2011

Elem Zane is 4 Years Old!

Happy Birthday to me sweet Elem. You are 4 years old and I cant believe how fast you are growing up!

At 4 years old you have grown up to be so many things! You are:

Independent (very able to do what you need to get done when you want it done! Sometimes a little too independent!)

Silly, silly, silly (always telling jokes, loves to giggle, and make people laugh)

Smart (always asking why and thinking deeper about an answer I might give you)

Good friend (kind to others and thinks about others)

Athletic (you have better hand eye coordination than we could have ever thought possible-:) You love all sports)

Music lover (enjoys every single kind of music, and dances until you drop! Always bouncing your head to a beat, trying to play the drums and guitar-air guitar is one of your favorites! And knows the words to more songs than I do)

Hardworker/Competitive (always wanting to succeed in everything you do, from playing a basketball game to pouring a cup of milk, you will be a winner no matter what! And you will take nothing less.

Mommy's boy (loves his mommy (and daddy too of course) and loves to snuggle when you are tired. Loves being tickled and being held-even though you are right around 45 lbs. Clingy when you need to be, and has me wrapped around your little finger.

Talkative (never stops talking unless asleep. and we will leave it at that!)

Elem, mommy and daddy are so proud of you and who you are at 4 years old! You are always wanting to be more grown up than you are, and sometimes we treat you like you are already there! But you are our sweet little man, so loving to others and genuine. Your smile lights up a room, and your determination to be the best makes you so special! Thank you for being YOU! And don't ever forget that we love you and how happy you make us. Happy 4th Birthday!

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